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Monday, August 25, 2003

Bomb blasts in Bombay, Monday, 25 August, 2003.
Hey, I'm 16 I live in India, (yeah, ain't it amazin folks, I can Speak English : \ ), for a past time I play bass and like any other teenager, waste time. In school, I do arts/humanities whatever you like to refer to it as, and I suppose it does give me a little more time to laze as opposed to the busy aspiring science students, who're off to be tomorrows genetic engineers and will probably decide (provided they have their way) whether your baby will be a male or a female. Anyway, regardless of all the gibberish I managed to capacitate within a paragraphy-- Today evening, during a crucial session closely interlinked with wasting time, this article alrert just popped up onto the local news ticker- "Twin Blasts-Mumbai-130 Injured-20 killed", alright, this is India-hey, communalism is in my blood, I sponsor those men with beards larger than life, not to mention those unemployed in safron with daggers symbolising God (and lies apart, I possess no sense of shame within admitting the fact that they Scare me) , don't I?
Anyway, my reaction to reading such a headline was perturbing, I couldn't quite locate
what I wanted to term it, frankly speaking, I still can't. However, I did manage to narrow it down to two main emotions - Disbelief and Numbness. Now, being quick to rule out disbelief after our communally rich culture, with trains and houses being incinerated to the ground a year ago,I was left with.........Numb? Bluntly speaking, have I gotten used to it? Is that
the level of desensitization that the Indian community's faulty sense of secularity has inculcated within me? And for those of you who are right now, feeling slightly biased against the Indian community as such, I don't blame you, but at present, I'm probably just living in denial of the bigger picture - I am only 16.
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