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Here's where I yell at things.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003This is my first time doing this here goes....well like the title says, I am a disgruntled employee. What sets off this anger in me? Well I'm gonna be blunt about this....white people, mostly middle aged housewife white women, you know the kind. The women that have to point out how something another woman is gonna buy is "cute"....."oh that's so cute"....Then the other insipid gringa has to respond with the classical.."isn't it? I thought so, I got it on sale"....arrgghh, what the hell is the need for these women to talk to each other? It's not like they're gonna see each other again. Stupid gringas! The same goes for old white men, thse fucks act like they're women. Cheap ass fucks want to know..."I thought this was on sale? Well if it isn't, then I'm not buying it"................Why the fuck do these prunes feel like they have to act snotty with me? I don't fucken' create the prices. Sometimes I feel like slapping these old guys...."hey pops! what the hell happened? back in the day you where a stud hittin' on girls? You prolly' bought a cherry red Bel Air to impress some pussy? What happened man? Now you're a bitchy old senile man." I really hope I'm always coo'.....hopefully....Oh yeah and it's my birthday today!
Im 20 today.........I hate being 20, sure it's one more year away from buying da' booze, but I'm not a teen anymore, I'm just a 20 year old angry kid. he he go figure.
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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

This is the Fox News story about the Democratic debateRead about the Debate

Presidential WANTABEE Howard Dean or as I like to call him the Wax Dummy basically is saying if I am elected president I will embarass the United States in front of the entire world by causing us to fail in Iraq. I find all the democratic candidates positions on the war in Iraq appalling the only candidate that is supporting our brave troops is Joseph Liberman the others are not only bashing the president but also the troops serving in Iraq by making it seem like liberating the Iraqi people is wrong.

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Monday, September 08, 2003

Well its happening the democratic candidates are hammering the president on his speech last night. Candidate and left wind loon Howard Dean even went so far as to accuse the president of manipulating the threat of terrorism. Now democratic senators are saying that not only does the US now have to go to the UN but we need to give them more power this is absurd we are talking about coutries who tried to undermine us at everyturn now they want power. They did not want to fight for the Iraqis freedom but now they want to DICTATE it.

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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Did you see the Presidents speech tonight? I unfortunately did not but from what I hear on Fox News it was a gutsy move by the president to ask for 68 Billion dollars especially when the Bush Hater presidential candidates have him under the microscope. They keep whining about how Osama Bin Laden is still on the lose but if the President would go after him and not Sadam it would be what about Sadam. The best thing the President could do is to keep doing what he is doing ignore the crap that the candidates are saying and not stoop to their level. I do think however that something must be done to protect our troops serving in Iraqi

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I was in a wildwest like bar, in new york, looking for a job, everyone outside the bar normally, cars going by, but once I entered this bar I couldnt see out.. on inside, there were all old fashioned people, really old picnic tables like at the beach. No one ever bought anything. There were 2 people working the store, always moving around and that, never had a second to talk. There were about 6 picnic tables and maybe 2 people per table. Some closets, and pillars apparently held the place up. THere were windows too, but they were tinted in the outsiders favor as if the bar was an experiment. I walked to the back of the store, and stood there for about 30 minutes it seemed, and both the workers knew why I was there for some reason, and talked to each other, walked over to me, and brought me to this table with papers in the corner. The 3 of us then stood near the table, facing away from it, leaning towards the back of the room. We never DID use any of the papers, or the table for any reason, but it seemed like it was an important table. So the 3 of us, leaning there for around a half hour, that seemed to be the proper time in this bar, 30 minutes... And then a girl walked in, maybe 30, her face was covered up by a giant black hat, and in the dream I couldn't make out her body. But I knew she was attractive, and from south america somehow. She walked right up the man that owned the bar, one of the 2 workers I was with, and yet they were identical, like copies, she knew who was the owner.

The following events happened so fast, it felt like I had no control over anything. She talked to the man who owned the store for 1 second, then she tugged on my arm, and walked into the closet, I then realized that there was nothing behind the counter, and that this bar look was just to cover up the fact that they just sold sex to ladies here. keep in mind all these thoughts happened fast, and the 2nd bartender(didnt own the store) then the owner walked up to me, looking at me, talked to the 2nd worker, and told him "he looks ready, might as well test him", (as I wanted a job here) so the 2nd worker kept giving me looks, as if he wanted to do in this lady waiting in the closet... By now I wanted to get out, even though the girl was attractive, but the owner was forceful, and told me to go in the closet, no explaination as if some how he knew I knew the place was a whorehouse, and I obeyed and went into the closet, after I was in the place opened up and was rather large, and quickly closed up and me and this south american girl were so close we couldnt breath. She talked sweet, but very blunt.. She told me to fingure her, so I did, kind of holding back, and this lasted about 2 seconds, and the "2nd worker" came in, and I ran out. I must have turned around, tooken 2 steps out of the closet, flicked the door behind me, and thats all I can remember... yet leaving
the closet took what seemed like 2 hours.

Now I found myself at Walnut Creek, my middle school, in gym class. Yet the school didnt look at all what walnut creek was like, I just had the impression that it was walnut creek. I was in gym class with about 200 people doing whatever they pleased, some going very fast, some going very slow. Abnormal thing in his dream was that the water in the pool was all normal, yet a small layer had the consistency of concrete, yet appearence of water. Almost everything was blue, except for my black swimming shorts. To the far end, (where I was) the roof opened up and revealed a black sky, but I knew it was daytime, and just accepted the blackness. There was a really large wooden platform towards the entrance to the gym, somehow blending in with the whole place normally, something from splash lagoon it seemed I was walking fast towards this, on the edge of the pool, yet it took me around 1 hour to get to the platform, because the edge of the pool kept getting longer... all the while everyone was doing whatever they wanted. Suddenly I was on top of the platform, and it seemed about 5 stories high, and was about a half mile oval like shape, where I was standing. Suddenly everything was ranked and filed, and looking to my left were 3 men in tuxes, all the kids in gym class still doing things, but much like they were programmed, stiff, yet still what they wanted, and dressed in preppy like clothing. (this all seemed normal, even 'mist all the water). in the 3 men with tuxes was regis philbin, in a brown tux, while the 2 men to either sides had black black tuxes. By now I felt out of place, yet I saw no way to escape, I too was moving in a linear path, even if my path was just standing there. Then a girl appeared in front of me with a inter-tube, red and yellow colors on it, I looked back at regis, and he looked happy, and I felt like he was controling everything, as if the mind behind the whole world. I couldnt make out anything about this girl, but I liked her, because I felt like she was the only one not moving on these pre-determined paths. She came closer to me, and I was trying to figure out why she had a inter-tube, for 2 people. I looked to my left, (the opposite of the 3 men in tuxes) and there was a winding red slide there, as if she put it there. She set the tube down, got in front, I got in back, (this was all on that platform thing) and regis came in and got behind me. I then felt like the whole thing was a contest, and we had to race down the slide into this pool. So all 3 of us went down the slide in this inter-tube, and we entered the water, went under, and suddenly it was just me and her, no regis, no people, no inter-tube, just me and her, and even though I couldnt see what she looked like at all we were staring at eachother, and I right here I thought she was the most perfect girl in the entire world, and we were both breathing underwater, breathing air, somehow. This lasted only for a few seconds, and then she took off at unhuman speeds, and I was just floating underwater watching her take off... I assumed she could go so fast because
she had some kind of power, I thought of her as a hacker, and this world that we were in was a program, probably because I just saw matrix2. then before any thoughts could be finished, I was right next to her going at her speed, underwater, like she was pulling me behind her, with her. I then noticed a stand in the water, holding a pink hola-hoop up above the water, and after noticing this, everyone moving about on there linear paths, except me and the girl. We then jetted up out of the water, (all of this not in my hands) and were going still going in the same direction, like the pool never ended, about 2 feet above the water, now going slow. I then noticed others flying with us, sort of like a race. I thought the finish line was going out of this huge hole in the roof, so we started going a little bit higher and higher.

Before anyone finished the race, me and this girl were in a hallway, (this now looked like walnut creek) with lockers, and there was a ladder going up into the roof, so she went up first, and then I could finally see her... She was sort of short, dirty blonde hair, and her face and body looked completely perfect in every way, but I didnt get to long of a look... after we both climbed up the ladder, I was suddenly very short, and she became Patrick Star from spongebob squarepants (?). inside the roof was a hallway made of metal, except for a huge glass window down the hall. Me and her, even though I no longer thought of her as the girl, I thought of her now as Patrick from spongebob, and all her powers were stripped from her/him. We walked down this metal hallway, towards the window... it felt like we were rebeling now, me and pat. As if there was something that they were hiding down here, in a metal hallway above the school. We reached the window, and suddenly a fat version of regis was next to me, and my uncle paul, trying to stop us or something. They went for patrick first, and obviously killed him, I never learned, and I ran up a staircase, that was somehow magically there. I was then in a laaarge-dark warehouse like room, turning back, there was no longer no staircase. I was now this sonic like person, very small, and had a blue backpack on. I took something I thought was valueable, what I thought they were hiding back here, and put it into my backpack. Important, I never learned what I took. The whole time since walking up the staircase, I felt like I was running, and I felt like I knew why I was up here, to fuck over walnut creek. I also thought regis was the
principle of this school. there was a window with no glass covering it in this dark room, the only light source, so I ran out. The building I walked out of was a really old shitty concrete building from downtown, and I was on a muddy side of a river, a thick forest on the other side of the river. I was running along this muddy side, some spots of grass, when I felt my uncle and fat regis on my back, so I ran faster, and around this bend there was something resembling a concrete-bunker, and only I could fit under it... I was getting really scared, because normally I would just turn around and clean these guys if I Was my normal self, but I was this sonic character, so I hid under the bunker, and there was just enough room for a hand to come up under and grab me, so I pushed some dirt up against the hole I climbed in, and then I felt them both pounding on the right side of this bunker, I ran out the same hole I went in, (to the left) and I was suddenly myself, and I Was 2 feet above the ground, regis was gone, same wih my uncle, only this gray colored helicopter, about 6 stories into the sky, propellers going and the 2 people in it had guns aimed at me.. then I woke up

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Check Out My New Project! STEEEZ.COM

Hi Everyone!

I've been super busy working on a new web project, Steeez! Please take a sec and go check it out.
I'll update with more 1post1der's here soon.
Until then:
I hope you like it!


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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Sorry forgot to post yesterday! Monday me and Jess were walking around town singing VERY loudly and we were SUPER LAUGHY! and no we werent ON anything! lol Just having LOTS and LOTS of FUN! anyways now today:
I got my skates redoned and now they are FINALLY freeskate blades instead of the edge blades! and NOW I can do my spins and jumps good! but ya thats about it today! Im outta here!


Sunday, February 22, 2004

Hello! Today was an ok day... Jess came over at about 12:00, and we watched Pokemon 4ever! lol! and then Pokemon IN FRENCH! lol jess! Yesh! I've been on the computer ALL day, becuz everyone was asleep/not home, which was good cuz i got alot done! Anyways I'll probably be starting a site soon and this blog will be partly for that also. well im outta here




Monday, January 12, 2004
Today was my first combat movement outside of the wire. We drove from our forward operating base (FOB) to a PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) on the opposite side of the city of Kandahar. Our drive began on the dusty, poorly maintained road running into town. American Military vehicles seem to have the right-of-way and most everyone gets out of our way. We drive like maniacs, but we do so to avoid choke points and staying in kill sacks for an extended period of time. Many children ran up to the road and would wave at us, or give us the "thumbs-up" sign. The men mostly looked at us suspiciously. The poverty is unbelieveable... tents and mud huts with thatched roofs are commonplace, filth and garbage are rife. The drainage ditch along the road was a murky brown-green. The smell of shit was everywhere. I saw a few people, women I suspect, in burkhas. Some of the young girls I saw had scarves wrapped around their heads. I even passed the spot where a few days previously (Jan 5/6), some Taliban operatives placed some IEDs and something like 15 children were killed and roughly 40 more were injured.
I don't think I can ever again complain about my standard of living in the states. I have a dumpy 2 bedroom house. To many of the people of Afghanistan, this would be a palace. As I understand, $2.00 a day is about average for the typical worker... And I whine about my salary... shame on me.
I made it back to the FOB in one piece (alive)... I guess that counts for something. ¶ 1/12/2004 05:53:00 PM
Sunday, January 11, 2004
It is 0130 Zulu in Kandahar which makes it roughly 0600 Local or 2100 (9:00pm) back home in Kentucky. Since my last post, I took a combat flight (short takeoff/landing without lights) into Kandahar and moved into some temporary (transient) tents. The weather is warmer in Kandahar by about 10 degrees (f) than in Kabul... partly due that we are only 2000 feet above sea level as opposed to 4500. It is not as majestic here... we sit at the foothills of the Hindu Kush, but the mountain ridges are similar in size to what one would see in eastern Kentucky.
After a late wakeup we went to a bazaar just outside of post. It was basically a flea market with men and boys peddling anything from bootlegged CDs to carpets, watches, sunglasses, and other trinkets. The sellers were real hustlers and wouldn't take a first time or even a second time "no". I ended up buying, along with all my comrades, a lightweight vest designed to carry my body armor... the original price was $30 and the total price was haggled to $17... probably still too high, but I won't complain.
In the evening, my team was invited to the provincial chief of security's home for dinner and tea. We drove to the gentleman's home and started in a large living room where we munched on pistachios, almonds, raisins, and Pepsi. We were entertained by music videos of Britney Spears and Shakira... their lack of talent wasn't really an issue, we were just happy to see women... After light refreshments, we were taken to another room where a spread of lamb, chicken, and bread was offered. Consumption of food products was followed by a young lieutenant serving us yellow tea (chai). We chatted and listened to the general's dirty jokes through his interpreter, Mohammed. At the end of the night, the general shook everyone's hand and with a smile thanked us all for being a guest in his home. Not once did I see a woman.
Kandahar Air Field (KAF) is the base here in Kandahar and I am currently located on the Special Forces Forward Operating Base just outside of KAF. We have a well stocked PX (Post Exchange), a gift shop, a sewing shop, a barber, and even a place to get a legitimate massage. Later today and I am to visit a firebase in Ghecko about 40 Kilometers to the North and meet with my American counterparts.
I pee 4-5 times everynight after going to bed... something about forced hydration...
¶ 1/11/2004 05:51:00 AM
Thursday, January 08, 2004
Before going any further I must mention that I cannot be too specific with information. This would include last names, exact locations, times of flight, etc. If I am vague, please understand that it is for security and force protection reasons.

My name is Joe and my military nickname is "BJ" which is a shortened version of my last name. I am a Special Operations Civil Affairs soldier currently living in Afghanistan. I am from Louisville, Kentucky where I spent most of my life. I have been in the Army or Army Reserves for the past 15 years (I joined at 17). My first assignment was as a cavalry scout in Mannheim, Germany. After active duty I came back to Kentucky and became a drill sergeant and earned my B.A. in Anthropology. In 2002 I joined a Civil Affairs unit in Columbus, Ohio.

I am a team sergeant, meaning I am the senior non-commisioned officer, of a Civil Affairs team. My duties include serving as a diplomat, counselor, financial administrator, interpreter, and fully automatic, ground pounding, door kicker. Civil Affairs isn't necessarily all that Civil in the Special Operations environment, but we will save that for another post.

I have been training for the last three months on active duty and arrived in the country of Afghanistan only a few days ago. I haven't left my compound and I am taking the time right now just to acclimate to the environment. The air is thin and cold, there is a bit of rain and snow, and it is very hazy outside. When it is clear, there is a ring of snow-capped mountains surrounding our base. We are fortunate to have moved onto an old Soviet base which has been refurbished with running water, indoor plumbing, and improved tents and huts. Oh, we have internet access, too.

I have rambled too long, and there is a line of people waiting to use the computer. ¶ 1/08/2004 12:20:00 PM
Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Hello and welcome to my web log. I am a soldier in the U.S. Special Operations Command and this is my first day in the country of Afghanistan. Keep tuned and I will update as often as possible. ¶ 1/07/2004 06:46:00 AM


Wednesday, April 10, 2002
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Friday, May 4, 2007
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Friday, August 29, 2008
My first post. It feels real cool.
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Saturday, September 09, 2006
welcome to my spot!!

well, first, thnx 4 comming to my spot, i hope u enjoy it!! is not the best site but i think is good, so plz post a comment!!


eltrix--haha, u know!!

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
I think that the most exciting thing about skateboarding is when you enter the skate competitions. The skate comps are so intense and so amazing that it's hard not to do them. Skating in them is fun. If you have ever experienced one then your in luck. To me it feels so good to just go out there in front of a huge crowd and skate like crazy. Pulling off huge tricks to impress the judges and the crowd and having them yell your name and get all pumped up is the coolest feeling in the world.

I love the atmosphere of the competiotion even when I'm not in one. Just the feeling of the crowd cheering give me goosebumps and I know that the skaters are just as pumped as me. Just watching the skaters and seeing them do all the cool and incredible tricks that they do is so amazingly awesome. I actually learn a lot by just being there and being able to see the skaters pull that stuff off.

Skateboarding competitions are one of the best part of skating because you would be amazed by the way that they skate there. Everyone goes all out and it is one of the coolest sites to see in the world.

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Monday, February 07, 2005
Skating these days is very popular amongst the kids. They are all ruling and ripping everywhere. They show up at the parks and rule. I see kids twice as young as me doing things that I hadn't even thought of doing. They do all this rad stuff and...Oh it makes you mad. To see all the young rippers show you up is embarrassing. Sometimes I wish that I was that good when I was that young. Because by now I would be awesome.

But skating has turned into crap. All the skaters are all into making that their life goal and crap. They don't skate for fun anymore they skate for money and all sorts of other stuff that doesn't matter. What the hell happened? Skating was all about fun and falling and laughing about it afterwards. I loved when everyone went to the park and skated all day with their friends and everything was chill. Now it stinks.

Don't get me wrong though I love skating still and it is the most amazing sport in the world. I do think that someday skating will go back to the fun it was just a few short years ago and things will be well again. Skateboarding rocks and I think that no matter who you are you can surely appreciate that.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
Ok so this is how it is, skateboarding is simple you kickflip you ollie you grind and you fall. It's all about fun. Some people think its sucks but thats ok because they are losers. Becasuse skateboarding rules and i love it. Lots of skaters today like the tight pants. Thats chill. I like the little looser pants but thats still chill just as long as the pants make you skate good.
Man the skate competitions are intese. Dudes are flipping down stairs and grinding poles and it always amazes me. WOW! Things like that don't come everyday.
Then sometimes you can do some foot skating. Dude it rocks you jump off stuff and spin like crazy. Then you can add some craziness and do some grabs and weird bends. Then you rock.
I've skated for i don't know how many years but i love it so much that I will NEVER stop. I will skate for the rest of my life. Even when i can't move my body and i have to use my hands i will still skate.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008
Time to Care for Her Special Needs Child
John Roberts from CNN questioned whether or not Sarah Palin would have the time necessary to care for her special needs child and be the Vice President at the same time.

She would have been much better off had she aborted this child.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Winter Break To-do List
I finally figured out how to make this work. Yea, I'm the shit.

I found the original list on but some friends felt we needed our own personalized list so I made one. I think it's pretty obvious that mine is amazing. Man, this winter break is going to be nuts.


I have borrowed some from the list on College Humor but decided a more extensive and more accurate list was needed for us. So here ya go:

1. Don’t get a job because you have too much planned to do but then complain about needing money and proceed to bug parents for money.

2. Wear school hoodie and/or sweat pants as much as possible.

3. Try and go camping even though it’s winter and under 20 degrees outside. NOTE: this will probably turn into sitting at a friend’s house, drinking and passing out on the floor next to your sleeping bag while your “friends” draw on your face with markers.

4. Spend the night somewhere with a bunch of friends and allow no one to sleep for 48 hours atleast so that cool hallucinations and trippy visions manifest themselves.

5. Play hockey; it’s just fun.

6. Eat as much non-diarrhea-causing food as possible.

7. Play broom ball; drink before hand. NOTE: Use of helmets may be needed.

8. Complain about how boring town is after first three days. (especially when you get home 5 days before any of your friends; proceed to sleep for more than 14 hours a day to fill time).

9. Make unreasonable New Years plans with high school friend; end up at basement party thrown by said high school friend’s little brother. (You know it’s gonna happen).

10. Go to different friend’s houses and completely destroy them through cookie wars, butter goo fights and any other means that could possibly be retarded yet fun.

11. Craft believable lies about how cool my semester was to impress attentive high school friends. NOTE: make sure to offer to “totally call my roommate” in case high school friend doubts sincerity of story.

12. Plan road trips to visit friends whose shitty schools make them go back sooner than everyone else. While planning said road trip, somehow change plans to include trip to Canada.

13. Try new and strange drinks/substances with the hopes that they will completely fuck you up and make an unforgettable trip (that you will probably forget because of the drinking).

14. Convince parents that more money is needed to purchase textbooks for next semester; offer to “mail you the receipt if you don’t believe me.” NOTE: Do not mail receipt.

15. Make fun of “townie” friends that didn’t attend college; overlook the fact that they make much more money than I do.

16. Go on rampage and steal holiday lawn decorations from random people’s yards. NOTE: decorations can be kept to decorate college apartments or can all be places in friend’s yard. Decorations with lights are worth more than those without.

17. Drive past High School numerous times; wish I could go back and do it again. NOTE: Never admit to wishing to go back to High School.

18. Attend a ski trip sponsored by your high school and try and impress all of the high schoolers by your skills. NOTE: This will be difficult because you will be too drunk to ski well.

19. To remind yourself of good times back at school and to make the times at home good; drink. Drink heavily and often. NOTE: for clarification, any one of events listed above could be made more enjoyable by drinking.

20. Wish break would end so I can get back to school and party; immediately after returning to school complain about workload and shitty class schedule; wish it was break again.

*Entries in italics were borrowed from College Humor’s list. Obviously, it can be seen that mine are better.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
and she makes breakfast!
Ok, so I have to tell you all about my day. I woke up at like 12, maybe it was 1, I can't remember. I know it seems late, but don't be shocked, yesterday I make myself a bowl of oatmeal with FOUR ingredients (bananas, raspberry jam, almonds and oatmeal [duh]). Plus, I drank a lot of caffiene. The coffee here is really interesting, it's the do-it-yourself kind. It's so put a 'filter' into this basket-esque contraption. You pour water into said contraption and somehow it trickles down into the coffee pot which fits nicely into doubly noted contraption. You can 'brew' it as strong or weak as you like. Your choice!!!! So much freedom here...

I've also started hard-boiling eggs. My mother always made them for me when I was a child, so when I make them for myself I always feel very maternal. I've been adivsed that when boiling said egg, the boil should be kept rolling and rather soft. Otherwise the eggs may bump into each other, crack, and spill into the pot of bubbles!!!! I've been successful at this endeavor twice already!

As I said on my last bloggy jaunt, I've been baking. Let me tell you, I'VE BEEN BAKING. Let me see...I've baked (at least) 6 batches of cookies, two batches of muffins, 1 'sweet bread'...and LOTS OF OTHER STUFF. I like to bake, I like to cook...I miss the Food Network.

I guess this was my 'food' entry! I guess I didn't tell you about my day! -a
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Monday, December 17, 2007
...and I'm sitting!
Well, I've been unemployed for over 2 months now, and although I've been apprehensive about starting a it is!!! I just want to keep all y'all posted while I sit around, watch basic cable, thumb through cookbooks, and set new daily goals for how many sun salutations I will do!!!!
In embarking on this experience, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I've always been a planner, and this was such a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants choice. It's been really amazing, though, and I've learned a lot. I've watched a lot of Discovery Health, more then I ever imagined. I've baked a lot of cookies. I've started making my bed daily.
I'm excited you'll all be around for the ride! wish me luck...
check you laterrr,
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Workin' On a New Awesome Web Project....

I'll be back soon!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Monday, April 26, 2004
okay i dont really know what this is so i'm just writing something... but i dont know what to write well i think these things can be stupid if you word things wrong but okay umm well im kelly and right now im soo excited for spring/summer cuz theres so many things to look forward my birthday for instance although i dont know what to do for it but i want to do something but i want to coordinate with everyone's schedules which can be kinda hard....confirmations coming up for me soon but my sponsor doesnt even know they're my sponser yet so im kinda screwed i dont even see the point in making us confirm now cuz most of us dont understand and dont know if we even believe the crap they tell us so its a little early to be forcing us to become part of the church i think its because they know when we get older we'll be like ew i dont have time for this so they feel they have to make us feel obligated to this stupid religion..okay well i dont feel like writing anything else so ill just write laterrr adios ¶ 3:00 PM

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thursday, October 10, 2002
My dog is black.
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Monday, October 31, 2005
Pauley P
For anyone who's wondering why I have a link to a random person's blog on my blog, it's because of this: I'm tired of hearing about all the movie stars, and tv people, and musicians' lives. I know, everyone wanted to know what was going to happen between Jen and Brad, but really, what happened to them happens to everyday people all the time, and no one even gives it a second look. I turned on the tv tonight, and once again, there was an interview with Jennifer Aniston about everything in her life. I sure that people like her do good things too, but when they do good things, everyone knows about it. It kinda makes me wonder if they would still do those things is no one knew what they were doing. SO - my link to a random person is because I admire people like Pauley Perrette. I bet most people who read this don't even knows who she is, (Abby on NCIS - great show, CBS Tuesdays @ 7), I got bored one weekend, and looked up the bios of people that play on my favorite shows, and found out that alot of people do things that no one would know about, unless you take the time to look them up. I guess it sorta restored my faith in 'famous' people. There are some out there that aren't so completely obessed with how the media portrays them, and how much time they get in the spotlight. It kinda makes the world a better place.

P.S. - If you wanna know what Pauley does NOT for publicity, check out the links on her blog. It might be worth your time.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2001
Now that's one hot guy i'd like to fuck!...
uh anywayz this is my first time "blogging" so you might not like what you see..or hear..but i dont care =)..yup that's me anywayz my name is Natasha but everyone calls me Tasha. I live in Israel because my mom was a bitch and decided to move here. I was born in New York Queenz (Wha wha) heh yeah..and i miss it like crazy. I go to a real rich school were snobby peeps are all they got in it but DAMN does it have some fine guys in there! woo..yeah..I like only rap music and i love Eminem. Anyone who hates rap is fine with me. But anyone who hates rap and is basically a stupid asshole about it is gonna get their ass kicked! ()=). I'll be sure to put up as many pics of things as i can..but they'll all be from the internet cuz i don't got no scanner. I'll also try and rant daily. Heh. Well, i guess that's all for today. Tommoro you'll be reading about a day in the life of ME!. Excited already huh?. Payce
-The one and only Tasha


Monday, January 31, 2005
The Giant World of the Internet
Where would this world be without the internet. I don't know?. What is really happening with the internet today.
Are people making money selling products on the internet, especially E- Bay.
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TERRIBLEDAY.BLOGSPOT.COM – Friday The Thursday The 13th

Thursday, June 12, 2003
Have you ever had a horrible, terrible day? Well, today is my day. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Could it be possible to have a Friday the 13th on Thursday. Let me tell you about my day and you can decide.
This morning I got up. It was one of the days when nothing seemed appropriate to wear. I finally located something-- a dress. Then, I didn't want to wear stockings; so, I decided to wear sandals. I had to remove the nail polish from my toenails. The polish remover must have been very old. It took forever to remove nail polish. Finally, 20 minutes later, after putting the nail polish away, and going back to get it, I got all the nail polish off. Then, I found the sandals I needed. I got to my workshop about 5 minutes late. Then, I had to catch up on the new skill of blogging. Boy! What an effort. My username would not work.
My username should have worked because I have a very unusual name. I think the computer thought I was lying about my last name. Finally, I used the dumbest last name and it worked. That last name doesn't even belong to me. Oh well, now you decide. Is this a horrible, terrible day? I hope it gets better.
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HOWDOESTHISWORK.BLOGSPOT.COM – If Gnats Are Secret Aliens, What Is Martin Sheen?

Thursday, August 07, 2003
First post! Summer has been a real wet one here in northern Illinois. Mosquitos love it. We've been invaded by gnats. I was wondering if they were aliens -- I just watched MIB again the other night. I am trying to learn how to make music on my pc --- with midi connections to synth and drum machine, but having a difficult time. Much harder than I thought. Well, Arnold is running for gov in CA. Maybe Martin Sheen should run. Or, Bill Mahar (?) So easy to be a critic.
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Sunday, December 03, 2000
When walking around yesterday, feeling kind of disoriented beause of the lack of romance in my life, I saw a man running around playing soccer with his sons. There were two of them, running around his legs, kicking the ball, trying to take it away from him. He smiled, but when he looked over at the bench that I had sat down on, you could kind of see a sorrow in his eyes. They were sort of empty, like if something was missing. Immediately I thought "his girlfriend is dead, just walk away felicity", but as so many times before they didn't listen. Sometimes I can just hit myself in the head while my feet walk right into heartache, unable to change their direction. So I leaned into the oak right in front of them, just looking. The man said hi, I smiled at him. He played some more with his kids, then he said that they should play alone for a while, that he neaded a break, and slowly walked towards me. "I'm Michael" he said, smiling, showing me teeths that were taken right out of a colgate commercial. "Felicity" I said, felt his hand (strong, but yet with soft babylike skin), looked into his eyes (there was a glimpse of life there) and smiled back. I felt it in my stomach when he looked at me, he just looked and smiled, didn't say anything. I had to shut Toni Braxton playing "Unbreak my heart" in my head off.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sunday, February 02, 2003
This is my first blogger. I'm thinking about many things. The first one: I write poetry, and my mom wants me to publish one. I'll just post it instead. So, here:
My pen and paper scratch.
I sit on the couch and think,
I am too sad.
Why can't everyone have a true love?
Then I toussle my and I blink,
As I sit and ponder about how I am glad.
I have found my true love.

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FANFICTION.BLOGSPOT.COM - "My fanfiction palace. This is not meant to offend or copy on fact I love and this site is a complitment"

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Welcome to my Fanfiction Palace

"Fanfiction is an art, a way of living, and life. Without it I wouldn't be who I am today."

Lela Balturlyn

Welcome, n' stuff. I know you don't like hearing this but this site is under major construction. Try not to throw things at me. I am not a good webmisstress, if you have any good quotes send 'em this way, Lela Balturlyn. I love getting mail so if you just wanna chat e-mail me. Thanks peoples.More lata when I have time.

Lela Balturlyn

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002
well hello there, thanks for coming to this thing i got going on here. well keep comin back for more fun and excitement like this:

have you heard the vacuum joke?

-it sucks

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Monday, August 18, 2008

SAYNO.BLOGSPOT.COM - "What to expect in jr. High and how to deal with it."

Tuesday, July 08, 2003Jr. High is the time that everybody is going to start smoking doing drugs all that stuff. That is not the thing to do you should be your own little person. Just because someone is smoking and they think that it is cool dosn't mean that you have to do it. If you are getting bullied you should tell a teacher if that dosn't work then tell your parents and then if that dosn't. Then you can start telling of talking with your counseler.
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Monday, October 21, 2002
hi you whats going on this 2 weeks go play ball 10/21
go to church10/23
go watch c-team 10/24
go watch b-team 10/25
go to cherch 10/27
10/30 wish kyle a happy birthay
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Friday, August 15, 2008

IHATEMUSIC.BLOGSPOT.COM - Apparently Computers Make Inhuman Noise-Music. That's cool.

Thursday, August 08, 2002
I hate indie bands that all sound the same.
I figure good music comes with good musicans!
I guess computers make up the noise we cant sometimes make ourselves.
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Friday, December 03, 2004
Ninth Grade
Well, I'm currently working on my eighth grade year AND my 9th grade year.....I'll be back soon to.

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Friday, November 19, 2004
...thats nasty...
The Insane Mafia was created in early November 2004

These are the current members of the group:

Smokey Beans: He is somewhat the leader of the group, he's very crazy....he has a very funny personality.
Igloo: He is ...uh...well Igloo is special. He's very protective of himself. He has an unnatually large forehead, but he's still cool. We named him Igloo because the jacket he wears looks like a fuckin eskimos snow jacket.

Saturated Fat: Thats me...I have the most memorable name! Ever since Insane Mafia started and I got this nickname....Everybody who knows me calls me either Saturated Fat, or SatFat. I make the flyers and signs that we post around school

Buggy: Buggy has a very sensitive mind....he easily gets headaches...we all enjoy throwing peanuts on him.

DeadEnd: DeadEnd is friends with Kevin....Kevin is not part of the group...but he hangs out with us anyways.
Insane Artist: He's the artist of the group, he draws pictures and does the illustrations for the posters, signs, ect.
God Momma: God Momma comes and goes as she pleases...she visits us somedays at lunch. I think she and Smokey Beanz got something goin on.
OKAY! Thats the basics! I'll update every now and then on members and their activities.

-November 19th 2004

Today, our first long term stunt began. Buggy threw a plastic bag with a PB&J sandwhich in it to Insane Artist. I took the sandwhich and hid it under the staircase where no one will find it.
In a couple of weeks we're gonna take it out and look at it. I'll update on the sandwhich regualry
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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Friday, February 01, 2002

so today was a snow day. yup it was. i was spose to get together with Sarah but she ended up having to babysit her brother. meh.... so i was bored for the majority (<---big word! =D) of the

but then i made cookies! yup! yummy chocolate chip cookies! yum =D lol...ya but unfortunatly (sp?) ...kinda didn't um...turn out to good. =\ i guess i put a lil to much water in and not quite enough flour, cuz like as soon as i put them in the oven they all like formed one big cookie! =\ rofl! hyeah.... so then i had one big cookie and no way to take it off the cookie sheet. lmao. so then i'm just like "ah screw it" and started to cut it into squares. lol. but by that time i kinda liked the idea of havin one big cookie. but...i faced the horrifying truth that i had to cut it! =( lmao. so that was my sad but true cookie story! rofl! don't mind me! lol

so then after i baked my cookies...i was bored again. so then i went upstairs and started to bug the shit out of my mom. i dunno what she was doing...i think she was taking wall paper off the wall. when we moved in here last january -i swear to god these people were krazy- there were like pink walls and black wall paper in my mom's room. so now she's finally getting around to painting it...but anyways. when i walked in, there was black wall paper all over the floor. she asked me to pick it up... how exiciting huh? yaNO. so i didn't, i left. i went back downstairs to watch tv. and of course there isn't anything good on in the afternoon. so yaaaaa......then....what did i do? i think i came on the computer. then when i'm done here my mom said she'd take me shopping! lol

so ya that's basically my day...of course i left bits of shit that u didn't need to know out. but! i just thought id share that lil cookie story with u. i thought it was rather amusing..of course i'm amused easily.....shut up! =\ lol! so ya i might blog later. if i get a i guess that's it for now..ttyl! *muah*

current mood: bored
current track: "First Date" - Blink 182
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Thursday, May 12, 2005
Why Cub Fans Suck.
1. Yuppies
2.Go there to be seen and not watch a baseball game.
3.Blame their demise on a poor fan by the name of Bartman.
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SHSSUCKS.BLOGSPOT.COM - 2 Posts - k1dz wll b k1dz!

Monday, April 17, 2006
good job

hey mohit
U have done a gr8 deed by creating this place for
all us to express our vry vry emotional opinions
abt our beloved (ironically !!! ) skul SHS
If any1 has that pic ..v took on the top of that
plz post it.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

This blog is just to demonstrate how much we hate our school - Sindhi High School [SHS],Hebbal Bangalore. We are currently writing our Board exams so not many inputs will be available till May...

In case you are a student and are associated with SHS in any way then join our hate club.
In case you are a teacher in SHS (very unlikely as you would be illeterate and probably would even know how to handle a comp. " Yeah ,even our computer teacher"), you don't know us.Screw you.

We can get you registered and you can contact us :

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
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Never thought I'd start a blog. 41 is not an age to start a blog.

The age thing is really not that big of a deal, as we live in an era of fifty-year-old teenagers.

I'm not opposed to online confessionals, either. Not that I figure my ramblings here will change anyone's life (unless if reading this delays you from getting in your car to drive to Blockbuster and said delay causes you to miss the pile-up on the I-82). I do wish the engines that power the WWW had settled on a less-constipated sounding word than "Blog" (as a nurse, I figure "power-blogging" will eventually blow a hole in your colon).

I've surfed--it's interesting, I just read somewhere that internet traffic falls off by something like 80% at the end of the American workday, a statistic that makes me oddly patriotic--and I've been intrigued by other people's blogsites. The desperate strippers, the lonesome (but not lonely, dammit!) women of a certain age, the gearheads, the happy Christians, all the X's and O's of the American Quilt and beyond.

Surfing the web makes me think of my adolescence, spent isolated in a small Ohio town surrounded by Homer Simpsons, Gomer Pyles, and the road company of "Deliverance: The Musical" in a time long before the Net. Who would I have killed to have internet access back then?! Back then, if I heard about an author, a band, etc, I'd bide my time, the words "Kerouac" or "The Clash" written on a scrap of paper pinned to my mirror, until the family's bi-annual trip to "the Big City," aka Columbus Ohio, specifically Eastland Mall. I'll stop here to avoid "seven miles barefoot in the snow to school" territory.

But y'know the main reason I didn't plan on starting a blog?

I didn't want to over-write,
wave my clever in other people's faces, or
try to spend mythology outta my ordinary, silly little life.

So here goes.

(The title of this blog, for the uninitiated, comes from the greatest band of all time, the Replacements: "Feelin' like a 100 bucks, exchangin' good lucks, face to face...")

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Friday, August 02, 2002
Well, this would be my first log. Hmm, what can i say except quote Mr. Frank Sinatra, "The best is yet to come". How very optomistic.

It's funny you never know how much you've messed things in the past up until you're smacked in the forehead with it later on. In my case it's a girl. In my life it's always a girl that i get smacked with. This time it's a girl named Jesse. I first met her in grade 8 when i started highschool in Vancouver, BC. We were in the same Social Studies class. I thought she was cute, shy, and had a look about her that i find irresistable. Dark hair, pale complection. We got to know each other and one day she interduced me to her friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a mildly entertaining girl, she was no Jesse, but i the impression Jesse was giving me was that it wasn't going to happen between her and I. So, being the enlightend teenager i was i decided to ask out Elizabeth, only to find out after dating her a few weeks that she was probably the most annoying person i had ever met, and to top it off Jesse, the girl i was originally after had a crush on me the whole time, and I had blown it by dating one of her best friends. Needless to say nothing between Jesse and I transpired except a good friendship and a constant, but neutral flirtation. Then in grade 10 a month before I was to leave to Nova Scotia, never to be seen again, her and I started to kind of become infactuated with eachother again. I waited the whole thing out, unsure of what to do untill the Friday before i was to leave. That Friday we spent the whole day together we went to a park with a couple other friends and made, 'goo goo eyes' to eachother, all the time being very physical also, carressing, hugging, ect. As the day came to an end it was decieded that we would all seperate and rendez-vous at a party around 9pm. I went home, got changed, and made my way to the party. When i got there she wasn't there, and didn't get there untill an hour and a half later. By the time that she eventually showed up i was just about ready to call it a night considering that i had a 6 am flight the next day. I chose to pull Jesse aside before i left and talk to her about how i messed things up by not showing interesst before that moment, even though it was always there, starting when i first saw here back in gr 8. I also told her how i was planning to visit all the time and how i'd make it a consience effort to keep in touch. Well to keep it short i did none of the things i had planned to do. Although in my defence i did think of her almost every day for about a year.

Well, today i got a message over my msn messenger, ''hi there''. It was Jesse, we talked for about a half hour before she had to leave. It was great talking to her again, it really didn't start to bring up guilt and bad memories of how i fucked things up untill i finished talking to her and thought about all the promises i broke. I'm sure i'm leaving things out, but hey, i'm new at this hopfully i'll get better as things go along.

*I've decided to keep a record of the music i was lissening to when i wrote my logs. Here's the list;
hayden-tress lounge
sloan-losing california
frank sinatra-the best is yet to come
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TRUEROMANCE.BLOGSPOT.COM - A Relationship of Posts - Isn't it Adorable How We're Going to Kill Sam Together?

Friday, August 10, 2001
For anyone who cares, Mike's computer is temporarily down so we are not updating this blog *duh* in case you haen't noticed. We just celebrated our 11th month together and are planning our wonderfully fun date for our upcoming year (it'll be here before we know it) so that's the update on Heather and Mike!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2001
nope, she is hard to tolerate. You do the best job you can! Aw, I think the pictures of you are adorable as well!!! I just get extra cute when I'm around you. You bring out that cuteness in me!!!! *kissy* I love you too!!!!!!!!
posted by heather at 10:18 PM

Urgh, my mom is sooooooo annoying! Heather, am I abnormal for being unable to tolerate my mom's inconsistencies? Oh, well. I guess we can do something until 7. I promise you that we will have fun. Oh, by the way, I think the pictures of you are adorable! How did you get to be so cute all by yourself? I will call you tomorrow at 10, ok? Love ya!
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Thursday, July 19, 2001
I had a wonderful time today and I just love the nifty pictures we took. That one of you is so adorable. I'm gonna show everyone my cute boyfriend! I love you my dearest. I took a test that said I was closer to evil than good. hehe
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Wednesday, July 18, 2001
Well my sweetest, isn't it adorable how we are going to kill Sam together? Awww, modern couples. Killing bitches everywhere, together! Well, we are in this one together, to help Jones out. I love you and despite the hellishness of it, enjoyed seeing you yesterday. *kissy*
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Tuesday, July 17, 2001
Awwww, its ok, sweetheart. A lot of it was my fault. Marriage is important for what it represents, I was simply trying to say that marriage should not help or hinder the way someone feels about another person, it is a symbol of commitment, trust and love. Oh, bye the way, thank you for the back rub today. Your backrubs upstage mine! Well, I love you and I hope you have a wonderful day tommorrow!
posted by Michael at 10:53 PM

Mike, I'm sorry we fought. I'm sure everything will be OK because of how much I love you. I am head-over-heels in love with you. None of this fights we have can change that!! Goodnight my dearest!
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Monday, July 16, 2001
This is it, a place for Mike and I to blog our relationship!! To make you cry, laugh, or puke...however you react to romance. I don't even know who "you" is. Perhaps someone will stumble upon this. Or maybe our friends can read it. Or maybe no one except Mike and I will ever read it. Whichever it shall be, here it is!
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You dont remember saying this but you said it. i am jons PENUS (8:01:20 PM) I am Emo and i like Chick Flicks Malike145 (8:12:51 PM): I am a loving and caring person SmarterChild (5:46:36 PM): Porn?What do you mean by that? death2daEMO6 (5:35:27 PM): hah ur profiles cool

Monday, August 11, 2008


Monday, August 25, 2003

Bomb blasts in Bombay, Monday, 25 August, 2003.
Hey, I'm 16 I live in India, (yeah, ain't it amazin folks, I can Speak English : \ ), for a past time I play bass and like any other teenager, waste time. In school, I do arts/humanities whatever you like to refer to it as, and I suppose it does give me a little more time to laze as opposed to the busy aspiring science students, who're off to be tomorrows genetic engineers and will probably decide (provided they have their way) whether your baby will be a male or a female. Anyway, regardless of all the gibberish I managed to capacitate within a paragraphy-- Today evening, during a crucial session closely interlinked with wasting time, this article alrert just popped up onto the local news ticker- "Twin Blasts-Mumbai-130 Injured-20 killed", alright, this is India-hey, communalism is in my blood, I sponsor those men with beards larger than life, not to mention those unemployed in safron with daggers symbolising God (and lies apart, I possess no sense of shame within admitting the fact that they Scare me) , don't I?
Anyway, my reaction to reading such a headline was perturbing, I couldn't quite locate
what I wanted to term it, frankly speaking, I still can't. However, I did manage to narrow it down to two main emotions - Disbelief and Numbness. Now, being quick to rule out disbelief after our communally rich culture, with trains and houses being incinerated to the ground a year ago,I was left with.........Numb? Bluntly speaking, have I gotten used to it? Is that
the level of desensitization that the Indian community's faulty sense of secularity has inculcated within me? And for those of you who are right now, feeling slightly biased against the Indian community as such, I don't blame you, but at present, I'm probably just living in denial of the bigger picture - I am only 16.
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Monday, March 12, 2001
Finally I'm home from school. What a crap day. My ComSci teacher is a lech. She has to curb her drinking habit. Her shit aint kewl. LOL.
After school maya, gretchen and me hung at the mall. We sipped 'nana smoothies and stared at lush boys! *KEWL*

posted by annie at 5:03 PM - woke up. yawned. almost smiled. then I remembered how much I hate mornings. they're just so, like, dumb, you know. I love my new tshirt tho. it's got a bitchin pic of Sean from Living Bend on it. he's holding a zuchinni which I think is so totally kewl. then I got up.
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BADWORDS.BLOGSPOT.COM - 3 Posts - Another Relationship Suffers from Ska

Thursday, October 18, 2001
Rrrgggg...updating my blog, just to let you know I'm still here. My website got hosted...=) I'm so happy. go there right now or I will hurt you in ways you can only dream about. Haha. Just jokes...
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Friday, September 28, 2001
I seriously thought I'd never be done, but nope, I got done. I edited the fuck out of the template. I added a comment thingy too. That's something I've never done before.
I was supposed to see Andrew tonight, but I didn't. I'm so sad. He promised I would see him. He promised. And now I can't, and I won't see him until tomorrow, at Joce's party, which doesn't count. At all. He's different around other people. He doesn't seem to notice I'm there unless I'm literally the only other person in the room. *Sigh* And I love him so much...I'm such an ass.
Yeah, so...I need to vent now...first things first...ANDREW...(in fact, he's the only thing). He said he would see me tonight. He didn't call me yesterday at all. When he finally got a free moment on Thursday night, he ditched me and went to a ska concert instead. I'm starting to really fucking hate ska. This is the second time in a month I've been ditched for a shitty garage band ska concert. Why, oh why are horns and drunken teenagers in plaid more exciting than me? Tsk.
Oh, I'm sad. Wallowing in self-pity does nothing for the heart though, does it? Fuckin' rights. So I'm god. I'm happyhappyhappy. Fuck. I suck. I'll write more shit later. Now I'm too fuckin' tired.
posted by : Karen at 8:08 PM

:Great! A new ranting spot finally created! Fuck yeah! Too bad I have nothing to say right now... Blast my boring life. Come back later. I promise I'm stimulating.
posted by : Karen at 7:03 PM

IMTHEBOMB.BLOGSPOT.COM - *~tears~* Of a Clown When Sma's Not Around

Sunday, May 29, 2005
ok, so my first blogger entry. what to write about. hmmm... how about i contradict roland and say blogger is for teenage boys, so visit my xanga: SarahD303. jk. HELLO SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha this rocks im sooo happy tht summer is here! hoorah!! im xited for hs, too! ok im bored w/ this already, so im gonna make it short n' sweet. HELLO SUMMER, GOODBYE SMA!!! *~tear~* friends @ sma, ill miss you sooooooo much! im gonna try to post an sma pic on here soon!

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DATING101.BLOGSPOT.COM - I Left My Jacket Upstairs Next To Your Dignity

Monday, November 15, 2004
first date
first of all... when you pick her up. leave your jacket by accident or purpose. i'll explain later...

many men make the mistake of thinking of sex on the first date.
the trick is NOT to think about sex or anything sexual. pretend that you are just interested in her. listen and watch her body language. only when her body language starts to invite you to put the move on her should you do do.
one exception: if she already had a lot to drink and is frisky. go for it. no body language needed.

as for what type of body language to look for?
well, look into her eyes when you talk to her. if she looks into your eyes as well, then there could be some spark. also, move closer to her... if she doesn't move away, then you are on the right track.

if all goes well, and you've kissed her during the date, then whe you drop her off, tell her you left your jacket upstairs (or another excuse of your own initiation) so you'll have an excuse to come in. some women feel uncomfortable about inviting a man into her place because she's worried about being seen as a slut. so save her the trouble and give her the perfect excuse to give you that first date sex.

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Friday, December 12, 2003
gave away my fav ruler to rach

// posted by Alex @ 9:50 AM

BOOMER.BLOGSPOT.COM - 1 Million Posts in a Week - Schizo-Frank-ia?

Rescue me from my boredom.

"my boredom outshines the sun"
posted by Frank at 12:07 PM

Lady Marmalade rocks my world.
like a hurricane.
posted by Frank at 9:31 PM

Oh being able to sleep late.
Oh wanting to go to sleep now.
Oh conflicting interests.

posted by Frank at 9:40 PM

I was watching the tele today and a character in the show was a crazy guy in a robe that thought he was Jesus. And I thought, "Wow! What a cool guy." So when I get a little older, I'm going to do the same.

And find myself looking at an asylum from the inside.

Oh the fun.
posted by Frank at 9:32 PM

Sometimes I feel like I'm the water in a river.
I have no form and I like it like that.

posted by Frank at 9:27 PM

alright. first thing's first. this post is not by frank. this is his alter ego, chip-chip the ringmaster's child. or perhaps it's just becca (also known as Catcher in the Rye from the addictive hell known as open diary. hehe. well anyhow, let's get on with this little post, shall we.)
since it's obviously impossible to leave notes in this wretched(i kid) thing, the lovely frank has given me ultra-superspecial access to his web log. or "blogger" as the hip kids say these days.

so, in honor of frank, i will now write a poem. ahem

frank is ultra wicked cool
he likes to hear my voice
i'm glad that i am not in school
rolls royce rolls royce rolls royce.

made up on the spot. spontaneous. practically ad-libbed. marvel in my talent.

okay this is enough


posted by Frank at 7:15 PM

It is raining again.
Oh rain.
Oh oh.
I love you.

posted by Frank at 6:58 AM

I like the disorientation of waking up in a strange bed.

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I'm reading Bong Water again.
And it's so very very good.
And I've been playing my bass like a maniac. Because I have nothing better to do.
Nothing better being: Studying for Spanish. And sleeping.
And OD is a beeotch.

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I need sophie to teach me how to work this.
Because it looks dumb.
And her's looks nice.
And maybe I am thinking this just because she did it.
Help me sophie.
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I am Frank. You are amazed. Amazed at my name.
Yes, yes you are.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

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Monday, October 18, 2004
Don't bother...
...On second thought...

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Friday, October 15, 2004
Last night I prayed that you die
I spent a great deal of my life being brainwashed by Christian fanatics. Thanks P&M. I spent my impressionable youth being scared shitless of thinking about a boob. I was encouraged to live a life of fear, guilt, and shame for wanting to have fun. I was told that the God that loved me eternally and unconditionally couldn't wait for an opportunity to cast me down to an eternity of horrendous torture the likes of which can not even be comprehended by mankind. "Pass the collection basket please, let me pay for more lies." Its not just Christianity, it's all organized religion. They preach love and compassion on one hand, but encourage you to look at non-believers as soul-less pigs. 99% of all wars in history have been fought in the name of a God. You'd think these assholes would have gotten the point by now. I hope you do. Of course, religion at its heart is not all bad. Throughout time, nutsacks like to add and take away and mold ideas to fit their own agenda. I think that right after man created fire, but just before he discovered the hygienic advantage of ass-wiping, he stumbled upon this: That a power unknown created all he knows, and all that he doesn't know, but could very well exist, order to live a fulfilled life, he must respect that power and all of its creations. Somewhere along the road from then to now, there were assholes who really believed that woman was formed from the first man's rib. Then there were asshole nuns and priests who forced that shit into the minds of young kids and threatened them to believe it, without question, or suffer eternal damnation. If we weren't meant to doubt, why do we? And as far as Jesus goes, the stories I hear about him paint a great picture. Everyone should try to live the way that we were told he lived. I think that's the message. Maybe he is God, maybe not. Either way, he makes for a damned good role model. To forbid doubt of his divinity proves that you fear truth. Essentially, you fear turning to worm shit once you die. Fear not, you won't know. I too hope that there is something after life, that would be great, that's why I pray to my God every night. That, and inner well-being. So to the religious out there, good for you, as long as your happy wallowing in a life of misbeliefs and ignorance, carry on, just stay away from me.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Finally, some self-importance
I'm glad I'm jumping on the trendy, computer savvy blog band-wagon. I'm going to start watching The Apprentice tonight, then I'm in. Did you catch the debate last night? You fucking loser. Do you think it matters. Do you really think they care about you? Are you really comfortable giving one human being such an awesome amount of power over you and the rest of the world? How obvious do they have to be that it doesn't matter who's running this country. Did you notice the outfits. Either way, this country is in one serious downward spiral. And not the kick-ass Trent Reznor type, I'm talking the George Orwell type. On one hand, you have Bush, who likes killing babies and their mommy's, at your expense. And than Kerry, who wants to put every Harvard grad who works 100 hours per week on the streets and give his job to Tyrone P. Crackpipe, at your expense. Either way, we're fucked, and you're probably too stupid to see it. Vote nobody! Don't even register, then you can't get stuck with jury duty! Vote or Die or continue living your life however you see fit.

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Friday, October 11, 2002
Bowling for Columbine

Notorious C.H.O.

These are a few of my favorite things.
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Sunday, October 06, 2002
My girlfriend, Miss Teresa, makes me soak my underwear everyday. Sometimes, I think that she doesn't even know that she's doing it. I am in love with her.
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Friday, October 04, 2002
Upcoming Fall & Winter Films:

The 25th Hour: Dir. Spike Lee, Edward Norton, Rosario Dawson, P.S. Hoffman

8 Mile

About Schmidt: Dir. Alexander Payne (citizen ruth, election) Jack Nicholson, Hope Davis, Dermot Mulroney, Kathy Bates

Adaptation: Dir Spike Jonz, Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Tilda Swinton

Catch Me if you Can 12.25.02

Chicago 12.27.02

Confessions of a Dangerous Minds Dir. George Clooney Drew Barrymore, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Sam Rockwell

Drumline 01.10.03-teen movie about drumer from Harlem

Frida Dir. Julie Taymor, Salma Hauek, 10.25.02

Gangs of New York 12.25.02

The Hours 12.27.02

The Life of David Gale Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, Kaura Linney

Phone Booth 11.15.02

Pinocchio 12.25.02

Punch Drunk Love 10.11.02 Dir. PT Anderson

Roger Dodger 10.25.02 Dir. Dylan Kidd Campbell Scott, Isabella Rossellini, Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Burkley

Talk to Her Dir. Pedro Almodovar 11.22.02

The Truth About Charlie Dir. Jonathan Demme Mark Wahlberg, Thandie Newton, Tim Robbins 10.25.02.

Two Weeks Notice 12.22.02

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Thursday, May 25, 2006
Online Commuications

I really like the websites like MySpace and Blackplanet. It gives you a chance to meet new people and learn New things. The people on the sites are real friendly so you will have fun. The pages on thier are interesting too. I have met people from all over so its fun. One thing bad about it is some people like young teens give out information to the wrong pople. I dont liek that because people die. Not jus teens but everyone needs to be careful.. Thats my Opnion..

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