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Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Will You Marry Me

Check out this picture from yesterday's special event.

My 5Th grade class read my fiance Kate a special story that we all
created for her. We gave her the book to follow along as the kids
read her the pages. The last page was the proposal, and when
we got to that point in the story, my boys jumped to the floor
with me, unzipped their sweaters and showed Kate their shirt
with the words "Will" "You" "Marry" "Me" on them. My shirt had
a "?" on it.

Kate, was stunned, for a second as she didn't respond, but quickly
told me I had to put the ring on her. Immediately she said "Yes!"
The students began cheering.

The class jumped up, gave her hand made cards and roses.
This was followed by a huge group hug.

In the cards many students made suggestions, to make sure
Mr. Cooley wakes up on time for work, he is fed regularly and
he has clean clothes to wear. (I may have coached them
slightly to my advantage....) :)

The school bell rang, kids went home, and Kate and I went to
the restaurant where we had our first date, La Casa Del Camino.

This amazing restaurant has tremendous ocean views, and
a variety of tasty choices. We had an awesome time, they even
played the Austin Powers song that we are secretly including
into our first dance for our wedding.
: ) Mr. Cooley and room 10

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