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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
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Never thought I'd start a blog. 41 is not an age to start a blog.

The age thing is really not that big of a deal, as we live in an era of fifty-year-old teenagers.

I'm not opposed to online confessionals, either. Not that I figure my ramblings here will change anyone's life (unless if reading this delays you from getting in your car to drive to Blockbuster and said delay causes you to miss the pile-up on the I-82). I do wish the engines that power the WWW had settled on a less-constipated sounding word than "Blog" (as a nurse, I figure "power-blogging" will eventually blow a hole in your colon).

I've surfed--it's interesting, I just read somewhere that internet traffic falls off by something like 80% at the end of the American workday, a statistic that makes me oddly patriotic--and I've been intrigued by other people's blogsites. The desperate strippers, the lonesome (but not lonely, dammit!) women of a certain age, the gearheads, the happy Christians, all the X's and O's of the American Quilt and beyond.

Surfing the web makes me think of my adolescence, spent isolated in a small Ohio town surrounded by Homer Simpsons, Gomer Pyles, and the road company of "Deliverance: The Musical" in a time long before the Net. Who would I have killed to have internet access back then?! Back then, if I heard about an author, a band, etc, I'd bide my time, the words "Kerouac" or "The Clash" written on a scrap of paper pinned to my mirror, until the family's bi-annual trip to "the Big City," aka Columbus Ohio, specifically Eastland Mall. I'll stop here to avoid "seven miles barefoot in the snow to school" territory.

But y'know the main reason I didn't plan on starting a blog?

I didn't want to over-write,
wave my clever in other people's faces, or
try to spend mythology outta my ordinary, silly little life.

So here goes.

(The title of this blog, for the uninitiated, comes from the greatest band of all time, the Replacements: "Feelin' like a 100 bucks, exchangin' good lucks, face to face...")

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