Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Tonight was my class ring banquet. I started getting ready around 4...taking a shower and stuff...since I looked like shit in school today. I spent a long time on my makeup and it still looked terrible! My dad came with me to the banquet. I wanted my mom to, but she was sick...supposedly :\ We met Liv and Eric there and sat with them. It was a little weird with my dad.... They served pizza and stuff for dinner. It was nice. I've eaten so much today I feel like I was trying to go for the world record weight gain in one day. After dinner they presented the rings and took pictures. I like my ring...it's pretty. When I got home I changed into sweats because my outfit was so uncomfortable. I am so lazy lol I always have to be in like sweat pants and a tee shirt. Ugh I feel so sick from all the food I had today. I really want a nice, big, cold, glass of fresh orange juice, but ofcourse we don't have any. My parents are so annoying so I have to go! I really can't stand them! Fuck them!
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