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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

This is the Fox News story about the Democratic debateRead about the Debate

Presidential WANTABEE Howard Dean or as I like to call him the Wax Dummy basically is saying if I am elected president I will embarass the United States in front of the entire world by causing us to fail in Iraq. I find all the democratic candidates positions on the war in Iraq appalling the only candidate that is supporting our brave troops is Joseph Liberman the others are not only bashing the president but also the troops serving in Iraq by making it seem like liberating the Iraqi people is wrong.

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Monday, September 08, 2003

Well its happening the democratic candidates are hammering the president on his speech last night. Candidate and left wind loon Howard Dean even went so far as to accuse the president of manipulating the threat of terrorism. Now democratic senators are saying that not only does the US now have to go to the UN but we need to give them more power this is absurd we are talking about coutries who tried to undermine us at everyturn now they want power. They did not want to fight for the Iraqis freedom but now they want to DICTATE it.

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- posted by Jeff @ 5:15 PM
Sunday, September 07, 2003

Did you see the Presidents speech tonight? I unfortunately did not but from what I hear on Fox News it was a gutsy move by the president to ask for 68 Billion dollars especially when the Bush Hater presidential candidates have him under the microscope. They keep whining about how Osama Bin Laden is still on the lose but if the President would go after him and not Sadam it would be what about Sadam. The best thing the President could do is to keep doing what he is doing ignore the crap that the candidates are saying and not stoop to their level. I do think however that something must be done to protect our troops serving in Iraqi

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- posted by Jeff @ 7:50 PM

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I was in a wildwest like bar, in new york, looking for a job, everyone outside the bar normally, cars going by, but once I entered this bar I couldnt see out.. on inside, there were all old fashioned people, really old picnic tables like at the beach. No one ever bought anything. There were 2 people working the store, always moving around and that, never had a second to talk. There were about 6 picnic tables and maybe 2 people per table. Some closets, and pillars apparently held the place up. THere were windows too, but they were tinted in the outsiders favor as if the bar was an experiment. I walked to the back of the store, and stood there for about 30 minutes it seemed, and both the workers knew why I was there for some reason, and talked to each other, walked over to me, and brought me to this table with papers in the corner. The 3 of us then stood near the table, facing away from it, leaning towards the back of the room. We never DID use any of the papers, or the table for any reason, but it seemed like it was an important table. So the 3 of us, leaning there for around a half hour, that seemed to be the proper time in this bar, 30 minutes... And then a girl walked in, maybe 30, her face was covered up by a giant black hat, and in the dream I couldn't make out her body. But I knew she was attractive, and from south america somehow. She walked right up the man that owned the bar, one of the 2 workers I was with, and yet they were identical, like copies, she knew who was the owner.

The following events happened so fast, it felt like I had no control over anything. She talked to the man who owned the store for 1 second, then she tugged on my arm, and walked into the closet, I then realized that there was nothing behind the counter, and that this bar look was just to cover up the fact that they just sold sex to ladies here. keep in mind all these thoughts happened fast, and the 2nd bartender(didnt own the store) then the owner walked up to me, looking at me, talked to the 2nd worker, and told him "he looks ready, might as well test him", (as I wanted a job here) so the 2nd worker kept giving me looks, as if he wanted to do in this lady waiting in the closet... By now I wanted to get out, even though the girl was attractive, but the owner was forceful, and told me to go in the closet, no explaination as if some how he knew I knew the place was a whorehouse, and I obeyed and went into the closet, after I was in the place opened up and was rather large, and quickly closed up and me and this south american girl were so close we couldnt breath. She talked sweet, but very blunt.. She told me to fingure her, so I did, kind of holding back, and this lasted about 2 seconds, and the "2nd worker" came in, and I ran out. I must have turned around, tooken 2 steps out of the closet, flicked the door behind me, and thats all I can remember... yet leaving
the closet took what seemed like 2 hours.

Now I found myself at Walnut Creek, my middle school, in gym class. Yet the school didnt look at all what walnut creek was like, I just had the impression that it was walnut creek. I was in gym class with about 200 people doing whatever they pleased, some going very fast, some going very slow. Abnormal thing in his dream was that the water in the pool was all normal, yet a small layer had the consistency of concrete, yet appearence of water. Almost everything was blue, except for my black swimming shorts. To the far end, (where I was) the roof opened up and revealed a black sky, but I knew it was daytime, and just accepted the blackness. There was a really large wooden platform towards the entrance to the gym, somehow blending in with the whole place normally, something from splash lagoon it seemed I was walking fast towards this, on the edge of the pool, yet it took me around 1 hour to get to the platform, because the edge of the pool kept getting longer... all the while everyone was doing whatever they wanted. Suddenly I was on top of the platform, and it seemed about 5 stories high, and was about a half mile oval like shape, where I was standing. Suddenly everything was ranked and filed, and looking to my left were 3 men in tuxes, all the kids in gym class still doing things, but much like they were programmed, stiff, yet still what they wanted, and dressed in preppy like clothing. (this all seemed normal, even 'mist all the water). in the 3 men with tuxes was regis philbin, in a brown tux, while the 2 men to either sides had black black tuxes. By now I felt out of place, yet I saw no way to escape, I too was moving in a linear path, even if my path was just standing there. Then a girl appeared in front of me with a inter-tube, red and yellow colors on it, I looked back at regis, and he looked happy, and I felt like he was controling everything, as if the mind behind the whole world. I couldnt make out anything about this girl, but I liked her, because I felt like she was the only one not moving on these pre-determined paths. She came closer to me, and I was trying to figure out why she had a inter-tube, for 2 people. I looked to my left, (the opposite of the 3 men in tuxes) and there was a winding red slide there, as if she put it there. She set the tube down, got in front, I got in back, (this was all on that platform thing) and regis came in and got behind me. I then felt like the whole thing was a contest, and we had to race down the slide into this pool. So all 3 of us went down the slide in this inter-tube, and we entered the water, went under, and suddenly it was just me and her, no regis, no people, no inter-tube, just me and her, and even though I couldnt see what she looked like at all we were staring at eachother, and I right here I thought she was the most perfect girl in the entire world, and we were both breathing underwater, breathing air, somehow. This lasted only for a few seconds, and then she took off at unhuman speeds, and I was just floating underwater watching her take off... I assumed she could go so fast because
she had some kind of power, I thought of her as a hacker, and this world that we were in was a program, probably because I just saw matrix2. then before any thoughts could be finished, I was right next to her going at her speed, underwater, like she was pulling me behind her, with her. I then noticed a stand in the water, holding a pink hola-hoop up above the water, and after noticing this, everyone moving about on there linear paths, except me and the girl. We then jetted up out of the water, (all of this not in my hands) and were going still going in the same direction, like the pool never ended, about 2 feet above the water, now going slow. I then noticed others flying with us, sort of like a race. I thought the finish line was going out of this huge hole in the roof, so we started going a little bit higher and higher.

Before anyone finished the race, me and this girl were in a hallway, (this now looked like walnut creek) with lockers, and there was a ladder going up into the roof, so she went up first, and then I could finally see her... She was sort of short, dirty blonde hair, and her face and body looked completely perfect in every way, but I didnt get to long of a look... after we both climbed up the ladder, I was suddenly very short, and she became Patrick Star from spongebob squarepants (?). inside the roof was a hallway made of metal, except for a huge glass window down the hall. Me and her, even though I no longer thought of her as the girl, I thought of her now as Patrick from spongebob, and all her powers were stripped from her/him. We walked down this metal hallway, towards the window... it felt like we were rebeling now, me and pat. As if there was something that they were hiding down here, in a metal hallway above the school. We reached the window, and suddenly a fat version of regis was next to me, and my uncle paul, trying to stop us or something. They went for patrick first, and obviously killed him, I never learned, and I ran up a staircase, that was somehow magically there. I was then in a laaarge-dark warehouse like room, turning back, there was no longer no staircase. I was now this sonic like person, very small, and had a blue backpack on. I took something I thought was valueable, what I thought they were hiding back here, and put it into my backpack. Important, I never learned what I took. The whole time since walking up the staircase, I felt like I was running, and I felt like I knew why I was up here, to fuck over walnut creek. I also thought regis was the
principle of this school. there was a window with no glass covering it in this dark room, the only light source, so I ran out. The building I walked out of was a really old shitty concrete building from downtown, and I was on a muddy side of a river, a thick forest on the other side of the river. I was running along this muddy side, some spots of grass, when I felt my uncle and fat regis on my back, so I ran faster, and around this bend there was something resembling a concrete-bunker, and only I could fit under it... I was getting really scared, because normally I would just turn around and clean these guys if I Was my normal self, but I was this sonic character, so I hid under the bunker, and there was just enough room for a hand to come up under and grab me, so I pushed some dirt up against the hole I climbed in, and then I felt them both pounding on the right side of this bunker, I ran out the same hole I went in, (to the left) and I was suddenly myself, and I Was 2 feet above the ground, regis was gone, same wih my uncle, only this gray colored helicopter, about 6 stories into the sky, propellers going and the 2 people in it had guns aimed at me.. then I woke up

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