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Saturday, October 02, 2004
Stud Muppet
This is tha story of how my life got fliped up side down becaue I was standing on my head,
I'll tell you all abut how to become a prince mild of bill's hair.

It was seven o'clock,I was looking rather shabby on my hair,witch is asshair from know. The sun wassn't shining and the clouds wassn't shining either. I had to drink sopm urin,...ekskjus me, I ment water. The water wassn't rather hot...but pretty cold ...had to drink it fast to avoid pain that can be reseved by stupide obuse...rather harmless actually...but still.
The postman,Koy Orgjær,used to be gay...he allways came five minutes late, day he wassn't late,....I HATE when that happens, i killed he's monkey buttface with a big hammerslam.I traveled south....because that's were I use to work.I am a waist of talent,my tomagochy misslead unoutorised secretary woman said....she hate cheese cake,...but eat's it's rather crazy actually if you ask me....she often marries me without asking,it's stupid....then she wont sleep with my and says that I look to uptight for her taste,so we devorse...Now I must hide forever.......

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003
ill with cold this second day of the new year...leak leak sob sob. Just microwaved a sausage, and it looked like an exploded finger. :( But ate it anyway and it tastes ok...
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Friday, April 24, 2009
1) Babies

Strangers of all stripes go ape-shit for babies. They take babies as an opportunity to smile and chuckle indulgently at both you and baby, kiss your baby without asking, shout over the crying baby that parenthood is a beautiful thing, talk loudly to their friend about how ridiculously cute that baby over there is and how they just want to eat it right up, and confess to you that they are trying to get pregnant and do you have any tips.

If you are a single man looking to pick up, babies are a great way to meet people! You will become instantly irresistible to women of child-bearing age, and you get extra sensitivity points for being seen with a baby. Female strangers will have no qualms about coming over to pet the baby and see if you have a wedding ring. If you don't have a baby of your own, ask your friends if you can borrow theirs.

WARNING: Beware desperate maternally-crazed baby-snatching strangers! Do not leave your baby unattended in the presence of strangers.
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