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Monday, July 24, 2006
Final Decision
Day after tomorrow that's mean 26.07.2006, I will makes a final decision in my life. I plan to forward the mails to him to get his response. I wanted him to know how hurt my feeling is and wanted him to feel guilty.

Worst to worst, that will be the end of my love relationship. If he planned to have long run, this decision wouldnt be that bad after all.

God bless me :)
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Friday, July 21, 2006
1st Blog
Finally I decided blogging online. I have too much distress and pain. No where for me to talk and refer. Therefore I think the best way is here. Ever since from year 2005, all distress and pain keep surrounding me. I have faced dishonesty in my love relationship for more than 2 years. In fact, I am the one who found it myself without he tell me. Sigh! Am I stupid and easily being cheated. Am I too innocent to be cheated? Just before the Christmas, planning for travel. Never expect my first journey oversea will be so painful and unpleasant. No sign of regret were shown when declaring and explain the whole stories. I was so hurt and pain at that moment. I was thinking shall I let go such unloyal relationship? But love is always blind. I choosen to forgive him as I love him too deeply. Those unhappy feeling were bring back to Malaysia. He promised it wont happened again. Slowly my feeling back to normal. But in the middle, uncountable insomnia night I went thru. Who can I talk to? NONE! I cant share my sadness and distress feeling with anyone. I have promised him not to tell anyone such matter. I cant talk to him. What can I do? Times past quite fast, I went thru my life day by day. The trust slowly build. No one expected, few months ago received a message from undisclosed sender. Telling me, my beloved not only being with one gal but TWO gals. That time, immediately my heart being cut off. It is pain. I went home to get his clarification. We were argued and fight. He told me he have nothing with this B gal. Without thinking further, I apologise him for blaming him wrongly.I dont know what had happened between him and B gal. But I can said my sense told me, they have been together before. And today, it is proven my sense is ACCURATE. Again, I received an email from B gal. I dont know why she email to me.. But from there it is clearly shown that they both being together before. Just ended last year September. Those stories i have read thru her blog is true. They kisses before, hug before and being together before!! I remember I get his clarification on what have been wrote in that B gal's blog. He told me that maybe that B gal treated him as his ex. But thinking back now, I am such a silly gal. Easily believe what he said. He always ask me to trust him and to have confidence on him. But what he has done! He brokes everything. What should I do now? Shall I tell him I received a forwarded email and let go 8 years relationship? Can anyone advise me?-Heartbroken Gal-
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