Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Thursday, February 07, 2002

why did the title of my page change? well i am beginning to see things in a different perspective. I think i am beginning to take all these little clues and put them together. I really had no clue. But somehow im beginning to see what i want to do...and who i want to be..and who my real friends are.

I really enjoyed reading tims website. His entry from last night is something i think everyone should read. Recently on my old page i wrote basically a short version of tims ideas. Im glad someone else has these views. Its weird to see how many of us really think about these things. I really thought i was the only person who thought about smoking in that way. Im really happy that tim has the same mindset. And tim i think me and you think too much about stuff. You could see me in the hallway in school and probably never think that i am the type to think about everything so cautiously and how i really think things through. But i am that person. And i like it that way because i dont regret things i do. I dont think anyone should.

Maybe i have fallen out of the so called loop...or maybe i just lost the flow of things. I really am trying to just see what i am doing this year. Last yr was just following the rules, and doing everything to get through school. I see this year as a time to find myself. and maybe its a time to find new friends..or just who my real ones are. I dont really care what my grades are..and i dont really care what i end up doing on a friday night. I like where i am ..and i like who im spending all this time with. I want everyone to take a step back and see if they are where they want to be. If what they are doing in there spare time is actually what they want to do. If who they talk to everyday is actually who they want to talk to. It really matters.

i may sounds like i have no idea what im talkin about, but i am where i want to be.
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