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Monday, July 24, 2006
Final Decision
Day after tomorrow that's mean 26.07.2006, I will makes a final decision in my life. I plan to forward the mails to him to get his response. I wanted him to know how hurt my feeling is and wanted him to feel guilty.

Worst to worst, that will be the end of my love relationship. If he planned to have long run, this decision wouldnt be that bad after all.

God bless me :)
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Friday, July 21, 2006
1st Blog
Finally I decided blogging online. I have too much distress and pain. No where for me to talk and refer. Therefore I think the best way is here. Ever since from year 2005, all distress and pain keep surrounding me. I have faced dishonesty in my love relationship for more than 2 years. In fact, I am the one who found it myself without he tell me. Sigh! Am I stupid and easily being cheated. Am I too innocent to be cheated? Just before the Christmas, planning for travel. Never expect my first journey oversea will be so painful and unpleasant. No sign of regret were shown when declaring and explain the whole stories. I was so hurt and pain at that moment. I was thinking shall I let go such unloyal relationship? But love is always blind. I choosen to forgive him as I love him too deeply. Those unhappy feeling were bring back to Malaysia. He promised it wont happened again. Slowly my feeling back to normal. But in the middle, uncountable insomnia night I went thru. Who can I talk to? NONE! I cant share my sadness and distress feeling with anyone. I have promised him not to tell anyone such matter. I cant talk to him. What can I do? Times past quite fast, I went thru my life day by day. The trust slowly build. No one expected, few months ago received a message from undisclosed sender. Telling me, my beloved not only being with one gal but TWO gals. That time, immediately my heart being cut off. It is pain. I went home to get his clarification. We were argued and fight. He told me he have nothing with this B gal. Without thinking further, I apologise him for blaming him wrongly.I dont know what had happened between him and B gal. But I can said my sense told me, they have been together before. And today, it is proven my sense is ACCURATE. Again, I received an email from B gal. I dont know why she email to me.. But from there it is clearly shown that they both being together before. Just ended last year September. Those stories i have read thru her blog is true. They kisses before, hug before and being together before!! I remember I get his clarification on what have been wrote in that B gal's blog. He told me that maybe that B gal treated him as his ex. But thinking back now, I am such a silly gal. Easily believe what he said. He always ask me to trust him and to have confidence on him. But what he has done! He brokes everything. What should I do now? Shall I tell him I received a forwarded email and let go 8 years relationship? Can anyone advise me?-Heartbroken Gal-
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Sunday, June 08, 2003
Environmentalists try to minimize the impact man has on this earth. All of us need a certain amount of resources to survive. We need water, food, and air to breathe and land to live on. Those resources demand land, land that needs to be harnessed to fulfill these needs, land that will now have some type of environmental impact upon it. No matter how many rules and regulations we enact there will still be some damage. Can we stop the damage completely? I think it can only be achieved by moratorium on population growth.

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Let's see how this works...I post here...and then click "post". Yes...not that challenging...Maybe I won't screw it up...
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

'Agenda Friends'

In life it seems that most friends end up being what I have decided to call 'agenda friends'. You know what I mean .... either they have an agenda, you have an agenda or perhaps (if you're lucky?!) you both have an agenda. However you slice it, most friends end up being this way and it just kinda sucks. Maybe you're this way yourself?! As for me, I guess I made it my agenda to take those kinds of friends out of the equation - but, let me tell you, it doesn't leave you with much.

So, what exactly do I mean by an 'agenda friends'?! Well, you have some friends who are good for seeing movies with or some who are good for company when no one else is available or others who you hang out with simply because they go to work/church/school with you - but how many of these can you actually be open and honest with?! How many are you comfortable being 'raw' with - and, in turn, how many can actually be 'raw' with you?! Do you just have an agenda in seeing one another or is there something more to it?!

Maybe I'm too proud or too fussy or too lazy .... I don't know. What I do know is that sometimes I'm lonely. Sometimes I wish I could accept and pursue these common agendas. But I don't think I can. In the end I just value the true friends that I have - the ones who know me at my best and my worst - and I hold out hope that I can find more of the same.

How does everyone else out there feel?! Your comments are welcome.

Be seeing you ....

- Chris

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The Dark Side

So, I've been thinking lately about how everyone has a dark side .... Some may deny it and others may revel in it, but everyone has that darker side that lies just beneath the surface - rearing its head on occasion and begging to be let out.

Now I'm not talking about the true sickos here. Oh no, that's another matter entirely .... What I'm talking about is that aspect of people which gives them an edge, which makes them interesting. You might see a glimmer of it when they speak or in a look they give or in the kind of humour they display - it doesn't matter how it displays itself, what matters is that it is there.

This doesn't mean I'm condoning your darker urges or suggesting that you give in to your dark side - but don't you think that knowledge is power?! Don't you think that seeing the problem is the first step correcting it?! I certainly do. Of course, the dark side isn't entirely bad either and certainly doesn't need to be destroyed or stifled. It just needs to be addressed, harnessed and used as necessary.

So, think about it .... Do you have a dark side?! Actually, scratch that question - you do. Just accept it. But how, and when, does it show itself?! What parts of it let you down and what parts make you better as a person?! Remember, your dark side makes you interesting, so have a look and discover it.

Be seeing you ....

- Chris

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Sunday, September 21, 2008
This I Believe

I believe in rinsing and patting each slender sprig of thyme, then delicately and carefully plucking the tender leaves from its twig so as not to bruise the herb. I believe in slicing the onion first lengthwise, then crosswise so it falls loose into a stack of perfect cubes. I believe in kneading the bread dough until the muscles in my small hands ache, in presenting the food in artistic and unexpected ways so that roasted emerald asparagus stretch beyond a mound of golden butternut squash like a crown of laurels looping the sun. I believe in food’s ability to repair and mend the mind and body. And for these reasons, I know the hours I labor in the kitchen, juicing fresh oranges, pureeing his favorite carrot and ginger soup, touching each ounce of food that nourishes his body, heals him. The time I spend perusing the market for the plumpest berry, the reddest pepper, the sweetest sweet potato transforms in his body into a strong and steady stream of pure energy, easily digestible and spiritually available.
I think through textures, feeling that a light and chewy maitake mushroom will complement the nuttiness of firm brown rice. A side of braised carrots will gently give under the teeth and melt onto the tongue. It will go down. It will trick his taste buds burnt by the combination of chemotherapy and radiation. The meals I prepare, some successful and some not, are designed to coax him into eating, to return weight onto his tall frame, as much as they are prepared to unite, to transfer my love onto and into him, to relearn the pleasure of meals together. Our nutritionists have little to say in support of my therapy regimen, but they are not with me as I thoughtfully layer an eggplant lasagna, selecting and chopping the vegetables and proteins I know will tempt Adam into eating when eating is not easy.
Sometimes, before I serve it, I allow my hands to hover above his meal, close but without quite touching, so that I might feel the heat radiating from the activity abounding among the living cells. I shut my eyes and think about the ingestion of this food and the subtraction of the tumor. I know pieces of me will convey through this food and be taken up by his body. The substance of the energy I exert will be ingested as bite-sized forkfuls of my health, extracts of my life, tinctures of my well-being, married into his.
This belief is confirmed, when, three months after the diagnosis, we breakfast together on hot cereal and raisins just before he hops on his bike and rides four miles to work. And while the doctor tells us “glioblastoma always returns,” I know I have him today. I know he is eating today. I know I will cook for him today.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

This is the first post to the UTK Uncensored blog and so if you're reading this, you're probably going "back in time." I'm not sure how much interest this will have to most people, but writing is like pressure - sometimes it just has to be released. I've written for years but only recently found my niche with Under The Knife, a newsletter devoted to reporting and explaining baseball injuries. UTK was just a goof for me, but it surprised me by exploding. It's something I can do from home and I can continue work on my novel (now three years in the making!). I'll yap about most anything in here and its one of the beauties of the web. I CAN. You can. Anyone can. Whether it's worthy of the space or your time, well that's up to you. Welcome to UTK Uncensored and I hope you enjoy it.
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Monday, December 13, 2004
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Monday, December 3, 2007
About Me

I have lived in California for most of my life until six years ago my husband and I moved to central Virginia. We lived there for a year and then moved to northeast Ohio. We moved to both states for my husband's career. I am blessed to be a wife of almost 13 years to the funniest man I know. A year ago we found out that my husband is in kidney failure. He was born with one functioning kidney and that kidney decided it was going to run away and join the circus.

We are the proud "parents" to three cats, Olivia, Henry, and Zoe and one bunny, Dolly. Olivia is a fluffy calico and she thinks she is the Queen of everything. We adopted her when we first moved to Ohio when she was 8 weeks old.
Henry is 15 pounds of pure love and he will be your best friend if you pet him and don't stop. We adopted Henry about two years after Olivia from the APL.
Zoe is all gray and is about four months old and just the sweetest little bundle of energy who doesn't have a tail. We adopted Zoe after having found her in the parking lot at the restaurant we were having lunch at.
Dolly is all gray and likes to be held like a baby. We adopted her after our neighbors decided they weren't going to take her with them when they moved.

I am the oldest of five children ( two girls and three boys) from two parents who are still married. There is 10 years in between myself and my youngest brother. My siblings and I love each other very much and really can't stand to be as geographically far apart as we are. It sucks to tell you the truth.

Recently I have become very fascinated with all the aspects of cupcakes. Creating, baking, eating, and sharing cupcakes. I've even gone as far as to consider opening a bakery of delicacies. I'm pretty sure I will one day but it will also be part bookstore. Ah, dreams, what would we be without them?

I'm working on getting involved, being creative, and finding me.

Love, Kandy
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I love Jesus like a Fat boy loves cake!

Sunday, October 03, 2004
What up?
Hey guys, uh, well, i forgot my username for my other blog so this is my new blog, but anyway. Its sunday. I've had a pretty relaxing day. I still have a sinus infection thanks to Heather, but I'm getting better. I just stayed at home today. I did go to Mawmaws and to stuckeys, and that was it. My mom has been waiting all day to get out of the hospital. THe dr still hasn't come, soooo she is going against the hospital and leaving anyway! haha what a goob! My mom is a nut. anyways, peace/love, ttyl

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At least it's almost July.

I just emptied a biscuit tin, put my wallet, phone, keys, and loose change in it. I don't know what to with the biscuits. I might wrap them in tissue papers and look for someone homeless.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2001
I like your haircut.
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globe map of tunnel
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Monday, July 30, 2001
Here is the web-site that pays my bills: food&wine
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First Blog message!
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