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IHATEMUSIC.BLOGSPOT.COM - Apparently Computers Make Inhuman Noise-Music. That's cool.

Thursday, August 08, 2002
I hate indie bands that all sound the same.
I figure good music comes with good musicans!
I guess computers make up the noise we cant sometimes make ourselves.
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Friday, December 03, 2004
Ninth Grade
Well, I'm currently working on my eighth grade year AND my 9th grade year.....I'll be back soon to.

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Friday, November 19, 2004
...thats nasty...
The Insane Mafia was created in early November 2004

These are the current members of the group:

Smokey Beans: He is somewhat the leader of the group, he's very crazy....he has a very funny personality.
Igloo: He is ...uh...well Igloo is special. He's very protective of himself. He has an unnatually large forehead, but he's still cool. We named him Igloo because the jacket he wears looks like a fuckin eskimos snow jacket.

Saturated Fat: Thats me...I have the most memorable name! Ever since Insane Mafia started and I got this nickname....Everybody who knows me calls me either Saturated Fat, or SatFat. I make the flyers and signs that we post around school

Buggy: Buggy has a very sensitive mind....he easily gets headaches...we all enjoy throwing peanuts on him.

DeadEnd: DeadEnd is friends with Kevin....Kevin is not part of the group...but he hangs out with us anyways.
Insane Artist: He's the artist of the group, he draws pictures and does the illustrations for the posters, signs, ect.
God Momma: God Momma comes and goes as she pleases...she visits us somedays at lunch. I think she and Smokey Beanz got something goin on.
OKAY! Thats the basics! I'll update every now and then on members and their activities.

-November 19th 2004

Today, our first long term stunt began. Buggy threw a plastic bag with a PB&J sandwhich in it to Insane Artist. I took the sandwhich and hid it under the staircase where no one will find it.
In a couple of weeks we're gonna take it out and look at it. I'll update on the sandwhich regualry
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Friday, February 01, 2002

so today was a snow day. yup it was. i was spose to get together with Sarah but she ended up having to babysit her brother. meh.... so i was bored for the majority (<---big word! =D) of the

but then i made cookies! yup! yummy chocolate chip cookies! yum =D lol...ya but unfortunatly (sp?) ...kinda didn't um...turn out to good. =\ i guess i put a lil to much water in and not quite enough flour, cuz like as soon as i put them in the oven they all like formed one big cookie! =\ rofl! hyeah.... so then i had one big cookie and no way to take it off the cookie sheet. lmao. so then i'm just like "ah screw it" and started to cut it into squares. lol. but by that time i kinda liked the idea of havin one big cookie. but...i faced the horrifying truth that i had to cut it! =( lmao. so that was my sad but true cookie story! rofl! don't mind me! lol

so then after i baked my cookies...i was bored again. so then i went upstairs and started to bug the shit out of my mom. i dunno what she was doing...i think she was taking wall paper off the wall. when we moved in here last january -i swear to god these people were krazy- there were like pink walls and black wall paper in my mom's room. so now she's finally getting around to painting it...but anyways. when i walked in, there was black wall paper all over the floor. she asked me to pick it up... how exiciting huh? yaNO. so i didn't, i left. i went back downstairs to watch tv. and of course there isn't anything good on in the afternoon. so yaaaaa......then....what did i do? i think i came on the computer. then when i'm done here my mom said she'd take me shopping! lol

so ya that's basically my day...of course i left bits of shit that u didn't need to know out. but! i just thought id share that lil cookie story with u. i thought it was rather amusing..of course i'm amused easily.....shut up! =\ lol! so ya i might blog later. if i get a i guess that's it for now..ttyl! *muah*

current mood: bored
current track: "First Date" - Blink 182
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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Why Cub Fans Suck.
1. Yuppies
2.Go there to be seen and not watch a baseball game.
3.Blame their demise on a poor fan by the name of Bartman.
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Monday, April 17, 2006
good job

hey mohit
U have done a gr8 deed by creating this place for
all us to express our vry vry emotional opinions
abt our beloved (ironically !!! ) skul SHS
If any1 has that pic ..v took on the top of that
plz post it.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

This blog is just to demonstrate how much we hate our school - Sindhi High School [SHS],Hebbal Bangalore. We are currently writing our Board exams so not many inputs will be available till May...

In case you are a student and are associated with SHS in any way then join our hate club.
In case you are a teacher in SHS (very unlikely as you would be illeterate and probably would even know how to handle a comp. " Yeah ,even our computer teacher"), you don't know us.Screw you.

We can get you registered and you can contact us :

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
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Never thought I'd start a blog. 41 is not an age to start a blog.

The age thing is really not that big of a deal, as we live in an era of fifty-year-old teenagers.

I'm not opposed to online confessionals, either. Not that I figure my ramblings here will change anyone's life (unless if reading this delays you from getting in your car to drive to Blockbuster and said delay causes you to miss the pile-up on the I-82). I do wish the engines that power the WWW had settled on a less-constipated sounding word than "Blog" (as a nurse, I figure "power-blogging" will eventually blow a hole in your colon).

I've surfed--it's interesting, I just read somewhere that internet traffic falls off by something like 80% at the end of the American workday, a statistic that makes me oddly patriotic--and I've been intrigued by other people's blogsites. The desperate strippers, the lonesome (but not lonely, dammit!) women of a certain age, the gearheads, the happy Christians, all the X's and O's of the American Quilt and beyond.

Surfing the web makes me think of my adolescence, spent isolated in a small Ohio town surrounded by Homer Simpsons, Gomer Pyles, and the road company of "Deliverance: The Musical" in a time long before the Net. Who would I have killed to have internet access back then?! Back then, if I heard about an author, a band, etc, I'd bide my time, the words "Kerouac" or "The Clash" written on a scrap of paper pinned to my mirror, until the family's bi-annual trip to "the Big City," aka Columbus Ohio, specifically Eastland Mall. I'll stop here to avoid "seven miles barefoot in the snow to school" territory.

But y'know the main reason I didn't plan on starting a blog?

I didn't want to over-write,
wave my clever in other people's faces, or
try to spend mythology outta my ordinary, silly little life.

So here goes.

(The title of this blog, for the uninitiated, comes from the greatest band of all time, the Replacements: "Feelin' like a 100 bucks, exchangin' good lucks, face to face...")

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Friday, August 02, 2002
Well, this would be my first log. Hmm, what can i say except quote Mr. Frank Sinatra, "The best is yet to come". How very optomistic.

It's funny you never know how much you've messed things in the past up until you're smacked in the forehead with it later on. In my case it's a girl. In my life it's always a girl that i get smacked with. This time it's a girl named Jesse. I first met her in grade 8 when i started highschool in Vancouver, BC. We were in the same Social Studies class. I thought she was cute, shy, and had a look about her that i find irresistable. Dark hair, pale complection. We got to know each other and one day she interduced me to her friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a mildly entertaining girl, she was no Jesse, but i the impression Jesse was giving me was that it wasn't going to happen between her and I. So, being the enlightend teenager i was i decided to ask out Elizabeth, only to find out after dating her a few weeks that she was probably the most annoying person i had ever met, and to top it off Jesse, the girl i was originally after had a crush on me the whole time, and I had blown it by dating one of her best friends. Needless to say nothing between Jesse and I transpired except a good friendship and a constant, but neutral flirtation. Then in grade 10 a month before I was to leave to Nova Scotia, never to be seen again, her and I started to kind of become infactuated with eachother again. I waited the whole thing out, unsure of what to do untill the Friday before i was to leave. That Friday we spent the whole day together we went to a park with a couple other friends and made, 'goo goo eyes' to eachother, all the time being very physical also, carressing, hugging, ect. As the day came to an end it was decieded that we would all seperate and rendez-vous at a party around 9pm. I went home, got changed, and made my way to the party. When i got there she wasn't there, and didn't get there untill an hour and a half later. By the time that she eventually showed up i was just about ready to call it a night considering that i had a 6 am flight the next day. I chose to pull Jesse aside before i left and talk to her about how i messed things up by not showing interesst before that moment, even though it was always there, starting when i first saw here back in gr 8. I also told her how i was planning to visit all the time and how i'd make it a consience effort to keep in touch. Well to keep it short i did none of the things i had planned to do. Although in my defence i did think of her almost every day for about a year.

Well, today i got a message over my msn messenger, ''hi there''. It was Jesse, we talked for about a half hour before she had to leave. It was great talking to her again, it really didn't start to bring up guilt and bad memories of how i fucked things up untill i finished talking to her and thought about all the promises i broke. I'm sure i'm leaving things out, but hey, i'm new at this hopfully i'll get better as things go along.

*I've decided to keep a record of the music i was lissening to when i wrote my logs. Here's the list;
hayden-tress lounge
sloan-losing california
frank sinatra-the best is yet to come
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TRUEROMANCE.BLOGSPOT.COM - A Relationship of Posts - Isn't it Adorable How We're Going to Kill Sam Together?

Friday, August 10, 2001
For anyone who cares, Mike's computer is temporarily down so we are not updating this blog *duh* in case you haen't noticed. We just celebrated our 11th month together and are planning our wonderfully fun date for our upcoming year (it'll be here before we know it) so that's the update on Heather and Mike!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2001
nope, she is hard to tolerate. You do the best job you can! Aw, I think the pictures of you are adorable as well!!! I just get extra cute when I'm around you. You bring out that cuteness in me!!!! *kissy* I love you too!!!!!!!!
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Urgh, my mom is sooooooo annoying! Heather, am I abnormal for being unable to tolerate my mom's inconsistencies? Oh, well. I guess we can do something until 7. I promise you that we will have fun. Oh, by the way, I think the pictures of you are adorable! How did you get to be so cute all by yourself? I will call you tomorrow at 10, ok? Love ya!
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Thursday, July 19, 2001
I had a wonderful time today and I just love the nifty pictures we took. That one of you is so adorable. I'm gonna show everyone my cute boyfriend! I love you my dearest. I took a test that said I was closer to evil than good. hehe
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Wednesday, July 18, 2001
Well my sweetest, isn't it adorable how we are going to kill Sam together? Awww, modern couples. Killing bitches everywhere, together! Well, we are in this one together, to help Jones out. I love you and despite the hellishness of it, enjoyed seeing you yesterday. *kissy*
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Tuesday, July 17, 2001
Awwww, its ok, sweetheart. A lot of it was my fault. Marriage is important for what it represents, I was simply trying to say that marriage should not help or hinder the way someone feels about another person, it is a symbol of commitment, trust and love. Oh, bye the way, thank you for the back rub today. Your backrubs upstage mine! Well, I love you and I hope you have a wonderful day tommorrow!
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Mike, I'm sorry we fought. I'm sure everything will be OK because of how much I love you. I am head-over-heels in love with you. None of this fights we have can change that!! Goodnight my dearest!
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Monday, July 16, 2001
This is it, a place for Mike and I to blog our relationship!! To make you cry, laugh, or puke...however you react to romance. I don't even know who "you" is. Perhaps someone will stumble upon this. Or maybe our friends can read it. Or maybe no one except Mike and I will ever read it. Whichever it shall be, here it is!
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You dont remember saying this but you said it. i am jons PENUS (8:01:20 PM) I am Emo and i like Chick Flicks Malike145 (8:12:51 PM): I am a loving and caring person SmarterChild (5:46:36 PM): Porn?What do you mean by that? death2daEMO6 (5:35:27 PM): hah ur profiles cool

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Monday, August 25, 2003

Bomb blasts in Bombay, Monday, 25 August, 2003.
Hey, I'm 16 I live in India, (yeah, ain't it amazin folks, I can Speak English : \ ), for a past time I play bass and like any other teenager, waste time. In school, I do arts/humanities whatever you like to refer to it as, and I suppose it does give me a little more time to laze as opposed to the busy aspiring science students, who're off to be tomorrows genetic engineers and will probably decide (provided they have their way) whether your baby will be a male or a female. Anyway, regardless of all the gibberish I managed to capacitate within a paragraphy-- Today evening, during a crucial session closely interlinked with wasting time, this article alrert just popped up onto the local news ticker- "Twin Blasts-Mumbai-130 Injured-20 killed", alright, this is India-hey, communalism is in my blood, I sponsor those men with beards larger than life, not to mention those unemployed in safron with daggers symbolising God (and lies apart, I possess no sense of shame within admitting the fact that they Scare me) , don't I?
Anyway, my reaction to reading such a headline was perturbing, I couldn't quite locate
what I wanted to term it, frankly speaking, I still can't. However, I did manage to narrow it down to two main emotions - Disbelief and Numbness. Now, being quick to rule out disbelief after our communally rich culture, with trains and houses being incinerated to the ground a year ago,I was left with.........Numb? Bluntly speaking, have I gotten used to it? Is that
the level of desensitization that the Indian community's faulty sense of secularity has inculcated within me? And for those of you who are right now, feeling slightly biased against the Indian community as such, I don't blame you, but at present, I'm probably just living in denial of the bigger picture - I am only 16.
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Monday, March 12, 2001
Finally I'm home from school. What a crap day. My ComSci teacher is a lech. She has to curb her drinking habit. Her shit aint kewl. LOL.
After school maya, gretchen and me hung at the mall. We sipped 'nana smoothies and stared at lush boys! *KEWL*

posted by annie at 5:03 PM - woke up. yawned. almost smiled. then I remembered how much I hate mornings. they're just so, like, dumb, you know. I love my new tshirt tho. it's got a bitchin pic of Sean from Living Bend on it. he's holding a zuchinni which I think is so totally kewl. then I got up.
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Thursday, October 18, 2001
Rrrgggg...updating my blog, just to let you know I'm still here. My website got hosted...=) I'm so happy. go there right now or I will hurt you in ways you can only dream about. Haha. Just jokes...
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Friday, September 28, 2001
I seriously thought I'd never be done, but nope, I got done. I edited the fuck out of the template. I added a comment thingy too. That's something I've never done before.
I was supposed to see Andrew tonight, but I didn't. I'm so sad. He promised I would see him. He promised. And now I can't, and I won't see him until tomorrow, at Joce's party, which doesn't count. At all. He's different around other people. He doesn't seem to notice I'm there unless I'm literally the only other person in the room. *Sigh* And I love him so much...I'm such an ass.
Yeah, so...I need to vent now...first things first...ANDREW...(in fact, he's the only thing). He said he would see me tonight. He didn't call me yesterday at all. When he finally got a free moment on Thursday night, he ditched me and went to a ska concert instead. I'm starting to really fucking hate ska. This is the second time in a month I've been ditched for a shitty garage band ska concert. Why, oh why are horns and drunken teenagers in plaid more exciting than me? Tsk.
Oh, I'm sad. Wallowing in self-pity does nothing for the heart though, does it? Fuckin' rights. So I'm god. I'm happyhappyhappy. Fuck. I suck. I'll write more shit later. Now I'm too fuckin' tired.
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:Great! A new ranting spot finally created! Fuck yeah! Too bad I have nothing to say right now... Blast my boring life. Come back later. I promise I'm stimulating.
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IMTHEBOMB.BLOGSPOT.COM - *~tears~* Of a Clown When Sma's Not Around

Sunday, May 29, 2005
ok, so my first blogger entry. what to write about. hmmm... how about i contradict roland and say blogger is for teenage boys, so visit my xanga: SarahD303. jk. HELLO SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha this rocks im sooo happy tht summer is here! hoorah!! im xited for hs, too! ok im bored w/ this already, so im gonna make it short n' sweet. HELLO SUMMER, GOODBYE SMA!!! *~tear~* friends @ sma, ill miss you sooooooo much! im gonna try to post an sma pic on here soon!

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DATING101.BLOGSPOT.COM - I Left My Jacket Upstairs Next To Your Dignity

Monday, November 15, 2004
first date
first of all... when you pick her up. leave your jacket by accident or purpose. i'll explain later...

many men make the mistake of thinking of sex on the first date.
the trick is NOT to think about sex or anything sexual. pretend that you are just interested in her. listen and watch her body language. only when her body language starts to invite you to put the move on her should you do do.
one exception: if she already had a lot to drink and is frisky. go for it. no body language needed.

as for what type of body language to look for?
well, look into her eyes when you talk to her. if she looks into your eyes as well, then there could be some spark. also, move closer to her... if she doesn't move away, then you are on the right track.

if all goes well, and you've kissed her during the date, then whe you drop her off, tell her you left your jacket upstairs (or another excuse of your own initiation) so you'll have an excuse to come in. some women feel uncomfortable about inviting a man into her place because she's worried about being seen as a slut. so save her the trouble and give her the perfect excuse to give you that first date sex.

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Friday, December 12, 2003
gave away my fav ruler to rach

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BOOMER.BLOGSPOT.COM - 1 Million Posts in a Week - Schizo-Frank-ia?

Rescue me from my boredom.

"my boredom outshines the sun"
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Lady Marmalade rocks my world.
like a hurricane.
posted by Frank at 9:31 PM

Oh being able to sleep late.
Oh wanting to go to sleep now.
Oh conflicting interests.

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I was watching the tele today and a character in the show was a crazy guy in a robe that thought he was Jesus. And I thought, "Wow! What a cool guy." So when I get a little older, I'm going to do the same.

And find myself looking at an asylum from the inside.

Oh the fun.
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Sometimes I feel like I'm the water in a river.
I have no form and I like it like that.

posted by Frank at 9:27 PM

alright. first thing's first. this post is not by frank. this is his alter ego, chip-chip the ringmaster's child. or perhaps it's just becca (also known as Catcher in the Rye from the addictive hell known as open diary. hehe. well anyhow, let's get on with this little post, shall we.)
since it's obviously impossible to leave notes in this wretched(i kid) thing, the lovely frank has given me ultra-superspecial access to his web log. or "blogger" as the hip kids say these days.

so, in honor of frank, i will now write a poem. ahem

frank is ultra wicked cool
he likes to hear my voice
i'm glad that i am not in school
rolls royce rolls royce rolls royce.

made up on the spot. spontaneous. practically ad-libbed. marvel in my talent.

okay this is enough


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It is raining again.
Oh rain.
Oh oh.
I love you.

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I like the disorientation of waking up in a strange bed.

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I'm reading Bong Water again.
And it's so very very good.
And I've been playing my bass like a maniac. Because I have nothing better to do.
Nothing better being: Studying for Spanish. And sleeping.
And OD is a beeotch.

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I need sophie to teach me how to work this.
Because it looks dumb.
And her's looks nice.
And maybe I am thinking this just because she did it.
Help me sophie.
posted by Frank at 4:37 PM

I am Frank. You are amazed. Amazed at my name.
Yes, yes you are.
posted by Frank at 4:25 PM