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Friday, February 01, 2002

so today was a snow day. yup it was. i was spose to get together with Sarah but she ended up having to babysit her brother. meh.... so i was bored for the majority (<---big word! =D) of the

but then i made cookies! yup! yummy chocolate chip cookies! yum =D lol...ya but unfortunatly (sp?) ...kinda didn't um...turn out to good. =\ i guess i put a lil to much water in and not quite enough flour, cuz like as soon as i put them in the oven they all like formed one big cookie! =\ rofl! hyeah.... so then i had one big cookie and no way to take it off the cookie sheet. lmao. so then i'm just like "ah screw it" and started to cut it into squares. lol. but by that time i kinda liked the idea of havin one big cookie. but...i faced the horrifying truth that i had to cut it! =( lmao. so that was my sad but true cookie story! rofl! don't mind me! lol

so then after i baked my cookies...i was bored again. so then i went upstairs and started to bug the shit out of my mom. i dunno what she was doing...i think she was taking wall paper off the wall. when we moved in here last january -i swear to god these people were krazy- there were like pink walls and black wall paper in my mom's room. so now she's finally getting around to painting it...but anyways. when i walked in, there was black wall paper all over the floor. she asked me to pick it up... how exiciting huh? yaNO. so i didn't, i left. i went back downstairs to watch tv. and of course there isn't anything good on in the afternoon. so yaaaaa......then....what did i do? i think i came on the computer. then when i'm done here my mom said she'd take me shopping! lol

so ya that's basically my day...of course i left bits of shit that u didn't need to know out. but! i just thought id share that lil cookie story with u. i thought it was rather amusing..of course i'm amused easily.....shut up! =\ lol! so ya i might blog later. if i get a i guess that's it for now..ttyl! *muah*

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