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Sunday, January 19, 2003
am bored. god damnit. still have homework to do. dont feel like doing it. religion teacher, who is also aunt, keeps bugging me about incomplete homework. she thinks i give a damn. uhh.. anyway.
am in love with hugo weaving. can not believe how incredible he is. want him.
perhaps a little too lonely. heh heh. just a little.
anyway. i feel really shirty today. was in a pissy mood all day. had to go to rifle team practise today, find 45-year-old coach disturbingly hot. and he isnt a buff, super guy that most girls my age would find attractive. oh no. he's a fucking bear. but he has no facial hair. he looks like hugo weaving + 15lbs. god. am obsessed with hugo weaving. created fansite for him today. not published, but getting close. people getting annoyed at me talking about him so much. tagline: "hugo weaving is hotter."
methinks i'm crazy.
tired. but dont want to sleep. want sex with marc. and hugo.
marc continues to lead me on. thursday, he asked when birthday was. told him. then he said he'd either buy me a "toy", or do me.


fucking chair. it's s'posed to be comfortable, but it's too low for the desk, therefore my back is strained. my elbows hurt from mats too. mats we had to shoot on.
stupid rifles
stupid mats
stupid elbows

god. tired.
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