Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Saturday, April 28, 2007
Wilma Speaks

I'm confused as to how my den has been redecorated without my knowledge; it must have been the elves. It used to be very kitsch and red in a very cool retro way. But the calming lilac is probably good for all those internet searchers who seek peace and tranquility.

I am just enjoying the pre-getting ready lull of Saturday. My first beer is giving me a slight buzz. It's been a balmy summer day. I've enjoyed the afternoon out in the garden reading and enjoying the quiet of a 3 year old free house. I had the time to notice the patterns the water in the water bottle was throwing onto my book (Ian McEwan's new one, as you ask) and appreciate the fact that my ipod gave me a whole 20 songs on shuffle that I actually wanted to listen to.

But now my hair straighteners are calling and, unless I want to be laughed at in the cool bars of East London, I have to heed their bidding.

I wonder who is going to actually read this...

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Friday, May 05, 2006
Run run run

This is one of my favourite pictures about my dog.
The forest where we go looks a lot like the forests in which his specie has been created and raised three centuries ago.
So, i like to imagine that his paws, his claws, his nose, his entire body is perfectly fitted for this playground, this soil, all that smell and those leaves.
I'm sure he feels like it.
I've been told that everybody feel the same when you visit africa. A huge feeling of belonging to that land, from a very long time ago. So that tiny forest is my dog's little Africa.

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