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Monday, November 18, 2002
This is the first post to the new electronic It's Friday. This is a BLOG -- that's short for Weblog. For some reason, Blogs have been gaining in popularity over the past few months. In some ways, I think, blogging is actually getting back to the roots of the Internet -- communication among the masses, without dancing turkeys and singing gnomes.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
better late than never

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Thursday, April 06, 2006
on the dot

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Monday, March 06, 2006

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Tuesday, September 27
Dear Diary
So this is my blog. I've had livejournal before...but never a blog.
I quit with livejournal. Not private enough. But mind you, this isn't exactly gonna be private either...just different. So here I go.
What am I supposed to do? Share my innermost feelings about love, war, and God? Tell all of my secrets??
You know, i've never been much of a journal person. I always give up after a couple days, and it just kinda fades out until one day i find the journal again and think "Hey, it'd be a great idea if I kept a journal" and the vicous cycle starts all over again.
So well see what happens with this. I might forget all about it by Christmas. But myabe not. Maybe this one will be successful.
Who knows.

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Saturday, April 21, 2001
Hello yeah well I go to a very special performing arts school and no one there can keep a secret and they all live off of spreading rumors about each other. Approximately two weeks ago, a lovely Monday morning we were rehearsing for our show that just closed. Fabulously enough, I was sitting with my two best friends, Rachel and Sarah, Rachel being a dumb blonde who can't keep her mouth shut, and Sarah a wonderful dancer who we think can keep secrets, it was at this moment when they both realized they were in love with Jarrad, what would be classified as a hott guy for our school. I have to admit, I thought he was semi-cute and had a good personality, but I was quite content with my boyfriend Erik, the star of the show. Over the course of the week, Jarrad was told that Rachel and Sarah both liked him and he and I were becoming close friends. A very nice girl named Caitlin Daly spread a rumor that I liked Jarrad, which was not true at all. Rachel backed it up by saying that she saw me make out with him, which was not true either. That Sunday, at Disneyland, we were joking around about Friends with Benefits, a friend who you could make out with anytime and not have it affect your relationship, and slapping each other's asses. We were on Peter Pan, and got caught up in the moment, and decided to test out our theory on Friends with Benefits, twice. Being the smart person that I am, I began talking to people from school online about it. Not being able to keep their mouths shut, the whole school knew by Monday. Monday morning, a girl who had just been involved with a scandal from her ex told me that I had 3 options. Either face the fact and tell everyone now, confess to my boyfriend or dump him...I chose the second one, and he didn't even care or get mad at me at all! He was happy that I was honest with him. Meanwhile, I had to deal with Erik's ex who is still madly in love with him as she ranted on about it, wishing it was her in his arms not me. On Tuesday, a false rumor was spread making me angry at one of my close friends. It almost escalated to the point of a cat fight, but by simple communication, we discovered that my sources were unreliable. Everything is going okay and my boyfriend loves me. But who knows what Monday will bring.

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Monday, November 06, 2000
Wanna go to the Donkey Show?! Wanna see a donkey have sex with a women?! I do!!.......ewwwwww, theres a pubic hair in my M&M's, i dont know where it came from, but theres a pubic hair in my M&M's!!

posted by evil at 9:57 PM will someone please tell me what the fuck a blog is cause now Im typing an I still dont know what I'm doing. once again...I'm cool.

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umm im dumb, i could not do this. I, of course, had to have Faith do this. but whatever. Im cool.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
birthday weekend
Well last weekend was my birthday weekend, February 19th I turned 21. Yep that is what I said the big 2 1! So for my birthday my parents rented me a cabin in north Georgia, it was a lot of fun I had 12 of my closest friends come up and go with me. We had so much fun we went hiking and then horseback riding and went out for dinner on my b-day but then we also drank a lot. We drank 10 chases of beer in 2 day which isn’t a lot but it is because we only drank at night time and in a short amount of time. So… but I had a great birthday and my I got a lot of cool presents.

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Monday, January 06, 2003
Today was the first day back from winter break. I miss it. Today was the most pointless day at school. We did nothing. Today was also confusing. I think all this Heart Hop crap is a big conspericy to pull apart friendships. Its all "you stole my man!" "He was mine first!" "Bitch get away!" Its so retarted. Whoever made this up is a moron.

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Saturday, October 30, 2004
Yeah, a 1st
Yo , so this is a first
i got so goddamn bored i created a feeling sharing webpage
well guess wat
im very bored
but if u think im worth talking to ...
then send three supreme pizzas to 6000 Pensylvania Avenue , Washington D.C
nah jks

so...yea watevr

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Wednesday, June 12, 2002
This site is reserved for individuals who are actively pursuing substantial wealth as their primary life focus.
Needless to say, this site is brand new and will be evolving over the next few weeks.
Watch for our wealth building concept revues as we shine the light on scams, fantasies and most importantly ideas that work.

In addition to wealth acquisition, this site will also be exploring such issues as power, charisma, class, etiquette, influence, attire, travel and knowledge acquisition as they relate to wealth building and life in the fast-lane.

This site embraces the Libertarian political veiwpoint and has Objectivism as its core philospohy.
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Friday, November 17, 2000
Stupid Floridiots!!! i think someone should just like bomb that f****in' state or something!! foreal!! geez...anyway Al Gore for President. Oh man i have a headache! and it sucks some major big fat dick!! UGH!! yeah its the weekend, and overslept, i was supposed to go to the movies w/my friends, but i forgot all about it, oh well i was tired anyway....i'm so sick of Christina Aglyrerai cant stand that anorexic ugly bitch, she aint even pretty w/out all that makeup she wears...but why should i care...back to some important shit, man i felll down the stairs today at school that was sorta embarrasing!! .......well i'mma 'bout tah go take a shit, so i'll blab later...
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Saturday, December 27, 2003

hi guys! this is my new place to relieve whatevers happening n my life =D its my new chill spot for 2o04 cuss all my grls have blogs so i got very tempted to try it and once john comes back ima needa new place to write puwahaha so here i am..well my new years resoultions are NOT TAKE NE TIME WITH JC FOR GRANTED..cuss u never know when a good thing can end and BE LESS SENSITIVE..becuss there is sucha thing as overreacting...and ima be more DEVOTED TO GOD..meanin i shouldnt be so materialistic and frap...and i retire frm my crime doings,trami will always be my partner n crime but im done,no more egging or prank calls im growin up =]and thts all i can think of right now so Peez out guys
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Thursday, July 12, 2001
its been a really busy and hectic day today. what made it worse?? everything!!
omg, i hate it when i have to see things going like that. i'm emotionally tired of everything.
everything seems screwed up for me and nobody gives a shit bout me. i hate my form teacher. she's a bloody bitch.
well, my maths teacher should retire. i told her that, too bad if she didn't hear.
*: gloss and glitter :*
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
hey peeps wassap i have a dream i guess the clues in the name hey no h8ters n this site kk i am a chemo let me tell yo what a chemo is : its a cross between a chav an emo got a problem with it get over it
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Double standards
I never knew being attractive could be a negative thing until I entered the world of "adults"! I am blonde and attractive and have even been turned down for jobs due to my looks... Too distracting to other workers... What's that all about! I'm an accountant for Pete's sake!!! They like to look, but think differently when considering serious business. I know there are other people out there that feel like I do.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
So Alpha turns to Beta and says...
*yawns* in a birth like way,

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Sunday, January 19, 2003
am bored. god damnit. still have homework to do. dont feel like doing it. religion teacher, who is also aunt, keeps bugging me about incomplete homework. she thinks i give a damn. uhh.. anyway.
am in love with hugo weaving. can not believe how incredible he is. want him.
perhaps a little too lonely. heh heh. just a little.
anyway. i feel really shirty today. was in a pissy mood all day. had to go to rifle team practise today, find 45-year-old coach disturbingly hot. and he isnt a buff, super guy that most girls my age would find attractive. oh no. he's a fucking bear. but he has no facial hair. he looks like hugo weaving + 15lbs. god. am obsessed with hugo weaving. created fansite for him today. not published, but getting close. people getting annoyed at me talking about him so much. tagline: "hugo weaving is hotter."
methinks i'm crazy.
tired. but dont want to sleep. want sex with marc. and hugo.
marc continues to lead me on. thursday, he asked when birthday was. told him. then he said he'd either buy me a "toy", or do me.


fucking chair. it's s'posed to be comfortable, but it's too low for the desk, therefore my back is strained. my elbows hurt from mats too. mats we had to shoot on.
stupid rifles
stupid mats
stupid elbows

god. tired.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Stuffings boy
Hi1! I know some 1 who loves the word stuffings and shocking. he is xxx from DLSS.His funny uknow! u know! He is a BIG fan of the word stuffings.Write your comments of this story 2 me....bye................
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Monday, February 16, 2004
I will kill you. ¶ 11:03 AM


Sunday, January 27, 2002
It hit me today like an alien anal probe - Every woman of any signficance in my life has let me down.
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Monday, December 15, 2003
Hey kids! I'm back in action...I never updated my livejournal...nuts to that. But I'm back. Emily is home! yay :) I love her so. Having the best friend back in town makes life a whole lot more fun. Even working is more fun considering she works with me, and all we do is write inappropriate e-mails back and forth all day long bashing Monty.

Lately I've been a little torn on a few issues. I just wonder, is 20 young or old? Should I know what I want to do, or is it okay that I like school and have no intentions of getting a real job for a while. Should I want to settle down, or use the next ten years of my life to run amuck? Oh, there's no answer to these questions? Excellent. I'm just thinking aloud. Or typing aloud.

I purchased a coffee table and floor lamp and mirrors from IKEA the other day, in hopes that I may use it when I move out and into a new appartment with the boyfriend I've been on/off with for the past 2 years. But he's been away on a work assignment for 3 months and I can't picture myself being tied down like that. Fuck adulthood! All I can think about right now is this guy from work. I did the unthinkable and Googled him...only to find, he is a musician with a website dedicated to his music. *sigh*

fuck. i better go bang my head against the wall for a while.

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Late to the SATs, got there all confused, couldn't find the building over all shitty experience


Friday, December 02, 2005

So here I am,
Not really much of a writer or anything, but hey, trying out the whole blog thing anyway.
I had a semi-excitement filled day. First block my teacher was 10 minutes late.. which i didnt mind since i was 5 late myself. Shes the kind of person that has an opinion on asolutely everything, and if you dont agree with her she gets really pissed off. Then i went to my friends house and we boiled bananas.. well, i boiled bananas when she was trying to make soup, she sassed me and took them out, about 5 minutes later they turned brown. We also made a video. It was pretty sweet, sometime in my life I would like to act in something big. I was in a short play once, i got to fake a british accent. I really enjoyed that.

dont know what else to say..

I'll post something else some other day/

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Monday, July 19, 2004
Cookies make me smart

This morning I ate a cookie.
When Okabe-San first offered it to me, I declined. The cookie, a uniformly flat disk, was brown and coarse and ugly looking. However, upon a second invitation, I gave in and pulled the treat from its crackling clear casing. The cookie was indeed rough, and I could see little purple buds peaking shyly at me from the strange new food.
My first impression of the initial bite was that I had chomped down on a mouthful of cardboard. Biting was difficult, and chewing was worse. Yet, hard as it was, the cookie didn't’t crumble. Rather, it lurked mangled in my mouth, waiting for the exact moment before I swallowed to explode in a wild party of purple flavor.
My eyes widened.
“Lavender?!” I queried.
“Hy!” Okabe-San replied.
I took another bite and chewed thoughtfully as my eyes wandered sightlessly about the room.
I considered the texture and subtle flavors and after-flavors present in the lavender cookie.
After dwelling too long on the novelty of the cookie’s taste, I scarfed down the rest of it and went back to work.
My maternal grandfather once told me that an intelligent person learns something new every day. Because I like to think of myself as an intelligent person, I counted my sensory experience with the cookie as equal to a mental gain. And so it is that today, a lavender cookie made me intelligent.

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Thursday, September 20, 2001
OK. This is my first time writing my thoughts out for my friends to see. Not that I ever really needed to write them out for people to know what is going on inside my head. Fact of the mater is, I am face value. I am simply a complexly simple bastard, and today I feel fine.

Till tommorrow,

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Lincoln lived and his life on the frontier were very different in so many ways from what we experience today. Lincoln's frontier was a rough and tumble world where you had to be prepared to brawl at the drop of a hat; where comforts were rare: not enough buildings, not enough furniture, not enough of anything. So men slept together because there weren't enough beds or maybe to keep warm. The 1830s were Lincoln's character building years when he developed his inner strength amongst the frontier folk he lived with. If he slept in the same bed with other men in the White House when his wife was away, it was probably because it was not out of the ordinary even there. I doubt there was central heating. The word homosexual didn't exist then.


Thursday, June 06, 2002 :::

Welcome to the Death of the West. No sides are taken here. This is a forum for the cool and respectful exchange of ideas. Death is natural to living organisms and institutions anyway. Isn't denial the first stage of grieving? Is the West dying? Let's start by discussing what is meant by the term "West."

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Sunday, October 06, 2002
Star dust flakes my forehead. I need to call Shawna , but i also need to clean the house. I really miss the past. This ty has to be stopped. nO GUY so young an so general is worth that much. Even i know that. The concert was loud and has sent me in a weekend haze. Mother will be home soon. Paula has turned 21. Its too bad we arewn't better friends, but she seems so much older. Even sharon seems younger than her, but sharon acts tons younger. I hope that UNcle Michael, aunt Rona & Emily come for Thanksgiving. I
m not hungry, but i canm feel white chocolate in my mouth. I hate the taste, how i used to love it, o well.
12:09 some SUNday in october, the 5th was yesterday
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Tuesday, December 05, 2000
I am retarted
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I am retarted
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A former friend of mine seems to enjoy laughing at my so-called "ignorance" and scoffing at every comment of mine that isn't perfect or scholarly. I can't make a description on AIM or write a poem on without it being examined by her, and when she finds a flaw or a reason why it is "stupid" she decides to post it everywhere so that other people whom I don't even know can laugh at me.

Here are some answers to an...erm...past argument she posted on her LiveJournal.

A. You pretend to know whether I have pain in my life. You don't even know me. You know Russian~Blue, JunePaw, and Blacky Kitty, but you do not know me in person. We have never met.

B. The poem about "pain" does not reflect on my life. Authors can write about things that do not apply to them, even if it is in first person. I could name several examples of yours which are surprisingly similar, but I will not.

C. Social anxiety...again, you do not know me. If you knew me, perhaps you would have a better idea of whether I really have social anxiety or not.

D. Insanity is an ambiguous word. In your case, it means constantly drinking Cokes and talking about depression which, in actuality, you know about as much of as I do. I am not depressed, in the literal sense. I have had mock-suicidal spells, but note the "mock" part. My insanity is much more subtle than that. If you are too busy pointing and laughing to notice it, then that's your own problem. As for making funny noises, I have every right to do that. It's in the First Ammendment. I think it's called the "right of free funny noises."

E. Begging for attention - you beg for attention with everything you do. Whatever you say cries out for attention again and again, though you may deny it. Your way of speech unveils a yearning to come out on top and seem superior. Mine, perhaps, does too, but you can't blame me of something you evidently wallow in yourself.

Currently, I am sort of ticked at Megan for giving you my screen name. I told her not to tell anyone.

~ Kaelyn est puella molesti quae in piscinam habitat. ~

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Monday, January 28, 2002


Monday, April 17, 2006
The Pirate's Journel

Hello. I am a net pirate. I steal movies, TV shows and music off the internet. It's not just that I get to watch my favorite TV shows and moderate movies that I would never actually buy for free. It's not even the conveniance of being able to acquire these whenever I want. It's the satisfaction I get to know that I've exercised my right as a Canadian citizen and stolen media that is overly priced and inadequately supplied. This is only an introduction. This blog will be dedicated to the art of piracy from the perspective of an ameteur.

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Monday, August 04, 2003

woke up this morning
had them stalking blues
i woke up this morning
had them stalking blues
well i sat in my car and cried all day
cause you left the apartment while i was still asleep

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Friday, March 01, 2002

They are bad because they make food rotten and moldey.
Also they are tiny little germs.
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Microbes are little things which are good and bad in different ways.Firstly they are good because they help to make yogurts and they help to clean sewage.

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Monday, June 17, 2002
today was like so sad..last day of skool n yeah..i cried like crazy...iMMa miss all my friends n like yeah...hmm today was really kool sckool went by greawt n yeah...i got a rose from my Buddy n yeah..broke up wid albert n wasnt working out so yeah...wellz bak to the good timees..after sckool we all walked to farrels and we chilled there n told them it was denise's birthday..n den chey bought me my band aind chocolate..n den we took pictures...n den we went to toys r us..but ppl their are gay...they kicked us out n yeah n den we went to the bowling alley..i was losing at first n yeah..i ended up beating daniel n YEah!! den yeah we just played for like two hours n dEn we went to eat at this mexican place n we went to the rec...n den their i sed bye to everyone n renee,david, n abraham walked me hoMe n yeah..sed bye to them n now im here writin yeah...n thinkin....summer sckool starts wednesday...
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Wednesday, June 26, 2002
1) You have to post atleast 10 words

2) Please help others if they ask on what to do etc

3) Do night start arguing in the message boards

4) Don't make fun of someone

5) Don't beg to get your rank raised

6) No swearing in the message boards

If you follow these rules the guild will be much better!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
First posting - I'm new to this blogging lark!
Liked this blog, as he seems a man after my own heart -
So, just 50 things about SameoldSameold
1. Married to the lovely Karen, for 7 years
2. We have two children, Xana, born in March 1998, & Sam born in March 2000
3. I am a computer programmer in Bristol
4. But I live in Cheltenham - I've been doing this 50 mile commute for 4 years now - I should have my own private lane on the M5 !
5. The name Xana is the Portuguese abbreviation for Alexandra
6. I sang & played in a Soul band in Gloucestershire between 1992 & 1997
7. I would like to live in Switzerland
8. I share my birthday with Graham Gooch
9. I'm a half decent golfer, but permanently unlucky
10. I don't understand computers
11. My favourite food is Ben & Jerries ice cream
12. I've had 1 car crash & it was my fault (noone was hurt)
13. The Blues Brothers is my favourite film
14. I'm not cool - when everyone was listening to The Jam I was into Status Quo
15. I’m not materialistic, at least I won’t be once I’ve got everything I need
16. We have 6 CD devices in our house
17. The best thing I ever did (apart from getting married & having children OF COURSE) was learn to snowboard
18. We lived in Cascais, nr Lisbon for 1 year
19. Places we have been on holiday ...Memphis, Nashville, Chicago, Florida(Orlando & Tampa), Vermont (in winter - that was COLD), Turkey (in summer - that was HOT), Mont-St-Michel (the MOST touristy place on earth), EuroDisney, Cornwall, Cumbria
20. Places we are going on holiday... Majorca (2004), EuroDisney again (2004)
21. Places we would like to go, but.....Amalfi coast in Italy, Thailand, Himalayas

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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Shopping is great to me. I've been having a real problem with it lately. First, let me say that I budget my money well. I have a job and my money always goes first and foremost to my bills. Everything gets paid on time if not in advance. I have never made a late payment in my life. However, when everything is paid and I have a little saved for the next round of bills, I simply have to spend the surplus money. Right now the situation is that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I attend a mall class. When it gets out, the entrance to the mall and all of those wonderful stores are just a few steps away, so you could see how it would be hard to resist. To add to the temptation, my parents just took out a loan for me to help me pay my rent, but I make pretty good money at my job, so this really ends up being play money. If there is a sign that says "SALE" I cannot resist. I have to go into the store. And when I see all the great shoes and clothes and purses and belts, I have to buy them. I have A LOT of clothes. So much, as a matter of fact that my closet, my chest of drawers, my shelves, and my closet at my parent's house was not enough room for all of my clothes. I recently had to go to Target and purchase more storage for my things. And I still feel like I need more. I love shopping.

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Like today...I was reading this girl's ''blog''. And i was like what the fuck is a blog? Well, obviously I was a little freaked out but the people who right blogs must be major dorks who cant get their thoughts out. They're probably in band or go to like St. Pats. Dang...whatta nark. If you wanted people to know stuff than just say so.. Im heartbroken about Dave too. Its really sad. This one day he didnt let me play his guitar when I asked. What a playa...heheheheh...Nark...Dork...Dweeb..


Sunday, January 20, 2002 :::

I am a beginner.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002
wow today has really sucked ass....first i find out ryan likes some girl then my "so called (ex) bf" goes off and tells me he hates me...i need a fucking hug!!! i mean come on look at this IM! Flying Meow Mix: ok face it i dont love u or want u in my life
Flying Meow Mix: i never want to fuckin tlk to u again ....omg i need a HUG!! or a kiss or some sort of comfort! wait nvm fuck brad! he was an asshole n e wayz! and i love ryan look !!! soo happy! no hugs or kisses 4rm n e one but ryan! HeartBreaka694: *crys* u just really made my sucky day even worse
PaStiE6221: u saying u like NO ONE other then me
HeartBreaka694: yes
HeartBreaka694: NO ONE
PaStiE6221: for real
HeartBreaka694: god damn i think about u all the time
PaStiE6221: i think bout u all the time too
PaStiE6221: i dunno i just got a crush on a girl
PaStiE6221: she dont like me
PaStiE6221: i love you tho boo lol long converstation lol.... PS: Andrea wants me to tell everyone she loves Matt
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Friday, May 9, 2008
Hi guys!
I'm Elmo from the sesame street family!
Elmo is new in all these blogging stuff. So you guys gotta give Elmo some tips! Elmo is gonna talk all about my adventures!
Elmo is so excited!
Gotta go not though. ):
Zoe is calling Elmo.
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Monday, May 15, 2006
butt of ridicule.
i don't know why my title is "butt of ridicule," but it is. There'll probably be a reason later, but not right now.

i'm beginning to have some second thoughts about this summer. it's not like i can just change my mind, but i really wish i could sometimes. i'm working at a summer camp all summer, and it's not that easy to think about. i guess i'll have to just stick it out, and give Liz a big hug when i get back. or just come home often. i dunno.

tonight Mr. George W. Bush is going to address the nation with the issue of illigal "immigration." the reason immigration is in quotes is because it's NOT immigration. it's them saying "it's okay, but you still have to run" PROVING that it's both illigal and NOT the traditional and LEGAL path into the country. they say that they aren't criminals. yet, more than half or three quarters of them:

don't pay their bills
put their kids in school
and many other things

they don't think they're criminals while they're taking jobs that PLENTY of Americans would take because they can't get a jobe anywhere else. i believe that the majority of the unemployment we have here in the U.S is caused by illigal aliens. they take the jobs that could be filled by hard working LEGAL U.S CITIZENS but employers are lazy and don't feel like even paying them minimum wage.

it's an act of war.

i'm leaving that alone, now. i'll just start repeating myself.

i love liz. i really really do.
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Sunday, February 22, 2004
Story of the DAY:

oh my gosh funny story, so today i had to take my brother to Borders and i was sitting in the parking lot of Petsmart with Sam listening to i think a story about Jeremy or "them" when i looked out my passenger side window and i saw Adam Watson. I just started freaking out and i was like oh my god theres Adam, with his dad. And then i came to realize that his dad is a celebrity, sort of because he coaches CU football. So then i was like oh my god i just saw Shawn Watson!!, I just saw a Celebrity!! OH my gosh they are all so cute. Adam's really hott but he's a sophmore, Aaron's really hott but he's an asshole, and his dad's cute but he's like 40. I'm so excited right now, i think i might cry i cant believe i saw them!!

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So, today i have officially decided that when i am out of college i want to be one of two things: i either want to be a professional surf bum or join cirque du soleil. I want to be one of those weird ass contortionists or a trapeze artist. that would be freakin' awesome!! ya jasmine, you definately need to name at least one of your fish Timay. And by the way to all who care, i am OFFICIALLY done hanging out with Brendon and all of them. I dont have a crush on any of them any more and i have decided that they are really boring to hang out with. A typical day with Brendon and his group: first we meet at one of there houses where Sam and i watch them play either Halo, or Grand theft auto vice city. Then we proceed to go to either Flatirons or Twin Peaks, but wait before that we will either go to Chipotle or Qdoba. After watching them eat we will follow them to the mall. Then we will walk in front of them and wait for them to finish picking whatever shit they want out for each other. Then we will all sit down in front of Dillards, or JC Penny and think of something else to do which somehow always ends up being going back to someone's house and watching them play Halo or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. So that's why i dont want to hang out with them, because they are boring as hell. Plus Adam Watson is A LOT cuter than all of them combined (not to be shallow or anything).

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Friday, September 19, 2003
ok me is good man

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ok me is good man
you can e-mail at

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ok me is good man i live in anchorage alaska .me is 8yrs. old

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Friday, January 03, 2003
Plain... to sum everything up, this just seems so plain. What do I expect though? I'm only 16 and completely broke( not to mention cheap and lazy). All I want to do right now is sit and rest... and maybe write a bit. That's just what I do. I write. Not well, but that hasn't stopped me before. In fact, I just wrote a new poem. I'd like to share it but I'm not big on sharing.
Can you believe its already 2003? Time seems to be going by so quickly and I'm not sure whether to be happy or disappointed. I'm looking forward to college, but I'm afraid of leaving my friends. Its hard enough to find time to be with them outside of school as it is, and I live near them. Maybe I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself. I still have three more semesters of high school left. It's not that long though if you really think about it.
Oh well... it's getting sort of late (not that it bothers me since I've become an insomniac but my family is getting annoyed with me)... so night....
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~ Saturday, February 16, 2002

:Fact: Food is good! Good is food!:. Thursday night was pretty chillin. I went to the jam/club lastnight, and most of my old highschool friends were there! It was, how you would say " a blast?!" I also got some free ish that they were throwing/giving away. I got me self a hoodie sweater and that how high soundtrack cd. And my mouth was on this girl's boob :X. it taste like popcorn! I've been working on my "new" layout lately...I'm not sure when I'm putting that up (due to the fact that I have school). But i'll just surpise you guys. just to be nice heres a piece of my layout -->.

I <3 annacaca!! Check out her yummy site foo!

She's muh new poo! She muh new poo! She likes poo! Like me and you! Well, I mma get ready to go downtown today...i need some new kicks and a pair of pantalones. laters fakers!
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Thursday, February 13, 2003
So I've been trying to keep up with this blogs and the thing is I've lost about three that I've published. I also found out that I have to put them on nicenet which I have forgotten about since we first did it in class. So this is a test blog to see if I can get it together here. I have a few blogs building up in my blogger I hope I can link them to nice net.
I hate my niehgbors. They ave been builing something in there back yard and every morning I wake up to the sounds of a damn construction site. It's either that or howling dogs which live in every yaed around my window. I need to start going to bed earlier so I wake up fresh to these wonderful sounds. I was sick and missed this class on Tuesday. I never got to find out what went on, I hope I didn't miss anything important that the professor will be expecting from me today because if that's the case I'm screwed. I'm gonna keep this blog short because I'm tired of typing twenty minute bloggs that always seem to get lost somewhere between the submit button and the "publishers office."
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Wednesday, November 15, 2000
The New York Times on the Web
Vice President Al Gore said that if the hand recounts in Florida are allowed to go forward, he would abide by the outcome and drop all legal challenges that might prolong the process of choosing a president
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Rupert the bunny!
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Sunday, November 12, 2000
Just a meandering series of observations by a guy living in San Francisco. Most of the posts will probably come after each Sunday afternoon, since that's my big social thing for the week - beer bust at the Eagle and Lone Star, south of market. The Lone Star, especially, is a really cool bar. Easy to get laid there.....
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Tuesday, February 20, 2001
Dont even ask me about the title..muahaha. I woke up today with a cat on my head....what a wonderfull event to start off the day! Then..I went walking my dog..and some fat guy was smoking..and he yelled at me. I was just walking!! Fooey...Well Im going to go update the rest of my webpage and go to some meeting...FRAH!
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Tuesday, July 08, 2003
My Linksys wifi wireless router got fried yesterday during the worst thunderstorm I've seen in many years - along with my cable modem. I got a new modem today for free (thanks Cox) but I'm out of warranty on the router. Will go out and probably buy the latest 802.11g model. Five times faster they claim; we'll see about that.

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