Monday, August 11, 2008

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Rescue me from my boredom.

"my boredom outshines the sun"
posted by Frank at 12:07 PM

Lady Marmalade rocks my world.
like a hurricane.
posted by Frank at 9:31 PM

Oh being able to sleep late.
Oh wanting to go to sleep now.
Oh conflicting interests.

posted by Frank at 9:40 PM

I was watching the tele today and a character in the show was a crazy guy in a robe that thought he was Jesus. And I thought, "Wow! What a cool guy." So when I get a little older, I'm going to do the same.

And find myself looking at an asylum from the inside.

Oh the fun.
posted by Frank at 9:32 PM

Sometimes I feel like I'm the water in a river.
I have no form and I like it like that.

posted by Frank at 9:27 PM

alright. first thing's first. this post is not by frank. this is his alter ego, chip-chip the ringmaster's child. or perhaps it's just becca (also known as Catcher in the Rye from the addictive hell known as open diary. hehe. well anyhow, let's get on with this little post, shall we.)
since it's obviously impossible to leave notes in this wretched(i kid) thing, the lovely frank has given me ultra-superspecial access to his web log. or "blogger" as the hip kids say these days.

so, in honor of frank, i will now write a poem. ahem

frank is ultra wicked cool
he likes to hear my voice
i'm glad that i am not in school
rolls royce rolls royce rolls royce.

made up on the spot. spontaneous. practically ad-libbed. marvel in my talent.

okay this is enough


posted by Frank at 7:15 PM

It is raining again.
Oh rain.
Oh oh.
I love you.

posted by Frank at 6:58 AM

I like the disorientation of waking up in a strange bed.

posted by Frank at 6:56 AM

I'm reading Bong Water again.
And it's so very very good.
And I've been playing my bass like a maniac. Because I have nothing better to do.
Nothing better being: Studying for Spanish. And sleeping.
And OD is a beeotch.

posted by Frank at 9:16 PM

I need sophie to teach me how to work this.
Because it looks dumb.
And her's looks nice.
And maybe I am thinking this just because she did it.
Help me sophie.
posted by Frank at 4:37 PM

I am Frank. You are amazed. Amazed at my name.
Yes, yes you are.
posted by Frank at 4:25 PM