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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

'Agenda Friends'

In life it seems that most friends end up being what I have decided to call 'agenda friends'. You know what I mean .... either they have an agenda, you have an agenda or perhaps (if you're lucky?!) you both have an agenda. However you slice it, most friends end up being this way and it just kinda sucks. Maybe you're this way yourself?! As for me, I guess I made it my agenda to take those kinds of friends out of the equation - but, let me tell you, it doesn't leave you with much.

So, what exactly do I mean by an 'agenda friends'?! Well, you have some friends who are good for seeing movies with or some who are good for company when no one else is available or others who you hang out with simply because they go to work/church/school with you - but how many of these can you actually be open and honest with?! How many are you comfortable being 'raw' with - and, in turn, how many can actually be 'raw' with you?! Do you just have an agenda in seeing one another or is there something more to it?!

Maybe I'm too proud or too fussy or too lazy .... I don't know. What I do know is that sometimes I'm lonely. Sometimes I wish I could accept and pursue these common agendas. But I don't think I can. In the end I just value the true friends that I have - the ones who know me at my best and my worst - and I hold out hope that I can find more of the same.

How does everyone else out there feel?! Your comments are welcome.

Be seeing you ....

- Chris

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The Dark Side

So, I've been thinking lately about how everyone has a dark side .... Some may deny it and others may revel in it, but everyone has that darker side that lies just beneath the surface - rearing its head on occasion and begging to be let out.

Now I'm not talking about the true sickos here. Oh no, that's another matter entirely .... What I'm talking about is that aspect of people which gives them an edge, which makes them interesting. You might see a glimmer of it when they speak or in a look they give or in the kind of humour they display - it doesn't matter how it displays itself, what matters is that it is there.

This doesn't mean I'm condoning your darker urges or suggesting that you give in to your dark side - but don't you think that knowledge is power?! Don't you think that seeing the problem is the first step correcting it?! I certainly do. Of course, the dark side isn't entirely bad either and certainly doesn't need to be destroyed or stifled. It just needs to be addressed, harnessed and used as necessary.

So, think about it .... Do you have a dark side?! Actually, scratch that question - you do. Just accept it. But how, and when, does it show itself?! What parts of it let you down and what parts make you better as a person?! Remember, your dark side makes you interesting, so have a look and discover it.

Be seeing you ....

- Chris

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