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Saturday, October 02, 2004
Stud Muppet
This is tha story of how my life got fliped up side down becaue I was standing on my head,
I'll tell you all abut how to become a prince mild of bill's hair.

It was seven o'clock,I was looking rather shabby on my hair,witch is asshair from know. The sun wassn't shining and the clouds wassn't shining either. I had to drink sopm urin,...ekskjus me, I ment water. The water wassn't rather hot...but pretty cold ...had to drink it fast to avoid pain that can be reseved by stupide obuse...rather harmless actually...but still.
The postman,Koy Orgjær,used to be gay...he allways came five minutes late, day he wassn't late,....I HATE when that happens, i killed he's monkey buttface with a big hammerslam.I traveled south....because that's were I use to work.I am a waist of talent,my tomagochy misslead unoutorised secretary woman said....she hate cheese cake,...but eat's it's rather crazy actually if you ask me....she often marries me without asking,it's stupid....then she wont sleep with my and says that I look to uptight for her taste,so we devorse...Now I must hide forever.......

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003
ill with cold this second day of the new year...leak leak sob sob. Just microwaved a sausage, and it looked like an exploded finger. :( But ate it anyway and it tastes ok...
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Friday, April 24, 2009
1) Babies

Strangers of all stripes go ape-shit for babies. They take babies as an opportunity to smile and chuckle indulgently at both you and baby, kiss your baby without asking, shout over the crying baby that parenthood is a beautiful thing, talk loudly to their friend about how ridiculously cute that baby over there is and how they just want to eat it right up, and confess to you that they are trying to get pregnant and do you have any tips.

If you are a single man looking to pick up, babies are a great way to meet people! You will become instantly irresistible to women of child-bearing age, and you get extra sensitivity points for being seen with a baby. Female strangers will have no qualms about coming over to pet the baby and see if you have a wedding ring. If you don't have a baby of your own, ask your friends if you can borrow theirs.

WARNING: Beware desperate maternally-crazed baby-snatching strangers! Do not leave your baby unattended in the presence of strangers.
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Why do guys have problems?


Tuesday, June 04, 2002
oopsies i guess kevin will be mad at me tomorrow... i just told his mom about him getting in trouble for talking... oh well she needs to know these things for that boy is barely graduating... and if he doesn't pass then he will won't walk for graduation he's barely passing now... i am still so upset that mom gave away my baby chau on saturday:(
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Friday, May 31, 2002
I just took this really cool quiz at jenni's blogs... it said that the type of piercing i was, was an earring... hmmm thats true i guess... oh roger looked so hot today... he was wearing this baby blue shirt that said i wanna be like roy (roy's the swim/ h2o polo coach) lmao richies shirt was so funny.. it said "got balls?" on the front and had a picture of himself (looking naked [ a hat was covering up his spedo]) on the back... i'm so tired i woke up early so i could finish my hamlet diary, and went to bed late b/c i was working on that too... i asked jakey if he wanted to go to grad nite wioth me and he said yeah... he said he'd have to mow lawns to come up with the 48 dollars for the ticket though...

Which Piercing are you?

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Saturday, October 10, 2009
1st Post

Here is my attempt at a 1 post blog. Let's see how it goes. Hopefully I can keep this up.
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Thursday, November 29, 2001
[November 29, 2001 | 11:05 AM] Howard Roark

I just returned from some program called "Police Pride". Description: Community police officers come into the school to interact with the teeange children. Its purpose is to place the adolescents in the shoes of the police and give them a taste of what is like to be a cop. Most of us teens do not have favorable impression of the police, and rightfully so.

We see the police every day after school. They watch us closely. They mace us whenever there may be an "altercation" between two students. I, for one, being involved in local politics, get harrased along with my compatriots by the cops under the umbrella of the part machine in power.

But after this program, I along with the other class leaders that were chosen by the principal to participate, acquired a new perception of the police - one that is more understanding and more appreciative. It seems easy what the police do on a daily basis, but this program showed us that it really isn't as it seems. We saw that a crowd of people can esaily turn into a mob. We saw that a simple car stop can turn into a total shoot out.
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Monday, November 05, 2001
You enter the offices of Dr. Daniel Nozza and you see political lawn signs hanging on every wall. Next to one door, someone has taped an "End Tolls" bumper sticker on a door. Every room and hall has been stripped from the medical tools and tables and replaced with campaign lit, computerized voter lists, and telephones. Only the faint, unmistakable aroma of a doctor's office remains.

There are four rooms. In each one, there are about two or three people assigned to a city, pulling up voters and calling them up.

"Goodafternoon, is this the Dalton Family? . . . I'm calling from the 20th District Republican Party . . . Will you be voting on November 6th?"

No one is being paid. Every single person, including the senate, assemble, and freeholder candidates are there on their own spare time with the same purpose: to defeat the Democratic party machine.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006
What "diss" Means
Boarding the Washington Metro on a sweltering summer Sunday for a trip to the Eastern Market for brunch. With trains running only four times an hour -- itself a revelation after Germany's well-served mass transit networks -- the train is crowded when it finally arrives. There are four seats available, though, so we are happy to sit down. One seat has a young man's papers on it, which he moves so one of us can sit. Another seat has a rumpled newspaper lying on it, which my son picks up to move out of his way.

"Hey, man, keep your hands off my stuff!" the young man on the seat next to the newspaper barks.

"Oh, sorry," my son says, and sits in a nearby seat, putting the newspaper down.

"Don't mess with my property, man. Ask me to move it and I'll move it. You mess with my stuff, you disrespect me!" the young man bellows. "Don't disrespect people's stuff!"

"Okay," I say across the aisle, sternly. "He's just a kid and he said he's sorry. Let it go."

"Just tryin' to teach him some manners, is all!" the young man shouts at me. "Just tryin' to teach him some respect."

"Okay," I say back, loudly. "We get it. He gets it. Let it go." I stare at him and he meets my gaze briefly and then looks away.

We ride in silence for several stops. There is a tense silence among the others on the car. As the train approaches a stop, the young man gets up. He stands a few feet away, waiting for the train to stop. I feel him staring at me. I look up and briefly meet his eye, then look away. He is standing without holding on, his arms curved outward and fingers twitching like a gunfighter about to draw his six-shooters.

"Just so you know," he bellows as the train pulls to a stop,"we're gettin' stronger and smarter every day. Every day. Every day, man!"

"I don't know what that means," I say quietly. "I just think you're making a big deal over a piece of newspaper."

"Just keep your mouth shut," someone behind me mutters. To me or to the other guy? To me, I think.

"Well maybe you should find out!" bellows the young man. "Cause we're gettin' smarter and stronger every day!" The train stops and he stalks off.

There is a collective drawing of breath as the doors close. Several people around me meet my eye and smile faintly, shaking their heads.
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Thursday, February 07, 2002

why did the title of my page change? well i am beginning to see things in a different perspective. I think i am beginning to take all these little clues and put them together. I really had no clue. But somehow im beginning to see what i want to do...and who i want to be..and who my real friends are.

I really enjoyed reading tims website. His entry from last night is something i think everyone should read. Recently on my old page i wrote basically a short version of tims ideas. Im glad someone else has these views. Its weird to see how many of us really think about these things. I really thought i was the only person who thought about smoking in that way. Im really happy that tim has the same mindset. And tim i think me and you think too much about stuff. You could see me in the hallway in school and probably never think that i am the type to think about everything so cautiously and how i really think things through. But i am that person. And i like it that way because i dont regret things i do. I dont think anyone should.

Maybe i have fallen out of the so called loop...or maybe i just lost the flow of things. I really am trying to just see what i am doing this year. Last yr was just following the rules, and doing everything to get through school. I see this year as a time to find myself. and maybe its a time to find new friends..or just who my real ones are. I dont really care what my grades are..and i dont really care what i end up doing on a friday night. I like where i am ..and i like who im spending all this time with. I want everyone to take a step back and see if they are where they want to be. If what they are doing in there spare time is actually what they want to do. If who they talk to everyday is actually who they want to talk to. It really matters.

i may sounds like i have no idea what im talkin about, but i am where i want to be.
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Sunday, November 19, 2006
The First Post
After registering my domain name what must be years ago, I decided I had to have a blog. As a learning exercise, I was going to roll my own. First it would be made in Php wait no- Java, ok, maybe Ruby, hmmm Python? Years later, screw all that. Whats the point in writing something someone else has already mastered? So, thanks for this space. Hopefully I'll be using it more and more every day...
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Πέμπτη, 20 Δεκέμβριος 2007
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blog! blog blog gblogggg blooog
bb (blog blog)! <@:)
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Thursday, September 26, 2002
It´s diferent come with us, I wanna see everybody crazy, with the dance of the crazy I don´t wanna anyone stop...
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Now it´s 3 o´clock and im here sit and a REALLy don´t know what to write here.... so...
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven twelve, thirteen... sorry if i made a mistake =P
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Friday, February 24, 2006
Much Ado About Nothing

It seems funny to me to think about this whole port management deal that is happening right now in Washington. I find it ironic that this has caused such a stir amongst the people when the administration clearly thought this was "much ado about nothing." I can see both sides of this coin, while it is true that we would be giving some access to a governing body (UAE) which has in the past supported and funded terrorist organizations, they are not going to run the security of the ports just the inventory and manual labor. So while I can see that there is some validity to the concerns poised about this move but in the end they may be moot.

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Monday, August 23, 2004
All Alone
I'm so sad right now :( I know that my Robert is at work and making money and stuff but I'm sad cause I haven't talked to him alllll day! And, I'm worried about the girls that will go into the lab for help. It's 5:21pm atm and Robert isn't going to be home till like 8:15!!! Oh my gosh! I suppose I'll read and stuff but I can't believe how sad I am without him right now :(

For the sake of taking up space, let me recap my day:

Today I woke up and ate an ice cream sandwich cause I love them so and then I mowed the lawn, trimmed the bushes, and then washed/vacuumed/armorall'd my car. It looks so nice and clean and shiny; I love my car. And, while washing my car and detailing it, I listened to the CD Robert made for me last night; I think he snuck some songs on there I didn't know about, but that's ok cause I like them all. Then, I took a shower and got ready to go out. I didn't want to actually and I knew I'd be in a bad mood but I did anyhow. I got a new alarm clock, phone, and DMB CD at Best Buy. Then I got gas in my nice clean car and went to the grocery store. My mom is cooking lasagna atm and it smells good. I'm hungry. And I'm almost done with this Blog post.... Well, that's all -- how boring.

I love you Robert and I can't wait to talk to you later!! <3>

Note: Here is a pic of us below :)

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Here is a funny pic my Robert and I took once :)

Hiking yay!

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Thursday, August 12, 2004
I Love Robert SOOO Much!!!
I love my handsome man more than anything in the world. He is smart, funny, witty, handsome, sweet, and a bunch of other things that I don't have words to explain. I love you Robert, my future other half :)

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Monday, January 06, 2003
ok...i am obessed with tom martin! i can't help it! he is such a wonderful person... he has a gret head on his shoulders and he wants to be the president... i mean how more perfect can u be hehe... well see ya know i have this lil harmless crush... then he gets a g/f i am crushed, but i know they won't last,...

then like 4 months later who was right?.... yea they break up... him and i spend a wonderful new years together, toasting grape juice, spending a party outside in the rain talking b4 midnight, just having a wonderful time.. then his stupid ex comes in, and she is trying to take him back, kissing him, as he is saying no no don't kiss me... grabbing him, forcing him down on the couch so she can make a sad attempt at making out, of which he is saying no no...

so i am upset, yes, but also i had a wonderful time with him, and he was trying to get out of it... and b4 while we were in the rain hehe he was saying how she is so strange and how her moods are horrible and such...

so, then that night and in to the morning his ex and i stay up talking about tom, and how she doesn't like him, and how she wants to date another guy and how they are just closer then they were when they were dating, but they are JUST FRIENDS....

kay, now we have a formal comming up... it's right around christmas,,, i give tom his christmas present today, and he likes it.... then i am back at home... he IM's me "i love the present, thank you so much.." and he continues to thank me, then i get IM'ed by someone i don't know... here's how it goes "her":heyheyhey me:whose this?? "her": mikella "her": I am going with Tom to the formal! then she got off...

the nerve! this is after she got the assumption that i really liked him at the party... how could she do this?! i am so crushed! when i asked him about it, he said he knew he was crazy, he asked me to wish him luck, and he said he did it cause she asked him to go... there is a such thing as a no... there i guess that's all for now....more later

*if this is here twice sry... it's messed up

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
mike is a stupid idiot
He thinks he has friends, but he doesn't because he is mean and hates people who have friends with cooler kids than him. I personally wanna die if he tried to be cool.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
wOwzerz...27th of August allready? is just around the corner and i am so not even ready for that...anyways, at this moment, i'm talking to my buddy charles...we're talking about one of my best friends monica...whom me and her got into a really dumb fight...and now she wants to be makes me feel miserable for like 2 days and now she wanna be cool...LOL...i lOve yOu giRL if you reading! hehehe =) anyways, it's and the lOve Of mY LiFe is supposed to be kickin' it tomorrow...he gots the day off, so i better take advantage of it ; ) and him are doing allright i guess...i sorta' told him my feelings about us and him and it kinda' set him off a lil'...geez...together over one year and he can't even understand my feelings...but it's cool...he tries...and i love him for it...what else today?
well, i went to the DOL to take my written test so i can finally get my license all set up and shiet...but they said i allready took it when i went to get my that saved me 10 bucks! so i got to schedual my drive test...but damnitt, the only day they have open is September 3rd...RIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS ain't that a biatch? oh wells...i need to get it fosho or else that $18.00 parking pass i purchased at school ain't worth $18.00! damnitt...=( s'ok though =) my friends and mah man backing me up telling me that i will pass it! yeah...i have to get it the first's at bremerton...which peepz are saying is really hard there...but at poulsbo the only time they have is September 10th! i can't have that! =/ oh wells...well, until next time...peece out...muah...much love <3 Lez
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WH0.BLOGSPOT.COM - 2 Post Wonder

Monday, December 22, 2003
.. what? I cant find my jacket. thats fucked. ¶ 12:23 PM
Saturday, December 13, 2003
" how the hell.. " alright, so we're tryin to figure how the hell to keep raeanne, my roommate, out of our garage for two days. Richard aka Batman and I figured duct tape and a piece of paper should work well seeing as how we couldn't find the key. " stay out, rae " with duct tape around the edges is what is reads on the garage door. alright, cool, so we got that down. We brought rae's new car from mikes garage to mine and now we're installin' all sorts of shit in it.
batman- how the hell do these seatcover things go on?
Shit. Seatcovers? why do chicks need seatcovers? its got fabric stuff on the seats already. why you guys need somethin over that? especially this crap with hawaiian
FLOW-ERS on it. but anyways, rae ain't home yet, she hasn't seen our sign.. or that we took her garage door remote out of her current car.. or that we took all of her cds out of her car also.. yeah. basically we're gonna get killed by the end of the night but.. oh well. she'll love us again around christmas time. ¶ 12:42 AM


Sunday, June 15, 2008

I feel like I'm just spending every moment getting ready to die, that all I'm doing here is preparing myself for what I deep down know is inevitable. And don't fucking think this is some kind of cry for help, cause it ain't. Guess I'm just looking for a meaning and/or purpose, like everyone else, and that living is the search for it. But I'm goddamn sick of it.

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Monday, September 17, 2007
Uploaded some pictures

Ok so I'm bored. Made a few sick pictures with Photoshop, uploaded to Internet is boring

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Friday, November 15, 2002
Every other goddamn webpage on the net these days is a blog, so I've always thought that it's hopeless to start one. Won't get any attention, but then I realized I didn't want attention, just like an outlet for all the shit I've been through.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
You can
make a living dying.

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Monday, July 24, 2006
Final Decision
Day after tomorrow that's mean 26.07.2006, I will makes a final decision in my life. I plan to forward the mails to him to get his response. I wanted him to know how hurt my feeling is and wanted him to feel guilty.

Worst to worst, that will be the end of my love relationship. If he planned to have long run, this decision wouldnt be that bad after all.

God bless me :)
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Friday, July 21, 2006
1st Blog
Finally I decided blogging online. I have too much distress and pain. No where for me to talk and refer. Therefore I think the best way is here. Ever since from year 2005, all distress and pain keep surrounding me. I have faced dishonesty in my love relationship for more than 2 years. In fact, I am the one who found it myself without he tell me. Sigh! Am I stupid and easily being cheated. Am I too innocent to be cheated? Just before the Christmas, planning for travel. Never expect my first journey oversea will be so painful and unpleasant. No sign of regret were shown when declaring and explain the whole stories. I was so hurt and pain at that moment. I was thinking shall I let go such unloyal relationship? But love is always blind. I choosen to forgive him as I love him too deeply. Those unhappy feeling were bring back to Malaysia. He promised it wont happened again. Slowly my feeling back to normal. But in the middle, uncountable insomnia night I went thru. Who can I talk to? NONE! I cant share my sadness and distress feeling with anyone. I have promised him not to tell anyone such matter. I cant talk to him. What can I do? Times past quite fast, I went thru my life day by day. The trust slowly build. No one expected, few months ago received a message from undisclosed sender. Telling me, my beloved not only being with one gal but TWO gals. That time, immediately my heart being cut off. It is pain. I went home to get his clarification. We were argued and fight. He told me he have nothing with this B gal. Without thinking further, I apologise him for blaming him wrongly.I dont know what had happened between him and B gal. But I can said my sense told me, they have been together before. And today, it is proven my sense is ACCURATE. Again, I received an email from B gal. I dont know why she email to me.. But from there it is clearly shown that they both being together before. Just ended last year September. Those stories i have read thru her blog is true. They kisses before, hug before and being together before!! I remember I get his clarification on what have been wrote in that B gal's blog. He told me that maybe that B gal treated him as his ex. But thinking back now, I am such a silly gal. Easily believe what he said. He always ask me to trust him and to have confidence on him. But what he has done! He brokes everything. What should I do now? Shall I tell him I received a forwarded email and let go 8 years relationship? Can anyone advise me?-Heartbroken Gal-
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Sunday, June 08, 2003
Environmentalists try to minimize the impact man has on this earth. All of us need a certain amount of resources to survive. We need water, food, and air to breathe and land to live on. Those resources demand land, land that needs to be harnessed to fulfill these needs, land that will now have some type of environmental impact upon it. No matter how many rules and regulations we enact there will still be some damage. Can we stop the damage completely? I think it can only be achieved by moratorium on population growth.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Let's see how this works...I post here...and then click "post". Yes...not that challenging...Maybe I won't screw it up...
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

'Agenda Friends'

In life it seems that most friends end up being what I have decided to call 'agenda friends'. You know what I mean .... either they have an agenda, you have an agenda or perhaps (if you're lucky?!) you both have an agenda. However you slice it, most friends end up being this way and it just kinda sucks. Maybe you're this way yourself?! As for me, I guess I made it my agenda to take those kinds of friends out of the equation - but, let me tell you, it doesn't leave you with much.

So, what exactly do I mean by an 'agenda friends'?! Well, you have some friends who are good for seeing movies with or some who are good for company when no one else is available or others who you hang out with simply because they go to work/church/school with you - but how many of these can you actually be open and honest with?! How many are you comfortable being 'raw' with - and, in turn, how many can actually be 'raw' with you?! Do you just have an agenda in seeing one another or is there something more to it?!

Maybe I'm too proud or too fussy or too lazy .... I don't know. What I do know is that sometimes I'm lonely. Sometimes I wish I could accept and pursue these common agendas. But I don't think I can. In the end I just value the true friends that I have - the ones who know me at my best and my worst - and I hold out hope that I can find more of the same.

How does everyone else out there feel?! Your comments are welcome.

Be seeing you ....

- Chris

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The Dark Side

So, I've been thinking lately about how everyone has a dark side .... Some may deny it and others may revel in it, but everyone has that darker side that lies just beneath the surface - rearing its head on occasion and begging to be let out.

Now I'm not talking about the true sickos here. Oh no, that's another matter entirely .... What I'm talking about is that aspect of people which gives them an edge, which makes them interesting. You might see a glimmer of it when they speak or in a look they give or in the kind of humour they display - it doesn't matter how it displays itself, what matters is that it is there.

This doesn't mean I'm condoning your darker urges or suggesting that you give in to your dark side - but don't you think that knowledge is power?! Don't you think that seeing the problem is the first step correcting it?! I certainly do. Of course, the dark side isn't entirely bad either and certainly doesn't need to be destroyed or stifled. It just needs to be addressed, harnessed and used as necessary.

So, think about it .... Do you have a dark side?! Actually, scratch that question - you do. Just accept it. But how, and when, does it show itself?! What parts of it let you down and what parts make you better as a person?! Remember, your dark side makes you interesting, so have a look and discover it.

Be seeing you ....

- Chris

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Sunday, September 21, 2008
This I Believe

I believe in rinsing and patting each slender sprig of thyme, then delicately and carefully plucking the tender leaves from its twig so as not to bruise the herb. I believe in slicing the onion first lengthwise, then crosswise so it falls loose into a stack of perfect cubes. I believe in kneading the bread dough until the muscles in my small hands ache, in presenting the food in artistic and unexpected ways so that roasted emerald asparagus stretch beyond a mound of golden butternut squash like a crown of laurels looping the sun. I believe in food’s ability to repair and mend the mind and body. And for these reasons, I know the hours I labor in the kitchen, juicing fresh oranges, pureeing his favorite carrot and ginger soup, touching each ounce of food that nourishes his body, heals him. The time I spend perusing the market for the plumpest berry, the reddest pepper, the sweetest sweet potato transforms in his body into a strong and steady stream of pure energy, easily digestible and spiritually available.
I think through textures, feeling that a light and chewy maitake mushroom will complement the nuttiness of firm brown rice. A side of braised carrots will gently give under the teeth and melt onto the tongue. It will go down. It will trick his taste buds burnt by the combination of chemotherapy and radiation. The meals I prepare, some successful and some not, are designed to coax him into eating, to return weight onto his tall frame, as much as they are prepared to unite, to transfer my love onto and into him, to relearn the pleasure of meals together. Our nutritionists have little to say in support of my therapy regimen, but they are not with me as I thoughtfully layer an eggplant lasagna, selecting and chopping the vegetables and proteins I know will tempt Adam into eating when eating is not easy.
Sometimes, before I serve it, I allow my hands to hover above his meal, close but without quite touching, so that I might feel the heat radiating from the activity abounding among the living cells. I shut my eyes and think about the ingestion of this food and the subtraction of the tumor. I know pieces of me will convey through this food and be taken up by his body. The substance of the energy I exert will be ingested as bite-sized forkfuls of my health, extracts of my life, tinctures of my well-being, married into his.
This belief is confirmed, when, three months after the diagnosis, we breakfast together on hot cereal and raisins just before he hops on his bike and rides four miles to work. And while the doctor tells us “glioblastoma always returns,” I know I have him today. I know he is eating today. I know I will cook for him today.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

This is the first post to the UTK Uncensored blog and so if you're reading this, you're probably going "back in time." I'm not sure how much interest this will have to most people, but writing is like pressure - sometimes it just has to be released. I've written for years but only recently found my niche with Under The Knife, a newsletter devoted to reporting and explaining baseball injuries. UTK was just a goof for me, but it surprised me by exploding. It's something I can do from home and I can continue work on my novel (now three years in the making!). I'll yap about most anything in here and its one of the beauties of the web. I CAN. You can. Anyone can. Whether it's worthy of the space or your time, well that's up to you. Welcome to UTK Uncensored and I hope you enjoy it.
- Will, 9:21 AM

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Monday, December 13, 2004
f0r la0p0..
To : My dEarEst la0pO...
laOpo.. thiS bLoG iS cReateD fOr u & me 1..
sO tAt wE cAn sHarE oUr daIly lIfe tOgeThEr..
kEkE.. bTw.. laOp0 u dEsIgn thIs paGe.. k?
cOz mY dEsIgnIng skILL noT sO pOweR..
hMm.. fIrsT bLog.. i JusT wAnNa teLl mY laOp0..
laOp0.. laOg0nG luB u...

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Monday, December 3, 2007
About Me

I have lived in California for most of my life until six years ago my husband and I moved to central Virginia. We lived there for a year and then moved to northeast Ohio. We moved to both states for my husband's career. I am blessed to be a wife of almost 13 years to the funniest man I know. A year ago we found out that my husband is in kidney failure. He was born with one functioning kidney and that kidney decided it was going to run away and join the circus.

We are the proud "parents" to three cats, Olivia, Henry, and Zoe and one bunny, Dolly. Olivia is a fluffy calico and she thinks she is the Queen of everything. We adopted her when we first moved to Ohio when she was 8 weeks old.
Henry is 15 pounds of pure love and he will be your best friend if you pet him and don't stop. We adopted Henry about two years after Olivia from the APL.
Zoe is all gray and is about four months old and just the sweetest little bundle of energy who doesn't have a tail. We adopted Zoe after having found her in the parking lot at the restaurant we were having lunch at.
Dolly is all gray and likes to be held like a baby. We adopted her after our neighbors decided they weren't going to take her with them when they moved.

I am the oldest of five children ( two girls and three boys) from two parents who are still married. There is 10 years in between myself and my youngest brother. My siblings and I love each other very much and really can't stand to be as geographically far apart as we are. It sucks to tell you the truth.

Recently I have become very fascinated with all the aspects of cupcakes. Creating, baking, eating, and sharing cupcakes. I've even gone as far as to consider opening a bakery of delicacies. I'm pretty sure I will one day but it will also be part bookstore. Ah, dreams, what would we be without them?

I'm working on getting involved, being creative, and finding me.

Love, Kandy
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Monday, June 15, 2009


I love Jesus like a Fat boy loves cake!

Sunday, October 03, 2004
What up?
Hey guys, uh, well, i forgot my username for my other blog so this is my new blog, but anyway. Its sunday. I've had a pretty relaxing day. I still have a sinus infection thanks to Heather, but I'm getting better. I just stayed at home today. I did go to Mawmaws and to stuckeys, and that was it. My mom has been waiting all day to get out of the hospital. THe dr still hasn't come, soooo she is going against the hospital and leaving anyway! haha what a goob! My mom is a nut. anyways, peace/love, ttyl

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At least it's almost July.

I just emptied a biscuit tin, put my wallet, phone, keys, and loose change in it. I don't know what to with the biscuits. I might wrap them in tissue papers and look for someone homeless.

BOSTON.BLOGSPOT.COM - For iLLogical - Nice Haircut, Bro

Tuesday, July 31, 2001
I like your haircut.
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globe map of tunnel
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Monday, July 30, 2001
Here is the web-site that pays my bills: food&wine
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First Blog message!
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Friday, June 12, 2009


Friday, February 13, 2004
i haven't talk to her for a couple months now. i geuss she doesn't want to talk to me. i am going to move on.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

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March 17, 2006
need him badly......

Haiz...Miss my darlin....not sure whats wrong with him...actin very strangly this few days...breakin my heart...Nvm...will blow over a fewdays...i think so....So tired these few days...jus got back from camp...i wanna see him now...but cant go out...mum not feelin very well...hope she will get better soon...jus went for an operation...cannot anyhow move...Finally...holidays comin to the end....will get to see him on Monday already..Today woke up at 8 in the mornin....visitors came so must pack up the houe neatly before they come....tired....slept at one in the mornin....then follow mum to the polyclinic to wash her wound....Sianz...miss everyone in sons, daughters, sisters , bros...Teachers also...haha...funny ryte...who would miss their teachers....jus finish tuition ....wanna go and sleep already....eyes cannot even open...gonna close...haha...drink water already wide can continue bloggin....dun know why fall so deeply for him...use to find him irritatin..but now....its year use to livin with him in my life...if this were to change suddenly, i really cannot imagime life by then....need him in my life now and forever....hope that this will last long...i jus dun know how to live without would be meaningless by then....Baby...if you jus happen to see this, i jus wanna say i love you now and forever...promise me you will never leave me....and sorry if i have caused u any problems...and never keep all problems to urself...let me know...i will do everythin in my power to help you...feel so luckly to have you...hearts could only love for awhile, clothes won't foever be in style, legs could only walk for some miles but havin you as my dear in forever you baby....miss you tooo....see you on monday...muacks....(=

EMI.BLOGSPOT.COM - 2 Post Special

Monday, June 04, 2001 i hate only does harm...and the sad thing is that I know i'm guilty of it too many there was a cheesy little rumour going round that i'm dating a fellow friend of*t...and the sh*tty thing is that i only hate it because it means some people think i'm "off-the-market"...aren't i horrible.....and horny....heh heh...kidding....
posted by Aemelia at 1:11 AM

Wednesday, February 28, 2001
boy...what a week it has been....
last friday...i gave my little present to my little crush and that evening (his last night there) i took him for coffee....and i must say...i think that i finally know what he's thinking....and that is NOTHING....absolutely nothing romantic about me at all....i got zero vibes but it's ok.....i still want to be his friend....but mostly because i'm dreaming that maybe one day he'll wake up and realize it's me he wants....yeah right...fat chance i know.....i need to snap out of it and find myself a man who knows what and who he

and then on saturday night.....i hung out with a good friend from work all's amazing how i can see in front of me this great great guy and feel nothing romantic towards him at all....and the bad thing about the situation is that i lied to a good friend of mine about hanging out with him because she's absolutely stalkerish crazy for him.....i'm a horrible friend, but i needed to do what i thought was best for her.....not tell her that while she was sitting at home feeling as though he stood her up for the night....i was hanging out with him having the best night i'd had in forever....

and then monday night......i went for coffee and hung out with the infamous John Clarke....any of my close friends will know who he is and how he manipulated me into falling for him right before he whisked himself away for a month and a half......but oh well....we'll be good friends, i think....until he gets drunk and throws himself on another of my friends......

but now it's wed and i'm so excited to go home on the weekend only because i can't wait to see my favorite manager....

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Saturday, June 15, 2002
They say dreams only last 12 seconds. Some may seem to last for a few hours, like a minute or second can seem like days. Some seem scary enough to be real, some we wish were real, and some we wish we never had. One dream I had, recently actully, oddly enough I was in space, flying toward a huge ship, so big, my god so big. Its presence there was enough to give you massive goosebumps. Flying toward it, it filled my screen, then I blacked out. I woke up the next day in a hospital, my friend said somthing about the war being over, we'd won. Somehow I doubted that we had anything to do with it, seeing ships like that is somthing you'll never forget, even if it is just a dream.
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WILMASDEN.BLOGSPOT.COM - 2 Post Reader Special - Thanks, hmd!

Saturday, April 28, 2007
Wilma Speaks

I'm confused as to how my den has been redecorated without my knowledge; it must have been the elves. It used to be very kitsch and red in a very cool retro way. But the calming lilac is probably good for all those internet searchers who seek peace and tranquility.

I am just enjoying the pre-getting ready lull of Saturday. My first beer is giving me a slight buzz. It's been a balmy summer day. I've enjoyed the afternoon out in the garden reading and enjoying the quiet of a 3 year old free house. I had the time to notice the patterns the water in the water bottle was throwing onto my book (Ian McEwan's new one, as you ask) and appreciate the fact that my ipod gave me a whole 20 songs on shuffle that I actually wanted to listen to.

But now my hair straighteners are calling and, unless I want to be laughed at in the cool bars of East London, I have to heed their bidding.

I wonder who is going to actually read this...

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Friday, May 05, 2006
Run run run

This is one of my favourite pictures about my dog.
The forest where we go looks a lot like the forests in which his specie has been created and raised three centuries ago.
So, i like to imagine that his paws, his claws, his nose, his entire body is perfectly fitted for this playground, this soil, all that smell and those leaves.
I'm sure he feels like it.
I've been told that everybody feel the same when you visit africa. A huge feeling of belonging to that land, from a very long time ago. So that tiny forest is my dog's little Africa.

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Saturday, June 30, 2001
no idea what this is lol
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Saturday, April 5, 2008
Cooking is very important in a womans life.

Without knowing cooking a woman is not complete.She should be perfect in cooking if she want that her family members alwas remain happy. Its the way by which we can imply win the heart of anyone.


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TEA.BLOGSPOT.COM - 2 Post Special

Saturday, November 17, 2001
Hello and Happy Saturday. I juts woke up like right now and it is 11: 11 AM. I needed all the extra sleep. Badly. Tzar got his ass kicked last night. He called me and said his dad had done it. I hope he's up to shopping, but if not then we'll go some other time. The poor boy...
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Friday, November 16, 2001
Oh boy. Tzar and I will be shopping at the South Shore Plaza. It is going to be so much fun, because he is just the kind of guy every girl wants. Sweet, Senseitive and Sensible. He is a bang to be with but he has had such a hard time with his father. His dad drinks and he hits Tzar's mother alot. I know it's not any of my business and I should not post it on the internet, but I asked him and he said "Sure, why not?" Anyway, he's had a hot and cold relationship with his dad and it has just eaten at him. Now on a more happier note, I took my science quiz today. I have a feeling I did well, but how should I know? I have to wait until Monday to get mt math quiz back and I have to wait until Wednesday to get my grade for Reading and Writing. I hope i do well, because if I do not {especially reading and writing} then out goes the gun and there goes my life. I hate school. School is satan. Run for the hills. *runs to the nearest hill and screams*
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Will You Marry Me

Check out this picture from yesterday's special event.

My 5Th grade class read my fiance Kate a special story that we all
created for her. We gave her the book to follow along as the kids
read her the pages. The last page was the proposal, and when
we got to that point in the story, my boys jumped to the floor
with me, unzipped their sweaters and showed Kate their shirt
with the words "Will" "You" "Marry" "Me" on them. My shirt had
a "?" on it.

Kate, was stunned, for a second as she didn't respond, but quickly
told me I had to put the ring on her. Immediately she said "Yes!"
The students began cheering.

The class jumped up, gave her hand made cards and roses.
This was followed by a huge group hug.

In the cards many students made suggestions, to make sure
Mr. Cooley wakes up on time for work, he is fed regularly and
he has clean clothes to wear. (I may have coached them
slightly to my advantage....) :)

The school bell rang, kids went home, and Kate and I went to
the restaurant where we had our first date, La Casa Del Camino.

This amazing restaurant has tremendous ocean views, and
a variety of tasty choices. We had an awesome time, they even
played the Austin Powers song that we are secretly including
into our first dance for our wedding.
: ) Mr. Cooley and room 10

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Slashdot Readers Chime in on the 1 Tweet/ 1 Blog Phenomenon

What do you think? chimes in!

PROMISELAND.BLOGSPOT.COM - 3 Post Special (of What, I'm not Sure)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
NUMBERS: This weekend we had 220 kids in Age 3 (5:30=43, 9:00=93, 11:15=84). Last week=251, Last year=237.

DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO WOULD ENJOY SPENDING AN HOUR WITH 3 YEAR OLDS? As you may have noticed, the church is getting behind us to help us locate volunteers to help us through the summer. Do you know anyone who might help us out? We can find something meaningful for them to do!

LAP SITTING: Age 3 children love to sit in laps, and it can be really hard to keep them from doing it in Promiseland! But the only place a child can sit on our laps in Promiseland is on our knees. Please move them to that location if they sit in your lap, or have them sit next to you. This is for both your protection and for theirs.

NEW BATHROOM PROCEDURES IN AGE 3: If a child needs to use the bathroom, show the child to the bathroom doors and wait outside. At no time should an adult be alone with a child in the bathroom. 2 leaders of the same gender must always be present when a child needs help, with a leader of the same gender giving the help. If there are not enough leaders to man both bathrooms, one bathroom may be closed to maintain the 2 leader rule. The open bathroom becomes a unisex bathroom and a leader of each gender must be present if a child needs assistance (men to help boys, women to help girls).

CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! We have several volunteers who are graduating from high school this year. Be sure to congratulate them on this milestone! They have contributed a lot to our ministry and our lives over the last several years!
Lynn Tangorra 5:30 Team
Katy Fraser 9:00 Team
Brittany Jasker 9:00 Team
Krissy Roth 9:00 Team
Casey Schuring 9:00 Team
Sam Oshin 11:15 Team

Sandie Keszycki May 24
Ray Blegen May 27
Allianna Mitchell May 27
Bethany Lindley June 1
Gwen Alexander June 3
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Testing adding a video.

[Ed. Note: Video of Bono inserted here]

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This is a test post to see how this works. I actually forgot what all can be done.

This is rafting in Costa Rica.

[Ed. Note: Pic of rafting.]

My favorite site is this one
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Tell It To Me...Secrets, confessions and more...
You are currently visiting a blog that could change your life forever. Here lies secrets of many individuals of whom you do not know, and will never know. These secrets may not be bad. But a secret is a secret and they are all kept on this blog. Here you will be able to confess your deepest, darkest secrets and maybe find someone who can help you. All you need to do is email me at Your secret will ALWAYS remain anonymous!

April 25, 2006

On this blog all you will find is secrets, secrets and more secrets. This page is filled with secrets of people that I myself know and others that I don't. If you'd like, you can submit your secrets and confessions to me by emailing me.
You will of course ALWAYS remain anonymous and your identity will NEVER be revealed to others. You can trust this site, you can be sure of that. If you have anything at all that you desperately need to get off your chest, simply email me and you can share your problem or confession with the world. Perhaps there will be someone out there with a similar problem or perhaps there's someone who will be willing to help you. So come on! Start confessing!
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sunday, August 05, 2001
who dat?

i drank like a case of beer last night and i think my body is still drunk as my brain is just slow..
they call me hollywood at work now cause i was on the paper
posted by casper at 6:37 PM

i was on the front page of the sun herald wow

i got really wasted and punched some old guy in the balls my brother fatted my lip.. i was at marshalls and couldnt feel my clothes.. i threw up in the back yard for 2 seconds i didnt tell any one and remembered today im not sure if i really did or i imagined it..
posted by casper at 6:34 PM

Thursday, June 21, 2001
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Sunday, February 18, 2001
"brandon come on now stop that"-bt
Im very bored. Today didnt feel any different. When I woke up I thought it would be nice to do something with a friend. I got on the web and bob was on. It was wierd, I said hey and he said hey do you wanna go for a walk. i said sure. Then jason called. huh. he wanted to go to the vancleve parade. I say sure. I called bob and he agreed that it would be an experience. so then we go. we drove for a long time. then finally settled. the parade lasted all of ten minutes max. it was funny. most floats were four wheelers. there was a twele person vancleve high school band. ha. this drunk chick in a float called for me. at first i didnt notice. bob goes hey and pointed at her. she called "hey, you in the red shirt!" bob and jason waved me to proceed. regretfully i did. the chick gave me some beeds and kissed me. on the fuckn lips. just half, but enough to piss me off. i didnt know what to do. i walked off. vancleve chick want me. i have two things to say about this. one its got to be the hair. and two, i cant date them cause the use outhouses and you cant fuck a bitch in the ass, to keep her from gettin pregnant, if she uses sticks instead of paper.

my brother sucks c0ck.any way. i have a new friend. well, he has been a friend for a while but i feel closer now. its neat and muchly appreciated.

"sure." He always kept it short but, thats what she liked. So, there it was. The two started becoming one. It was odd at first but, the soon realized it was more physical than emotional. If you couldn't tell they were making love through their jeans. They were on her grandmothers bed. Both were shamless enough to not even flip the pictures down. This mechanical love only lasted about ten minutes, was interupted by a conversation with her little sister, then resumed for another ten. He wasn't satisfied. Love with her was never good enough. She always finished and never followed him up.

I am a contemptuas void of emotion. I have them and they piss me off. I rid myself of them. sucka nigga dicka suck

The problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk, they're sober. --William Butler Yeats
posted by casper at 7:18 PM

stop, look, and listen
think about whats going on
breath in
count to ten
release the peace and be strong

only few left, hope they wont get me too, i am bored and alone..............................
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008
In which the girl starts a blog:
So it's 12:10 on a Monday night (Tuesday morning?) and here I am, writing a 'first entry" for a blog. Up until recently I didn't understand the draw of blogs - at first I thought they were sort of narsassistic, I mean do people really think that other people are going to want to sit down and read about someone else's life? Then I realized that hey - I actually am the one sitting down and reading all the time and really I don't care if anyone reads this or not (though if you are reading it hello!), I just like having a place to write about the ridiculousness of life because life is ridiculous sometimes and sometimes that just has to be shared.

Anyway, that's my entry point. If I think of it sometime in the next couple of days maybe I'll post some basic facts about me. But maybe I won't. Depends how much ridiculous stuff happens between now and later....

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Friday, 12 December 2008
People who secretly like IKEA
Nobody is supposed to like IKEA. It’s mass-produced identikit furniture which falls apart as soon as you get it through the front door. It’s the seventh circle of hell flatpacked into a cardboard box and delivered to you for the princely sum of £30. You’re supposed to hate it because it’s cheap and chivvy and brightly-lit and smells funny and everything is always out of stock. The rugs look cheap and the bed linen is scratchy and the towels never match. Shower curtains are grubby, cutlery is bendy and picture frames look tacky. People queue at the tills for decades and pot plants expire in the searing nothingness of its walls and yet- and yet- you like it. Secretly.

You don’t care that ten people on your street have the same bedframe. The towels are good enough for guests. You get bored of pot plants quickly anyway. You like wandering around in a borderline catatonic state fingering napkin rings and gazing sideways at fluffy rugs. You fantasise about having a kitchen just like that display one there and you’re sure you could find a million uses for that adjustable stool. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a shower curtain that colour?

You like the fact that halfway through the trip when your interest and energy levels are flagging you can stop off at the restaurant and have meatballs (you always get 15 when 10 would have done). You dip your chips into the gravy and flick through the catalogue dreaming of what you want to buy. You buy nothing that you need, only things that you’ve seen and you queue up disgruntled and disappointed because they didn’t have the mirrored tiles this time or the pan you wanted had a loose handle, but you know that not getting everything this time means you can go back some other time and do it all again. And that’s good. Because you secretly like IKEA. And so does pretty much everyone else.
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Let's get truthful
What is the truth about you? Who are you? What do you do? What do you like? what are the things you think nobody knows about you?

I'd like to have a guess. I don't know all of you, or even some of you, but I reckon I've got a pretty good idea how to read you. In this blog, I'll reveal a thing about some of you. It may apply to all, but it will definitely speak to some of you out there.

There aren't many truths out there, but I've got a few for you. So here goes.
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Friday, October 06, 2006
Corner Bakery SUCKS

It's awful!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." Henry David Thoreau

It has come to the time where I am in the position to make or break the rest of my life. The problem is, I don't know which action will ensure success or which action will result in failure. Whilst I have far flung dreams of the future and indeed spend many a waking hour playing out these roles in my mind, I am yet to work out how to get there from the position I am currently in. The jump seems out of reach, too far, unattainable. Yet, if I don't strive for these dreams, I do not know what I will do with my life. I must make that leap as in not doing so, I won't be doing anything at all. I'll be stuck in limbo, with no ambition or inspiration. I will not let that happen...

Henceforth, I am forced to attempt to make the right decisions without any guide as to what they might be.

I feel unable to express my wishes for the future, the hopes I have and the changes I intended to achieve. People do not understand my motivation, nor do they see how these dreams could ever become reality. They tell me I should be realistic - that life itself will put an end to these whims as the necessity of living will overcome my attempts to strive for the life I desire. I am worried that I too shall gain their negativity. If I do, I end up in that place of limbo, which is the most unsatisfactory form of life.

That said, I am scared to post my intentions for fear of failure. Whilst they remain in the rooms of my mind - each room holding a different dream, a different path, although all result in a similar end - no one except me can laugh at their far-reaching nature. No one except me can laugh when I fail. However, to achieve them I believe help will be required in which case I must let someone see past these closed doors.

Maybe by this time next year I will have achieved some of the first steps towards making these dreams a reality, which in turn will benefit those around me. Or maybe I will have already given in to the demands of everyday life. I suppose only time will tell but I know for certain, the former is a far more desirable belief to hold on to...

"Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly." Lanston Hughes
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Monday, June 8, 2009


Sunday, March 25, 2001
love is ain`t that easy in my life . girls to me is as weird than they seem to be
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is where I say I'm sorry to everyone I feel I ever wronged.

These are people I'm pretty sure I was a dick with. And not just having-a-bad-day-and-snapped-at-them kind of behavior, but truly being a dick.

I'm not asking for forgiveness, just recording my offenses. Asking for forgiveness through a blog post would really make me a dick.

Feel free to comment or leave your own confessions.

[I reserve the right to remove any comments I feel are spam or inappropriate.]

I'm sorry for being such a dick to:

Laura (a different one)
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
American soldiers Death toll Racks 10 dead today 69
In just 2 weeks and a few days, America has suffered 69 deaths to count for the month of October. Pushing to be the deadliest month and highest for fatalities since 2005 we still find ourselves getting battered by the insurgencies. We may have won the war with saddam but we have failed to win the war on the pure hate and evil of the middleeastern section of life.
Take that last line not in bad taste but take it in the hopes that one day soon hopefully that all evil and crimes of humanity will be solved in Iraq, but for now I'll settle for some real positive thoughts that we're doing a good thing for these people and maybe one day they'll come to appreciate our loses to help make there lives more enjoyable, instead of feeling fear on a constant daily basis.
So we ask ourselves why are we still under this constant death toll, why after 4 years is our death toll of U.S. troops still at a much to high number? Why are we with all our technology still suffering these terrible massive losses of troops.
Does it come from lack of training, has the armed services lost there focus on how to protect themselves No not really these insurgents want to win just as bad and will do the most deadly things to thereselves to prove there point............kill as many westerners as we can along with hey I might as well die as well. There mind is focused on Allah and his supposed word of kill anyone who doesn't want thats scary thinking about makes you feel like your stuck back in King and Queen days. Follow me or you'll be killed and your family as well.
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