Friday, August 29, 2008


Monday, April 26, 2004
okay i dont really know what this is so i'm just writing something... but i dont know what to write well i think these things can be stupid if you word things wrong but okay umm well im kelly and right now im soo excited for spring/summer cuz theres so many things to look forward my birthday for instance although i dont know what to do for it but i want to do something but i want to coordinate with everyone's schedules which can be kinda hard....confirmations coming up for me soon but my sponsor doesnt even know they're my sponser yet so im kinda screwed i dont even see the point in making us confirm now cuz most of us dont understand and dont know if we even believe the crap they tell us so its a little early to be forcing us to become part of the church i think its because they know when we get older we'll be like ew i dont have time for this so they feel they have to make us feel obligated to this stupid religion..okay well i dont feel like writing anything else so ill just write laterrr adios ¶ 3:00 PM