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Monday, December 3, 2007
About Me

I have lived in California for most of my life until six years ago my husband and I moved to central Virginia. We lived there for a year and then moved to northeast Ohio. We moved to both states for my husband's career. I am blessed to be a wife of almost 13 years to the funniest man I know. A year ago we found out that my husband is in kidney failure. He was born with one functioning kidney and that kidney decided it was going to run away and join the circus.

We are the proud "parents" to three cats, Olivia, Henry, and Zoe and one bunny, Dolly. Olivia is a fluffy calico and she thinks she is the Queen of everything. We adopted her when we first moved to Ohio when she was 8 weeks old.
Henry is 15 pounds of pure love and he will be your best friend if you pet him and don't stop. We adopted Henry about two years after Olivia from the APL.
Zoe is all gray and is about four months old and just the sweetest little bundle of energy who doesn't have a tail. We adopted Zoe after having found her in the parking lot at the restaurant we were having lunch at.
Dolly is all gray and likes to be held like a baby. We adopted her after our neighbors decided they weren't going to take her with them when they moved.

I am the oldest of five children ( two girls and three boys) from two parents who are still married. There is 10 years in between myself and my youngest brother. My siblings and I love each other very much and really can't stand to be as geographically far apart as we are. It sucks to tell you the truth.

Recently I have become very fascinated with all the aspects of cupcakes. Creating, baking, eating, and sharing cupcakes. I've even gone as far as to consider opening a bakery of delicacies. I'm pretty sure I will one day but it will also be part bookstore. Ah, dreams, what would we be without them?

I'm working on getting involved, being creative, and finding me.

Love, Kandy
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