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Monday, April 26, 2004
okay i dont really know what this is so i'm just writing something... but i dont know what to write well i think these things can be stupid if you word things wrong but okay umm well im kelly and right now im soo excited for spring/summer cuz theres so many things to look forward my birthday for instance although i dont know what to do for it but i want to do something but i want to coordinate with everyone's schedules which can be kinda hard....confirmations coming up for me soon but my sponsor doesnt even know they're my sponser yet so im kinda screwed i dont even see the point in making us confirm now cuz most of us dont understand and dont know if we even believe the crap they tell us so its a little early to be forcing us to become part of the church i think its because they know when we get older we'll be like ew i dont have time for this so they feel they have to make us feel obligated to this stupid religion..okay well i dont feel like writing anything else so ill just write laterrr adios ¶ 3:00 PM

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Thursday, October 10, 2002
My dog is black.
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Monday, October 31, 2005
Pauley P
For anyone who's wondering why I have a link to a random person's blog on my blog, it's because of this: I'm tired of hearing about all the movie stars, and tv people, and musicians' lives. I know, everyone wanted to know what was going to happen between Jen and Brad, but really, what happened to them happens to everyday people all the time, and no one even gives it a second look. I turned on the tv tonight, and once again, there was an interview with Jennifer Aniston about everything in her life. I sure that people like her do good things too, but when they do good things, everyone knows about it. It kinda makes me wonder if they would still do those things is no one knew what they were doing. SO - my link to a random person is because I admire people like Pauley Perrette. I bet most people who read this don't even knows who she is, (Abby on NCIS - great show, CBS Tuesdays @ 7), I got bored one weekend, and looked up the bios of people that play on my favorite shows, and found out that alot of people do things that no one would know about, unless you take the time to look them up. I guess it sorta restored my faith in 'famous' people. There are some out there that aren't so completely obessed with how the media portrays them, and how much time they get in the spotlight. It kinda makes the world a better place.

P.S. - If you wanna know what Pauley does NOT for publicity, check out the links on her blog. It might be worth your time.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2001
Now that's one hot guy i'd like to fuck!...
uh anywayz this is my first time "blogging" so you might not like what you see..or hear..but i dont care =)..yup that's me anywayz my name is Natasha but everyone calls me Tasha. I live in Israel because my mom was a bitch and decided to move here. I was born in New York Queenz (Wha wha) heh yeah..and i miss it like crazy. I go to a real rich school were snobby peeps are all they got in it but DAMN does it have some fine guys in there! woo..yeah..I like only rap music and i love Eminem. Anyone who hates rap is fine with me. But anyone who hates rap and is basically a stupid asshole about it is gonna get their ass kicked! ()=). I'll be sure to put up as many pics of things as i can..but they'll all be from the internet cuz i don't got no scanner. I'll also try and rant daily. Heh. Well, i guess that's all for today. Tommoro you'll be reading about a day in the life of ME!. Excited already huh?. Payce
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Monday, January 31, 2005
The Giant World of the Internet
Where would this world be without the internet. I don't know?. What is really happening with the internet today.
Are people making money selling products on the internet, especially E- Bay.
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TERRIBLEDAY.BLOGSPOT.COM – Friday The Thursday The 13th

Thursday, June 12, 2003
Have you ever had a horrible, terrible day? Well, today is my day. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Could it be possible to have a Friday the 13th on Thursday. Let me tell you about my day and you can decide.
This morning I got up. It was one of the days when nothing seemed appropriate to wear. I finally located something-- a dress. Then, I didn't want to wear stockings; so, I decided to wear sandals. I had to remove the nail polish from my toenails. The polish remover must have been very old. It took forever to remove nail polish. Finally, 20 minutes later, after putting the nail polish away, and going back to get it, I got all the nail polish off. Then, I found the sandals I needed. I got to my workshop about 5 minutes late. Then, I had to catch up on the new skill of blogging. Boy! What an effort. My username would not work.
My username should have worked because I have a very unusual name. I think the computer thought I was lying about my last name. Finally, I used the dumbest last name and it worked. That last name doesn't even belong to me. Oh well, now you decide. Is this a horrible, terrible day? I hope it gets better.
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HOWDOESTHISWORK.BLOGSPOT.COM – If Gnats Are Secret Aliens, What Is Martin Sheen?

Thursday, August 07, 2003
First post! Summer has been a real wet one here in northern Illinois. Mosquitos love it. We've been invaded by gnats. I was wondering if they were aliens -- I just watched MIB again the other night. I am trying to learn how to make music on my pc --- with midi connections to synth and drum machine, but having a difficult time. Much harder than I thought. Well, Arnold is running for gov in CA. Maybe Martin Sheen should run. Or, Bill Mahar (?) So easy to be a critic.
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Sunday, December 03, 2000
When walking around yesterday, feeling kind of disoriented beause of the lack of romance in my life, I saw a man running around playing soccer with his sons. There were two of them, running around his legs, kicking the ball, trying to take it away from him. He smiled, but when he looked over at the bench that I had sat down on, you could kind of see a sorrow in his eyes. They were sort of empty, like if something was missing. Immediately I thought "his girlfriend is dead, just walk away felicity", but as so many times before they didn't listen. Sometimes I can just hit myself in the head while my feet walk right into heartache, unable to change their direction. So I leaned into the oak right in front of them, just looking. The man said hi, I smiled at him. He played some more with his kids, then he said that they should play alone for a while, that he neaded a break, and slowly walked towards me. "I'm Michael" he said, smiling, showing me teeths that were taken right out of a colgate commercial. "Felicity" I said, felt his hand (strong, but yet with soft babylike skin), looked into his eyes (there was a glimpse of life there) and smiled back. I felt it in my stomach when he looked at me, he just looked and smiled, didn't say anything. I had to shut Toni Braxton playing "Unbreak my heart" in my head off.
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