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PROMISELAND.BLOGSPOT.COM - 3 Post Special (of What, I'm not Sure)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
NUMBERS: This weekend we had 220 kids in Age 3 (5:30=43, 9:00=93, 11:15=84). Last week=251, Last year=237.

DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO WOULD ENJOY SPENDING AN HOUR WITH 3 YEAR OLDS? As you may have noticed, the church is getting behind us to help us locate volunteers to help us through the summer. Do you know anyone who might help us out? We can find something meaningful for them to do!

LAP SITTING: Age 3 children love to sit in laps, and it can be really hard to keep them from doing it in Promiseland! But the only place a child can sit on our laps in Promiseland is on our knees. Please move them to that location if they sit in your lap, or have them sit next to you. This is for both your protection and for theirs.

NEW BATHROOM PROCEDURES IN AGE 3: If a child needs to use the bathroom, show the child to the bathroom doors and wait outside. At no time should an adult be alone with a child in the bathroom. 2 leaders of the same gender must always be present when a child needs help, with a leader of the same gender giving the help. If there are not enough leaders to man both bathrooms, one bathroom may be closed to maintain the 2 leader rule. The open bathroom becomes a unisex bathroom and a leader of each gender must be present if a child needs assistance (men to help boys, women to help girls).

CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! We have several volunteers who are graduating from high school this year. Be sure to congratulate them on this milestone! They have contributed a lot to our ministry and our lives over the last several years!
Lynn Tangorra 5:30 Team
Katy Fraser 9:00 Team
Brittany Jasker 9:00 Team
Krissy Roth 9:00 Team
Casey Schuring 9:00 Team
Sam Oshin 11:15 Team

Sandie Keszycki May 24
Ray Blegen May 27
Allianna Mitchell May 27
Bethany Lindley June 1
Gwen Alexander June 3
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Testing adding a video.

[Ed. Note: Video of Bono inserted here]

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This is a test post to see how this works. I actually forgot what all can be done.

This is rafting in Costa Rica.

[Ed. Note: Pic of rafting.]

My favorite site is this one
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