Thursday, August 28, 2008


Sunday, December 03, 2000
When walking around yesterday, feeling kind of disoriented beause of the lack of romance in my life, I saw a man running around playing soccer with his sons. There were two of them, running around his legs, kicking the ball, trying to take it away from him. He smiled, but when he looked over at the bench that I had sat down on, you could kind of see a sorrow in his eyes. They were sort of empty, like if something was missing. Immediately I thought "his girlfriend is dead, just walk away felicity", but as so many times before they didn't listen. Sometimes I can just hit myself in the head while my feet walk right into heartache, unable to change their direction. So I leaned into the oak right in front of them, just looking. The man said hi, I smiled at him. He played some more with his kids, then he said that they should play alone for a while, that he neaded a break, and slowly walked towards me. "I'm Michael" he said, smiling, showing me teeths that were taken right out of a colgate commercial. "Felicity" I said, felt his hand (strong, but yet with soft babylike skin), looked into his eyes (there was a glimpse of life there) and smiled back. I felt it in my stomach when he looked at me, he just looked and smiled, didn't say anything. I had to shut Toni Braxton playing "Unbreak my heart" in my head off.
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