Friday, June 27, 2008


A former friend of mine seems to enjoy laughing at my so-called "ignorance" and scoffing at every comment of mine that isn't perfect or scholarly. I can't make a description on AIM or write a poem on without it being examined by her, and when she finds a flaw or a reason why it is "stupid" she decides to post it everywhere so that other people whom I don't even know can laugh at me.

Here are some answers to an...erm...past argument she posted on her LiveJournal.

A. You pretend to know whether I have pain in my life. You don't even know me. You know Russian~Blue, JunePaw, and Blacky Kitty, but you do not know me in person. We have never met.

B. The poem about "pain" does not reflect on my life. Authors can write about things that do not apply to them, even if it is in first person. I could name several examples of yours which are surprisingly similar, but I will not.

C. Social anxiety...again, you do not know me. If you knew me, perhaps you would have a better idea of whether I really have social anxiety or not.

D. Insanity is an ambiguous word. In your case, it means constantly drinking Cokes and talking about depression which, in actuality, you know about as much of as I do. I am not depressed, in the literal sense. I have had mock-suicidal spells, but note the "mock" part. My insanity is much more subtle than that. If you are too busy pointing and laughing to notice it, then that's your own problem. As for making funny noises, I have every right to do that. It's in the First Ammendment. I think it's called the "right of free funny noises."

E. Begging for attention - you beg for attention with everything you do. Whatever you say cries out for attention again and again, though you may deny it. Your way of speech unveils a yearning to come out on top and seem superior. Mine, perhaps, does too, but you can't blame me of something you evidently wallow in yourself.

Currently, I am sort of ticked at Megan for giving you my screen name. I told her not to tell anyone.

~ Kaelyn est puella molesti quae in piscinam habitat. ~

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