Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here's where I yell at things.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003This is my first time doing this here goes....well like the title says, I am a disgruntled employee. What sets off this anger in me? Well I'm gonna be blunt about this....white people, mostly middle aged housewife white women, you know the kind. The women that have to point out how something another woman is gonna buy is "cute"....."oh that's so cute"....Then the other insipid gringa has to respond with the classical.."isn't it? I thought so, I got it on sale"....arrgghh, what the hell is the need for these women to talk to each other? It's not like they're gonna see each other again. Stupid gringas! The same goes for old white men, thse fucks act like they're women. Cheap ass fucks want to know..."I thought this was on sale? Well if it isn't, then I'm not buying it"................Why the fuck do these prunes feel like they have to act snotty with me? I don't fucken' create the prices. Sometimes I feel like slapping these old guys...."hey pops! what the hell happened? back in the day you where a stud hittin' on girls? You prolly' bought a cherry red Bel Air to impress some pussy? What happened man? Now you're a bitchy old senile man." I really hope I'm always coo'.....hopefully....Oh yeah and it's my birthday today!
Im 20 today.........I hate being 20, sure it's one more year away from buying da' booze, but I'm not a teen anymore, I'm just a 20 year old angry kid. he he go figure.
Posted by: Robert / 3:05 PM