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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

So i have a huge penis, but no girls are having sex with me. The day will come.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Heh today I saw the 5th Wheel. It's this date simulator where 2 guys and 2 girls go on dates and then they introduce a fifth person later on either male or female. So they two guys were some white guys with black and black eyes and nearly the same build. Of the two girls one was asian, the other was white blonde hair, barbie doll. Both the guys thought the blonde girl, who was reallly good looking, was pretty dumb. She was pretty dumb, but was hotter than the chinese girl. Well anyway the introduce the blonde girl's best friend, who is also blonde, as the fifth wheel. The two blonde girls make out and stuff. Both they are both pretty stupid and think that the guys are boring. Fastfowarding to the end, the best looking of the two guys wins and picks the chinese girl. I also watched two episodes of Elimidate. It is a real dumb show but at least it is realistic.
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Saturday, April 05, 2003

your mom is hot and i fucked her.
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fuck you
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Thursday, February 06, 2003

my eyes hurt, myabe i should do some math homework now...later i also better go online and check out AP CHEM shit and check out SPARKNOTES for my english class i stopped understanding the material a long time ago.
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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Hello there! I am Frank Chang and I attend Lowell High School in San Francisco, California. Life can be described as anything but easy. Today, I got mad at my dad, because he locked me out of house for a couple of minutes. He always locks me out of the house. I was.
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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
New ways to market and sell anything ¶ 8:08 PM

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Tuesday, October 29, 2002
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Monday, October 28, 2002
-Soda (Diet Pepsi, por favor)
- Sandwich bread
-SoCo Egg Nog
-Vanilla Ice Cream
-Aluminum foil
-3 boxes of cereal (i believe Smart Start is on sale)
-Halloween coookies with lot o' frosting
-popcorn - light butter or light natural -whichever is on sale
-Spread butter (2) (move over butter or I can't believe...)
-stick butter (generic, unsalted)
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Friday, September 13, 2002
1. Dishwasher soap

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
1. Soda for both of us

---Any laundry or dry cleaning that needs to be done or dropped off?
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日曜日, 7月 17, 2005
A perfectly moist brownie...
A delicious blend of the finest Dutch cocoa powder, sweet rice flour, chickpea flour, and pure cane sugar - this rich brownie is topped with a dark rum fudge icing. Simply wonderful!
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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

If You ran away
Name Kimberly Denise Christianson
Age 16
You would runaway to- a hotel
You would bring- underwear (the sexy kind)
You would meet- a friend
Would you ever go back? Maybe one day

This QuickKwiz by Midnight_Sunrise - Taken 93 Times.

New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology

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Thursday, October 02, 2003i still remember the SMS i send you, saying that i wouldn't hurt you again. i was really delighted that we could start afresh, really. i appreciated every moment that i've spent with you. but i really wonder what has happened between us recently. please don't say that i'm over sensitive or what. i just hate it when the person i care about dosen't even bother to reply my SMS, much less a call. are you that busy that you couldn't send me a SMS? maybe you are, and i don't blame you for that(i have no reason to do so anyway). and i understand that your studies comes before me, i know where i stand. i found it hard for use to communicate anymore, thus this 'blog' as the last resort..

i told myself this. maybe you have lost interest in me, or maybe you're purely busy. i'm afraid too.

am i really thinking too much?
Posted by: Jeff / 1:21 AM
my dearest Kat

i know what i've done to you in the past, that hurt you so badly. and amazingly, we actually got together on the 28th of Aug'03! i thought it was a dream, but i know i wasn't dreaming, it was real. i could also vividly remember how we started, and every single thing that happened during our relationship. it was all heart-felt..

it all started on the 27th, the day we went to watch Mars(no we didn't saw any but for the first time, i saw a meteor instead). it was the first time i drove out alone. it was you, the first passenger(as i've promised). i arrive and parked infront of the YCK MRT station, waited awhile and there you came. i was anxious, and drove to the AMK central. we had MOS Burger together. had a good laugh before dinner, remember? the position of my car(hahahaa). after that, it was almost 8+ or 9. parked at the carpark, you were playing with the piggy in my brother's car. phone rang, then i went to pick up Adrian, and Jensy. head towards Marina South soon after. we were disappointed because we didn't catch a single glimpse of the Mars. Jens felt hungry and wanted to eat, but the rest of us were full. so we went to the Super Bowl instead. you wanted to visit the toilet, i tagged along. after you came out, you were behaving funny-ly and ran back to the toilet. i still remember what you told me. then the two of them went to the arcade, we felt bored so i took you for a boring short spin. we return back to the arcade, and you leaned on me! i was shocked, and my palms went sweaty, i felt something.. later on, we head to geylang for porridge, i scooped you some. after 'supper' and chit chatting, i sent you home and it was already 3+am in the morning. that was the end of long enjoyable day..

on the 28th, i remember you went back school for something. we took bus 72 all the way from the start to the end, from YCK to Tampines. you suggested to watch 'Tales of Two Sisters', your favourite show. alright, we got the tickets and went to the food court for dinner, you had your favourite Japanese food. it was about time for movie, we proceeded into the cinema. your HP rang, you picked up and i over heard bits of your conversation. as it was already quite late after movie, i walked you home. and you told me things that i still remember clearly, i was touched deep inside. and upon reaching the staircase, you prompted me that question. i blushed, i didn't know how to react, but i agreed because i wanted to be with you long ago. Adrian and Jens knows about it. Went to 7-11 to grab a drink as i was almost dying of thirst and took a cab home..

the following day, 29th, we went out on our 'first official date'. we met at CityHall MRT and walked through City Link and arrive at Suntec. you told me that you don't like walking alone, so we held hands for the first time(it was outside the lingerie shop)! you said you wanted to go shopping, so we made our way to the This Fashion. oh yah, i'm sorry i knocked into you, didn't mean it.. we strolled around Marina Square too, and you wanted to have Long John but it was packed. so i suggested the food court, you had spagehtti. after your meal, we continue window shopping and passed by this shop, and you paused. i got this feeling that you're eyeing one of the wind chimes, and i wanted to buy that as a surprise gift to you. anyway, after that we headed towards the Esplanade, went to the roof top. wow, for the first time i felt like a real man, a BF of somebody. nice songs, i still remember the band was playing Jay Zhou's 'An Jing', forgot the others. by then we were already sitting infront of the Merlion, so called "vomitting" according to Jens. Sat around for a while and we walked to the bus stop, took 10 to Tampines. walked through the same path, and reach the staircase again. this time round, you prompted me another 'challenge'. to either wish you goodnight, or to give a goodnight kiss. i didn't know where my guts went to, i hesitates for 30 mins. in this 30 mins, my heart beat was abnormally fast, i could feel it. at the end, i threw myself forward and gave you a smooch on the cheek. in return, you wanted to give me one but (for don't know what reason), i dodged it! guess you were feeling embarrassed and disappointed, sorry.. after that you went your way and i went mine. a good day, afterall.

Aug 30th, today you weren't free(you had class chalet). so i went back to the same shop, browsed around and this dolphine wind chime caught my eyes. though it's the smallest and cheapest among all, i didn't bother about it. grabbed it and go, went to meet Adrian and friends, went town. then when i finally got home, i went ransacking for wrapping papers, found this old roll, and i started working on it. after around 30 mins or so, i'm done! had that rush to go all the way down just to pass it to you. but i didn't know how to get to Pasir Ris Park, so i tried and found my way there. maybe because my heart could navigate yours(ok lame..)? i didn't like to give gifts just like that, so i hid it. then send one of your friends to the MRT and headed back to Tampines. you were hungry because you said you didn't had anything at the chalet, so KFC for you. while you were away, i smuggled the gift into the side pocket. you had your burger at the park, we had fun too. playing with your fingers and remember the tissue box? i hope you still do. after that we had a chat and it's late(so fast), drove and dropped you at the shelter. automatically a smooch on your cheek, and you return with one. i couldn't ask for more and was on cloud-nine.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sundays are good days for me because they are postal holidays.
Not that I receive many letters ordinarily, but on weekdays I sit in expectation of a letter from you.
You have never written to me a traditional letter. I have written perhaps a total of 3 in the 7 odd years that I have known you.
7 years huh? It's been that long! Technically, our acquaintanceship has grown over 7 years. Does fascination and nostalgia and missing count as part of knowing?Why not? Every thought, intellectual or silly, heavy or light, every feeling, every emotion that has borne your name, the extraordinary color of your eyes, has been in some way a knowing of you.
Out of the 3 letters, the first one I sent to you from very far away.That summer, rife with almost 10 months of knowing of you, I was sitting in my house, the house where I grew up.
It was hot as hell.
Our house is an uncomplicated three storey house. The third storey is where I had lived out my girlhood, reclusively, indifferent to the heat.
The bottom most floor is the coolest, and drifting into the cool of this floor one can dream amazing dreams.
That summer, remote and distant from my girlhood skill for absorbing pain, I situated myself invariably in the dining room, the room that occupied pride of place of the cool bottom most floor of the house.
I would sit in the cool and the heat would wither away magically. I would see your face like a pale shimmering shadow, now here, now gone.My body would ache with what I know not.
Descriptors don't come to me easily.Nouns, adjectives slough off like old skin.
But there was ache of a pleasant kind.
One afternoon, I saw your face and thought of writing to you. I didn't know what to write to you. I couldn't have written a love letter, for that would have been a melange of indiscretion and absurdity.So I thought of writing about the seasons, of heat and the monsoon.
To write about the heat and the monsoon as it is would be a terrible cliche, for when Westerners speak of India and when Indians represent the place to Westerners, it is through the heat and the monsoon that they do so.
I was aware of the fallacy of repetition and predictability.
I was self conscious, for I didn't want to displease you.
To be honest, I wanted to be inventive and pleasing.So, I penned a letter where I imagined you and me in the heat of this landscape, in the pouring rain someplace under these skies.
I was discreet, concealing every truth in a cheap pseudo-Bollywood imago. I was clowning, as I always have whenever I have found myself poised precariously on the precipice of a reckoning (with my feelings for you).
I wrote of rain-wetting and heat-wetting: just as the rain can soak you to your bones, so the heat can drown your skin in rivulets of perspiration.
I had imagined the two of us getting wet either way, in the rain and under the sun.
I don't remember what else I had scribbled.
My heart had pounded as I had written my silly piece on a scrawny blue colored airmail.
I had to hide what I was writing from my parents.
Next day, my father had carried the letter with him. All international mail had to be mailed from the big central post office, named the GPO.
I remember the GPO: the mother of all post offices, where beggars and peons lay their cheek on the soothing cold of the marmoreal colonnades.
My letter went out to you on a very very hot day.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dear baby to be. You will not come out of my womb, for sure.
In about 2-3 years time you will be lying, just as a foundling lies, in a pen with wrought iron railing; in an orphanage perchance in this worlds' troubled parts. And I will google you out and bring to me.
I mean to say, I will most likely adopt you, get to know you, make you mine by and by.
To you I will be pledging myself as a wholesome parent, a caretaker par excellance.
But before that moment, of bringing you from somewhere far out there, within/without the ken of my geographical knowledge, into my demesne, I need to engage in extensive work of preparation. Your arrival, sweet dear of my future, must be preceded by the arrival of another: your mother.
For baby dearest, though I would from day one feed you, imprison you gently in a soft, dimpled seatlet in the passenger's side seat of my small eco friendly car, take you astrolling in a state of the art stroller whose very size and aura of modernity will keep ill-wishing strangers at bay, socialize you into the fine art of reading and discerning, read to you chunks from Rabelais' Pantagruel and Gargantua, and from Rabindranath Tagore's 'Geetanjali,' and protect you from the menacing guns of Disney, I need another to help me help you.
I need somebody singular to be a partner of me and a mother of you.
For baby dearest, think of how much better would it be for me and for the both of us, if two of us, instead of just me, the one, were to coo good art and right thinking into your ears every night before you go to sleep.
I have an irrational belief that a child must be raised by two singular people, not one.
For, though in my thirties, a child but I am myself, and I can't hope to raise you alone.
This space I devote to the chronicling of my quest for your mother.

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I haven't really bloggered my blog lately but I thought today would be a good time to let it all out.

As usual my life is boring and uneventful except for brief moments of pointless banter and outburts of directionless anger.

I got a call from my sister back in Virginia yesterday evening, it appears that my cousin (Justin Krumpe) was in a major car accident just the previous night and in critical condition today. Justin is like one of those guys, I think, that is just out there... if you know what I mean. He was the one that was the guy I think of when I watch a family television show and you always have that one dude that smokes pot all the time and skips school, etc.. etc.. the bad ass basically. I think, though, this is one of those times when I wish the outcome on television wasn't like life. Because you see... the bad ass is always the one that gets in a car accident, and/or dies in another type of accident. And I know, if he even survives the hospital he's not going to want to live anyway, I don't think I would disagree if I were in the same position... Either way, from the extent of the crash he's going to have brain damage, and if he's stuck in a wheelchair, or anything at all he's not going to want to live.

Off of that subject a little bit, Blake is coming to California again tonight. Yay. I'm supposed to go pick him up at LAX this evening at 10:30 so I'll let you guys know what happens later on some time.

For some reason I knew that these last few months were going to suck ass before they even happened and I guess I must be psychic because they really have. The day of the dead is upon us.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Friday, April 30, 2004
Yo and greetings from the lunch line. Today we are serving SOS .. or as my dad so lovingly referred to it ... "Shit on Shingles". People flock to the lunchline to sample the congealed white pastelike & totally tasteless gravy, in which small bits of something terribly odiferous and unappetizing are suspended much like small turds embraced by Elmers Glue ... It is lovingly served over slices of stale bread, blanketed with salt and pepper and followed up with an ice cold Schlitz Beer in the can, no less. Mmmm .. who could resist...

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Tuesday, May 29, 2001
something new. what I've learned is that most people don't like change. okay, so I admit it, change isn't the easiest thing in the world. but who knows, the new stuff might turn out to be better than what it was. am I getting too deep here?

who knows why the golfer wore two pairs of pants? in case he got a hole in one, of course!
memorial day weekend passed by first day of my first job was on Saturday night, and I ended up working Sunday night as well. waitressing. aside from breaking a champagne glass and constantly dropping my side towel, work went by okay. after lifting those heavy trays, I don't think I'll need to do bicep curls on my left arm for the rest of the summer, or as long as I have this job, whichever lasts longer.
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Friday, November 19, 2004
I get nervous wen ever I see my name even if its good I still worry and if I see that when something is related to me then I get nervouse and when I see a boy smile at me then I get nervouse. I hate when friends tell you they're you friends and they're really not they're just using you to get a boy or look a difference or to spread more gossip I get nervouse and I wanna puke and I wanna cry and I wanna Laugh and I wanna Scream and I wanna Punch but no one is there and I;m left alone trust me it's happened way too often for me and if your just gonna use me then just don't bother with me you'll just get me to hurt you. Dont mess with me unless you accually wanna be my friend.

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My Journal
Well ne one can read this but I m gonna write whatever the hell I want? ok ? ok. so if you wanna see it read what you want and if you wanna talk to me send to

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Monday, April 16, 2001
This is my continuing story of trying to get Road Runner to provide the service for which I pay. I have had multiple outages of many hours each during the past four months. Two of the outages lasted in excess of one day, with one being 30 hours while the other stretched from a Monday through a Friday. In addition to the outages, I have had to put up with idiotic routing that puts me about 10 hops from the Internet in each direction.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2002
I like him so much. I really like him. He is always in my thoughts. I love his eyes. They are green in sum lite but change in others. When he speaks its like my favorite song. We share the same feelings...but im frustrated. I know we will be in school for 4 more years together...i wish we would hook up. God i wish we would hook up...

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Saturday, March 01, 2003

on a gray, hot, humid day, i died a little.

everyone in this position feels their loss is incomparable and thinks the words they write about it are profound and moving. they are not deterred by the universality of the feeling and the feebleness of their expressive powers. me neither.

if we, the mean, cannot convey profoundly, we ache no less than the great. churchill said, reflecting on the death of his wife, that "the light in my life went out forever." his hurt, his anguish was not greater than ours, of mine, of bobbie carpenter's, such a happy person married all her life to eddie, happy, not just content or resigned to,but happy with her life in elkton and her life with eddie. every day walking past our house on the way home, always smiling at nothing and everything and then that day eddie was driving down the street with the door open and not realizing it and the going to the doctor and the discovery of the brain tumor, the size of a golf ball and the hopeless operation in pittsburgh and the inevitable result. afterwards bobbie would walk the same way home but never she smiled again. the smile had gone out of her life forever.

it is like a death. perhaps that' the ultimate conceit but that's the comparison felt here. michelle was my other half, truly my soul mate. the two days apart earlier in the last week. everything i did, everything i read and thought was done with her in mind. gotta tell michelle about this, michelle has to read this, wonder what michelle will think of this, it was in those days that i knew what it would be like, that part of my life ended, i was going to die a little. because it wouldn't just be the pain, but the loss. i will not be able to go to art things or parties or study ulysses and the odyssey for a long time. what for? i have noone to talk to. noone to share with. share a life with. it's gone. my other half is gone. "michelle, michelle, michelle."

we were that rare couple who were truly better than the sum of our parts. as a couple we were a unit. we made each other better. we were a GREAT couple. "the fun couple," israel the photographer, said. everyone who saw us together saw it. they had never seen anything like it. dawn and sara. michelle's mom. strangers: israel, the man at temple, "are you two getting married?" "stop having so much fun," the lady at the ballet function, when we just started dancing spontandously in front of everyone.

names-child, little one, the molecules, the mollies, cherub, peach, cherubic cherub, "first bite for the baby," everytime we would start eating.

our first trip to new york:
-carnegie hall: "cole na vay (sp?), wagner, daniel baranbohm
-the opera: so enchanted, so in love, hoding her hand and not wanting to let it go

"i drink it"

"give it"

kaufman samuel, our wished for, dreamed about, strong, brave, loved, worshipped, never to be, little boy. i love you, kaufman. your daddy loves you.

leaving a message after she first got her toes painted "i think i have the prettiest toes in the world."

her excitement at everything; her willingness to do anything; her embrace of all i exposed her to

her closing in jenkins

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Thursday, October 04, 2001
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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Guys, if you are single, take my advice and STAY THAT WAY! Let me tell you what will happen if you don't...

It was 5 years ago, I remember it like yesterday. I met this woman online. We chatted for weeks and finally met. I met her fort lunch at Chili's on Meridian in OKC one nice March day in 1999. It all started there. We dated some. Then we got serious about each other. I married her in June of 2000. Now the hook was set.

Within 4 months, I was accused of having an affair. I was accused of "getting my rocks off by letting my dentist stick her hands in my mouth". Yes that was her exact words. Then came the "you can't (fill in the blank) because you are incompetent". Then came the lying accusations. Then came counseling. A whole year of it. I spent thousands on it. Sure, sure, it helped some, but it didn't solve the underlying problems. To her, I was still a lying cheating stealing no-good, corrupt incompetent piece of shit.

Add to all that, a leaky roof on the house. I start to change the roof. It comes a storm. 4 inches of rain in just a few hours along with 80 MPH winds. It rained harder INSIDE the house than outside. The ceilings fall in. The floor warps. The walls get mold. We have to get an apartment for 4 months. Of course it was all MY fault. The contractors suck.

Add to that, parents-in-law. Both her parents moved into the house in april 2002. Her dad died in march 2003. Her mother still lives here with us. She messes herself. She sleeps all day and watches TV all night. The TV is so loud I can't sleep. My wife sleeps with the TV on, too. It's been so long since I slept a full night I don't remember what it is like.

Now here it is January of 2004. I was accused of "sneaking around" again before Christmas. I was accused of fraud (yes, fraud, as in mail fraud). I haven't had sex in weeks. I'm so sick of it all. I can't concentrate at work. I'm miserable, and it is time to call it quits. It'll probably cost me 15-20k to get out, but I think it'll be cheap in the long run.

So, guys, take my advice: Let this little lesson be fair warning: STAY SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!
You won't know how much the words "There's the door, bitch!" is worth, until you can't tell them that any more.

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Thursday, September 13, 2001
i wonder why they are not yet publishing to number of bodies found in the WTC crash
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Monday, February 21, 2005

This guy is excited about turning 30...


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Day 1
I am turning thirty this year.

On June 7th at 10:57A.M. EST, I will officially be thirty.

At this point, some of you are looking at this wondering what the big deal is. Maybe you are turning fifty this year, and you wish you were thirty. Maybe you are turning twenty-one, and thirty is so far off, you have no qualms.

But I know that there is at least one of you who feels the queasiness in the belly, who feels the dread, who constantly looks over her/his shoulder and sees the ugly, craggily face of Father Time staring her/ him down. It is to you that I write this Blog.

Now, don't think that I am buying into all this "I'm turning thirty" hysteria because of the number. The number itself is rather innocuous. Turning thirty affords a woman a whole new level of respect. People imagine that she is no longer that silly twenty year old who drinks out of a beer bong, or who blows her entire paycheck on a Coach bag. People are more apt to believe her when she explains that a flamingo is pink because it eats shrimp (no really, it's true). She is more experienced in her career, and can really start to climb that corporate ladder of success.

That is all well and good, and I am really looking forward to it. What concerns me about turning thirty are the various physical and mental changes I feel happening in me. Let's discuss each separately:

Physical: As of 2/19/05, I have a black hair that grows out of my chin, and must be plucked. I thought this was something that only happened to evil witches in story books. Apparently, all the evil witches in story books were inspired by women on the verge of thirty.

Mental: I understand "Adultspeak". When I was a child, I used to dream about the day I would understand what adults discussed. That I would get the complaints about the IRS, or about insurance. Today, I discovered myself getting excited at the prospect of buying disability insurance for myself through Aflac.

What other changes will I experience over the next 106 days? Stay tuned to find out...
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Third Person Singular
To my perverse delight, Punk Ass Art Boy (PAAB) has made a reappearance. I met him at this dive down in DUMBO where one of my friends bartends. PAAB is a painter, former skateboarder, a shaggy-haired, trucker hat-wearing hipster. He was, for a couple of months, a couple of years ago, my boy toy. We've kept in sporadic contact since the demise of our whatever it was. I hadn't heard from him since the end of the summer, but got an email yesterday. We're meeting for a drink after work. This will allow me to catch up on the cool words the youngsters pepper their conversation with these days. The last I saw him, the word "pimp" as in "Dude, that's so pimp," was in heavy rotation. PAAB also refers to himself in the third person.

I: "So, D., how are you? What have you been up to since I saw you?"

PAAB: "Dude, it's all good. The D's been hangin', you know. Working on this painting. It's pimp, man."

Yes, he's for real. And no, I did not steal any of the above from a Seinfeld episode.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2001
Hi, this is Elaine and Welcome to My Page!
Why have I called it Little Sister? I'm the youngest of 4 sisters in my family and long for having just one normal, kind sister, its not in the cards. Why does it matter? I look for sisterly guidance as I travel through life. Someone to bounce things off of, someone who's known me forever, to learn from their experience. Who should a sister be? What qualities do they possess? Is it all a fairy tale?

My sisters have been anything but sisterly. I wear my armour when I talk to my sisters. This was not always the case. All through my 20's I turned to them with fresh vulnerbility and innocence, certain that if I phrased things right, or perceived what they needed I would be granted admittance to sisterhood. I was so happy anticipating reunions. Now, I think how to protect any future children of mine from their sting.

Do other women feel this way? They must. The longer I live, I come to realize the commonality of all experience. My husband and I are planning our family now and I've become aware that I have a small belief that any female child we conceive will dislike me. Trailing this feeling to its source: my sisters. I'm planning to seek counselling for these issues of sadness. When I've overcome it maybe I'll change the name of the Page!

This page will pimarily be my outlet. It will share my thoughts and experiences, truthfully and not in anyway limited solely to the topic of sisters. Please write to me with your insights.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Tonight was my class ring banquet. I started getting ready around 4...taking a shower and stuff...since I looked like shit in school today. I spent a long time on my makeup and it still looked terrible! My dad came with me to the banquet. I wanted my mom to, but she was sick...supposedly :\ We met Liv and Eric there and sat with them. It was a little weird with my dad.... They served pizza and stuff for dinner. It was nice. I've eaten so much today I feel like I was trying to go for the world record weight gain in one day. After dinner they presented the rings and took pictures. I like my's pretty. When I got home I changed into sweats because my outfit was so uncomfortable. I am so lazy lol I always have to be in like sweat pants and a tee shirt. Ugh I feel so sick from all the food I had today. I really want a nice, big, cold, glass of fresh orange juice, but ofcourse we don't have any. My parents are so annoying so I have to go! I really can't stand them! Fuck them!
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Thursday, July 26, 2001
This possum continues to inhabit my, and several other, back yards, but has turned out to be a delight rather than a pest.

After doing some research, I found out that possums (1) do not carry rabies, in fact their metabolism is set up to REJECT rabies--one has a higher risk from a dog, cat, racoon, or HUMAN bite than from a possum

(2) Possums eat all the icky vermin: mice, roaches, ants, slugs, etc. So they're like little bio-vacuum cleaners.

(3) My cats get along with the possum and don't attack it, even when it comes in the back door to eat their food. They, evidently, think it's another cat and part of the "family." The cats don't like squirrels, though. Felix and Rodentia families just don't mix.

More later
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Friday, June 01, 2001
An opossum has adopted me. Well, at least he/she has adopted my house.

I live in a brownstone in Jersey City an have a back yard garden. I often leave the door to the garden open so my three cats can enjoy the outdoors in the fenced-in garden. The cats are smart enough not to stray from the back yard, because they know where their food is, and they are would HATE to find the door shut.

Anyhow, recently, we have had a 'possum visitor.

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Thursday, September 04, 2003

well... I'm at a point where I can't even talk about ploitics, world events, etc without something short-cicuiting in my head and causing me to shutdown.... you remeber back in grade school and when the teacher had enough of the class, she/he would yell "Heads Down!" and you would fold your arms on your desk and put your head down..... well... that's what happens to me anytime I try to have a good "discussion" with anyone...


maybe I can rant here.... maybe someone will agree... maybe....

we'll see....

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Monday, July 28, 2008


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Jack, the old man next door, is a real character. He swears up and down that SBC is out to get him. SBC is his phone company and he says they are charging him over $100 a month for his phone service.
I went over this morning and looked at his bills. The only SBC bill he had was from August, for $70. I called SBC and they said that was the last payment they had received, he owed for Sept and Oct. And that he should get a bill next week.
I told him to let me know when that bill comes and we would look at it.
Later that day he calls me again and says that he has heard lots of people are taking SBC to court for overcharging. That they are a bunch of crooks. Then he says he don't know why he lets his bills slip.
I went down in his basement and found he had cut one of his water lines and had stopped it up with something because the pipe was leaking. Then I looked at his water heater and he said he had just put in a new one. Instead of doing the job right, soddering with copper pipe he had used a rubber hose with clamps.
He asked me why his shower didn't work in his master bath. I told him to call a plumber and get the pipes fixed and then I would help him put new fixtures in his bathroom because he had taken them all out!
When I told him it may cost $200 to fix the pipes he couldn't understand why it would be so high.
His central air and heat are out from him trying to fix it. He has heavy electrical wires running through his frontroom to his fireplace where they are hooked up to heating elements and that heats his house. He dosent want to spend 4000 to get new heat and air. He has said he has enough money but doesn't want to spend it.
He has no children and from what I can gather he doesn't talk to many people.
I don't know why but I try to avoid him but once he gets my attention I want to help him.
Sometimes I think he has dementia, but when I told him on Sunday that I would help him on Tuesday he remembered and called me Tuesday morning at 9am.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
I am PROUD to announce that om Wednesday April 27th, 2005 and at 3:56 p.m. my daughter, Leslie gave birth (via C-Section) to my grand-daughter. Her name is Ashley and she weighed eight (8) pounds and nine (9) ounces and was twenty-one (21) inches long. She has a headful of strawberry blonde hair, and is almost a spitting image of her daddy when he was born. The daddy was eight (8) pounds and four (4) ounces and 2twenty-one (21) inches. Ashley is very precious to me and I have already placed one hundred photos and other items in a special file on my hard drive made especially for her.
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Saturday, August 30, 2003
I know it's cheating to do a few of these together...but it's my blog. Friday was very quiet in the IT department, lots of sore heads, no appetites. Still quick hair of the dog at 4pm, and I managed to perk up a bit. Sadly, it was a little temporary. Asleep by 10pm.

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Well so much for the gym. Ian is leaving the US this week, so there have been a few too many beers in a few too many bars. Thursday night in the Beer Garden at Bohemia Hll in Queens (great on a summers evening, bit chilly in Feb). 30 people for the drinks, lots of hangovers on Friday.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Well this is it. I have become a blogger, even though I'm not sure if it will change my life. Have a horrible feeling that seeing life in a diary will just get me depressed. On the other hand, it might make go out and do more.

Well, after leaving work at about half six I went to the gym. Bumped into Karl, who is one of the trainers. He's going on holiday to Jamaica tomorrow, so I signed up for some lessons, not sure why, not even sure what lessons, probably kick boxing. Something for stress relief. I wonder if stress relief is tax deductible?

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Thursday, March 24, 2005
"Live you Life"
What is the meaning to you of the phrase "Live you Life"?
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Monday, August 29, 2005
Fruits of the spirit
Fruits Of The Spirit
Love Joy Peace Patients Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness And self control Galatians 5vs22
This is what God is so we should strive to be more like him.
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Thankyou Jake
Thankyou Jake for that blog about me. Its nice to show that someone acturally cares about how you feels. All my life I have been mocked and people just give me "crap". I dont get it. Why do people think its ok to make fun of someone just because they are different? I gess i just have to get use to it. I use to care what other people think but since ive come to know God more I decided that the world is only temporary and can look ford to heaven. So all those people who consist of teasing me its not cool and im gonna ask you to stop!!!!
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