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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Is it Pune, after Jaipur?
Like Jaipur, pune is known for its peace loving people.
Does this City on the terrorist's next target?
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Tuesday, March 02, 2004just wanted to try this out....
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trying this damn thing out...i am not a a matter of fact i am far from being a geek and i don't know all these stuffs exist. i thought this is something only i would do. right about myself ad how i feel when i am in pain or angry or whatever...i always have all sorts of emotional turmoil exactly every five minutes. life's ab bitch....!!!!
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Sunday, February 11, 2007
35 male here wants to please a nice woman of color can you help?
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Saturday, October 21, 2000
whoa...sorry for not blogging...hehe....i've been kinda busy and stuff. sucks crap. too much homework and stress!!! plus my parents are being all mean to me...and that makes it even worse. you like the new layout??? this one took me a long time because of all the designing stuff...even though it still looks un-professional. ha. i know, some of the layouts are pretty plain, but least you won't get bored looking at the same layout all the sorry for all the popups...crap. gtg. see ya'llz later!
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Friday, July 4, 2008


So, Im back from the weekend. What a weekend..I tell ya. Friday night I went out to hit the club with 2 of my friends..and that SHIT WAS OFF THE DRUNK- HOOK. I got hella drunk, and didnt yak. Dont you just love those types of times- when it's all good because your stomach aint tryin to let out the dinner you had 2 hours ago?! I love it. HOLLA. Anyway- ended up driving my girls car to the club, cause her ass wasnt ready at the time we left the casa. Got there, and the line was mad long, but it was my kinda flava...heheeehehe. Habla Espanol? Yeah, it was a fiesta. But um, really enjoyed myself inside. Seen some dude that got my number the other week..he didnt call, but after we seen each other again at this one spot..we was gettin all heavy on the dance floor...he dances awiight...he ended up calling me on the late night tip...330ish...and I was like nah dog...this shit right here aint booty call material. If you wanna get to know me, it best be when the sun is shinin' cause you aint gonna run into my private spot where the sun don't shine. REAL TALK. So I didnt call him back. Thats just how I work. I aint here to get ass. But anyway, went to El Farlito after and tried to eat a burrito, but my girl ordered me a vegetarian..WHATTHEFUCK was she thinking. I love me some MEAT. I know a ni66a need to loose some weight but, come on was curtains after that...or so I thought. He called me and wanted to see me when I got home...he was coming home from the club with his girl and some of his boys..he loves when Im drunk, cause Im in my I dont give a fuck mode with him..and theres always a lot of, chilled, macked, gropped..then it was really curtains. Saturday woke up and took care of my fly ass godson so his mama could get ready for the little mestiza's bday party @4pm. Brought him to have brunch with my son and my girl and her fams. I'd take care of little man anytime, he is so chill! I love it! Then headed to his sisters bday at around 430ish. That was fun! My son had hella fun riding his bike into the neighbors garage door. No really-- went home after and stayed home. It felt good to stay home on a Saturday night...Sunday woks up had to go to another bday party, this time for my co-workers daughter, my little man also had a good time at that party...went home at around 430ish...dropped off Avery to my moms and got home to get ready and see a flick. He picked me up and we saw WAR OR THE WORLDS. That movie was ok.[ your typical, fiction story of how the aliens invaded the Earth and kidnapped a human..] I dont care what anyone says. T.Cruise is gay. Ran into people he and I werent planning on seeing. UGHK its such a small world, I tell you...then went to the city and had to get me a henn and coke after that..hhaha..went back home cause my son was looking for me..oh yeah- he met everyone in the house...they were all drunk and stupid. I was embarassed for myself..haha but whatever. and guess what. HE IS COOKING ME DINNER FOR MY BDAY TOMORROW. WHAT A PERFECT TIME TO THROW UP. No really- he told me it was suppose to be a suprise, but he said, he couldnt just show up at my door, like Hi, Im...Im here to cook for .........which is true cause the hoochies at the house would have been like..uggh i dont know who you I have to admit. I dont know what he is doing, but whatever it is, its working. Despite the age factor..homeboy is slowly making a trail into my heart. I said it...there. Cause I know Im in denial, but its only for my own good. you know?!! Why...why...why. Anyways, so Im excited about him cooking me and the people at my house dinner..that is so day im gonna thank his mom. And Ive never done that to any guys mom...never had the need to- sad but..ummm- TRUE. Monday stayed home and chilled with the little prince...and later on that evening went to the peir and watched the fireworks. GHETTO. hahaa..but what do you expect is the home of Messy Marv and everyone wants to get HYPHY. I love the BAY.

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Sunday, May 18, 2003
I got beef, im not talkin' about in my fridge, im talkin' with mr. tomie, tomei or how ever the hell he wants to spell his last name...everyone gonna be hatin', trippin' drippin' slippin' and anythin' else that i can make into a double p, well i dont care...teh only ppl who gonna like it, is gonna be me and the a guy with a name thats starts with an r, and ends with inoc, or ppl who want to be like me so much, that they'll do anythin' to be my see mr. alex look alike wannabe, you see i dont like you, your so fake, more fake then that stuff my mom try to serve me and says it chicken...everyoen gonna be like wht you takin' about, lucas, and im gonna be like oh im gonna tell you, he does anythin' for friend, and no morals wht so ever first off you whipped boy, you'll do anythin' for a girl, like come on, i dont care your not fund of me or the dude with the r, but dont lie about it, like come on, your all like "oh i like lucas, i'll tell you wht next time i see him, i'll say hi to him" bull shit why tripp for like if your not found of me, dont lie so you can get a lil' sumthin' from a girl, you poor excuse for some cool...when you ppl see this dont get mad, liek is end it yoru fault you make lucas pissed off original

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ROOMMATES.BLOGSPOT.COM - 2 Posts Within 9 Minutes

Thursday, June 27, 2002
Also, Quyen, after you type your message, hit the POST & PUBLISH button in the upper righthand corner. Then, after you type your message, all of them will as well be posted at the website . Love ya!!! Very Very Much!!!
posted by Me at 6/27/2002 08:56:00 PM

Dear Quyendoly Le,
Hey girlie, I just wanted you to know how much I love you and miss you. I'm sorry I didn't get your voicemail sooner. My phone never even showed that you'd called, so I was kinda confused. How is Vietnam? Are you loving it? Are you even tanner? Things are going well here. I think I might actually have a job soon--working at Monsanto actually which is kinda crazy. And I've become a workout fiend. And Sana (this girl at work) and I are going to be taking a belly dancing class. I'm really stoked, but Anoop and Rohan think it's just the next step to being a stripper. Yah, right.

Anyway, I thought this blogger thing was a cool idea so we could keep running letters to each other. I really do miss you so much!!! I don't know exactly what happened to us the week before you left, but let's try and leave it in the past, okay? I don't ever want to have something between us.

I love you!!! And post back!!! (PS. Email me the first time you post so I'll actually know you did it.)

posted by Me at 6/27/2002 08:47:00 PM

BLOGSARE4LOSERS.BLOGSPOT.COM - The Longest 1st Post Ever Edition

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
What the Hell are you weirdos on!
blogs are for losers
for losers, by losers

I heard about blogging before but ignored it, recently it was brought to my attention

What an utterly pointless waste of bandwith !

first of all

What Is A Weblog?

A weblog is just a web site organized by time.

I say 'just' because the hype around weblogs makes them both more and less than they are. Weblogs do not represent something brand new in human communication. Diaries closely resemble weblogs and be traced back as far as ancient Greece.

On the other hand, weblogs are not just a vehicle for navel-gazing by their authors ... unless authors are especially fond of such.

Weblogs are Updated Websites, soo looks like my blog will remain a website

Now why on earth would you think it worth your while to create a blog
perhaps you were on holidays and want your friends to see what you got up to , or an event in your life, perhaps an ongoing event, yes I can see how a blog mightbe useful

but this shit (extreme example below including irony)

there are many of them out there

why in the name of allah, god, thor, brahma or whatever would you think ANYONE CARES !

9am Get out of bed
9.05 am put on the coffee
9.10 take a dump
9.15 have a shower
9.20 eat my cornflakes etc etc ad infinitum, ad nauseum



etc etc

Someone pass me the barf bag quick!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2003Congrats!!You didn't click on the other link. If you did click on the other link,(hmm... you click on it while it wasn't for you...)press control+alt+delete on your key board.Open your task messanger and do end task on that thing
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help me figure out whether i should break up with my boyfriend!

Thursday, April 24, 2003Ok. Background story.
We met in college, freshman year.
He was a mess...manic depression with drug problems.
I thought "I want to help this guy, I think I can understand him"
And I did.
And we fell in love. I didn't expect it to happen quite like that but it did.
We come from different backgrounds, philosophies and cultures.
I thought that was romantic. He asked me to marry him. I said yes.

He dropped out of college, I continued, we decided getting married wasn't the best idea but we lived together.

It's been 6 years. I love him still...but I don't know if we should be together. If we're good for each other, or if this is just hurting us more.

and so I am sending it out as my own reality tv show...should I stay or should I go?
More will be detailed in this blog. and then you can have the facts.
and so can i.
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Tuesday, February 05, 2002

horses are regular animals and they sometimes live in barns and some are peoples
The modern world posseses well over a 100 horses and poney shettland and farm hores.Some our large and small,hevey and light.The Belian farm horse.
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Saturday, February 25, 2006
round the block 2

My original idea was to have a train travelling around a capital city all night long where homeless people could get on or off at any station at will.The train would have bunk beds for them to sleep in. However it was pointed out to me that there would be pandemonium on the train with drunks and druggies.Is there any solution to looking after the homeless.?

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Wednesday, November 29, 2000
Man am I thursty
As you can tell I have a thing for vampires. I have no clue why, but I do. I wish I could just look at every piece of this world and look for there. I want to be a vampire, not just to live forever, or never be sick, I want to feel and see like them. I want to taste a mortals blood in my mouth and travel through my vains, making my skin pink with life. To fool a mortal into my cold arms and drink their lifes blood, to take their heart before its last beat and drink every last drop that it might contain.
Now if you think thats sick you probably don't belong at this blog

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Friday, May 14, 2004
Bitch Reconize

tricks been hating on players since the dawn of time. players have fought back using a variety of pimp slaps, choke slaps, forehand cane smashes, and staight up bustin caps. thats why im just like raconize bitch in my title .

Ya heard me!

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Stupid kids in love. That's grand. Not old enough to shave, but they're in love. Right. Makes me sick to my stomach. Stupid fucking dramas every week. But wait, they're so in love. There should be laws against that. What makes this most funny is by this time next year, it'll be the same story, but one of the names will have changed, again. Learn what life is before thinking you're capable of love.

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February 10, 2004
Another day in the mood ......
I better start working on the bet. MAKE some real money, and be a Millionaire in two years. Well if my friend Money wins, maybe I can marry him. Right now I need to get out of my current fast-food job.
Me and Money did make some rules like 'no gambling'. I used to like to go to Vegas, but thats history, cause I have seen the misery it can cause. Better go now, or my boss will go nuts again. ( i like to come in late :- ) people are waiting to take over my job ;)- See ya all later.
# posted by Olive @ 9:02 AM
February 06, 2004
Today is the 2/6/04 and I have a 20 in my pocket. Remember this post. Two years. OK Money, when you win you give me half of what you own, darling.
# posted by Olive @ 3:04 PM
Hi there I am Olive. From now on you are going to hear alllll about my life with money. I mean Money, cause he's my friend. A real life person. I love this Blog, now I can take my mind of all this crap what is going on in my life.
Me and Money made a bet the other day. Two years to become RICH ! Well hope you going to still see me here in two years...only difference....I will be LOADED ! Oh YEAH. Just need to make plan.
More later.....bye now
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Thursday, April 21, 2005

this is the first time i am using blog
does it really catch attention of people i mean sensible species
or is it a dumping ground for usual kind?
wil depend on the reviews i recieve

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Friday, September 07, 2001

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Saturday, August 12, 2006
We need to wake up
America needs to wake up, especially the far left. The Muslim religion wants to dominate the world, pull us back into the ice age. The non violent are the exception, not the rule. They are deeply implanted into our society, brainwashed most likely, and are awaiting a signal. We need to profile middle easterners, they are Muslm first, not American or English or Spanish or Canadian. It is my opinion that you cannot trust any of them no matter how long you have know them, just look at what happened in London,twice. They are overrunning Europe, I know, i have family there. Unless we wake up, quit being so liberal, quit listening to the French, Russians and Chinese we will be in deep trouble. The UN is a joe. I urge you as i have to write your Congressmen and express you distrust of the UN and EU, quit using our tax money to fund nations that dislike us and that is the whole middle east.
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Saturday, November 26, 2005
the day after buy nothing
Today I shipped a package UPS in a padded envelope. I withdrew 80 bucks from my Chase account. I burned two music CD's using blanks from Ritek (Taiwan) that I originally bought from Radio Shack. Also, I drove my gf's parents to the airport in my roommate's Toyota and I will fill the tank tomorrow.

Breakfast: I had an scrambled eggs(Egg Innovations - Wisconsin) and spinach (Horton Fruit- Kentucky), Milwaukee iron spice, and MINERVA (Greece) olive oil on two El Milagro corn tortillas.
Lunch: Barley vegetable soup and crackers from Trader Joe's and a Sealed Sweet orange.
Dinner: Bumblebee (Taiwan) Tuna with Hellmann's (Unilever Foodsolutions - USA) mayonnaise.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
more of phatness.
you see a chinchilla scuttling across the marble floor
SQUEEAAK-turn as the chinchilla scrabbles to get a foothold on the slipperiness
the chinchilla falls down.
"oh my poor babybabyyyyyy"

"hello hello?"

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Why is easy people are stupid.

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

DanFan- how bout them mexicans? haha you know i love you. don't worry, the universe will soon align itself so that we too may get some. p.s. cindy- ur the greatest.

MJD- you are the master jew, shalom fa sho. our walks (and now drives) around jacaranda are the best.

daniel- you were my first husband, i will forever cherish our short marriage. i love making you laugh.

jessicaashleen- jessica, there are a lot of dumb people in this world. making fun of people is always better with you.

jenna arisa- haha ur middle name is great. sorry about ur window, it won't happen again. ur sister's a ho bag.

s.m.u.- lyl

heather paige- we've grown apart over the years, but i'll always be ur friend bc ur gonna be famous.

cary- u are evil. i love it.

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Thursday, April 19, 2001
My friends are idiots. Yes, I love them. But you can not deny that, they're idiots (I mean this in the most endearing way) This is a yucky layout... yuck! I'm going to change it asap but until then you will all have to SUFFER!
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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dreamers don't always dream in peace. Many of us dream the past, many the present and others the future. I never took my dreams seriously until 5 years ago and ever since then the world has become what my dreams or nightmares expressed. When we dream, we are in a state of connection. Wether it is our fears or our hopes. I learned that dreams talk and if we are able to understand their message then maybe we can prepare for things to come.
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Friday, February 03, 2006
Why do blogs suck?

Why do they suck?

Well, it's simple. Blogs blow because any moron (like me) can post whatever they think regardless of their background. They need no prior education or history of what they are talking about before they file their opinion

What do YOU think?

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:: Wednesday, January 02, 2002 ::

this year, these are the resolutions i resolve to break:

- being nice to people. (what's the point in acting nice if i am inately evil? doesn't hypocrisy make it worse?)
- eating right. (in the past year i gained around 20 lbs. because i stopped working out and ate whatever i wanted. gotta break that record this year.)
- saving up. (i've been keeping a meticulous account of my expenses, but have got only that to show for it. what's the point of logging if all i can show off are those records and not actual money saved?)
- finding the right someone. (some people are meant to be top-less. i guess i'm one of those pots.)

seems like this will be a fulfilling year ahead of me!
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Monday, June 30, 2008


July 27, 2001

i feel like everyones staring
into my face or something, it's messed up ok, i was looking in the wrong places,
i don't know it;'s justed up ok. this is really becoming a problem, i don't
know what else to do, i am playing nientendo it's fun too bad you can't play
with me.

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Monday, November 19, 2001
* wow * i think i got my blogger to work . i've stopped >a href='' target='new'>scribbling and at the moment, i'm on my way to a new web layout .

on the fone with michael now as we speak . i jus * burped * [ excuse me ] okie .. more later .

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Friday, January 14, 2005
I love myself
I love money.
I love war.
I love porn.
I love saddness.
Anyone wants to be my friend?
Who will give a damn about me?
See. I know you are laughing.
I have eyes all around.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005
I am a sadist
Painfully speaking, I think I'm a sadist. I hate people who are nice. People who are mean. People who says nice things to me and people who compliments me. I love wars and riots. I hope I'll live long enough to live through one. - I hate u -

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
we commence living life soon......................

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Monday, January 07, 2002

Hey----new day. Wow....there is this rumor that I have an STD from Andy. I hate that jerk!!!! Josh took me home last night and we went to Amanda's. I still like him sooooo much. You have no idea. Lisa found out that me and him kissed. She was like "FINALLY!!!!" She is really mad at me because "woo hoo*.....Coach Botler was being an asshole in 7th....GRR! Me and Manda even called him on his birthday.... This morning George picked me, Lily, and Sarah up...I didn't wanna go. We got there and I talked to Bob and Rusty about Chad. His brother's death was really hard on him. I wish that he would've been at school so that I could've talked to him about it and said that I am sorry. I know that Rob likes Sarah....I just wish that they would make a move....THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY! We got a new seating arrangement in Advanced English~*~ we can sit anywhere!!! WOO HOO---we grow up fast!!! Lol. ((oh the little things that amuse me....hardy ha ha)) I got to sit next to Amanda Bibb and write her notes all period...and talk to Lily and Lauren. Oh and Jason and David could still hit on me b/c they weren't too far away. I talked to Drew about getting my id back from him and he is STILL not done with it. He has had that thing sonce forever! I asked Tyler why he didn't come back to my house the other night....he said that he was grounded and that he would tell me why later.....I was like "ok....." Today was the 1st day of the new semester so I started Driver's Ed. That is the most fun class ever. I know that I am going to love it. The teacher's are so nice. I am scared to drive in front of people tho. Lol....Brandi is in there with me...I love her. I got Sat school again! I hate it soooooo much! ((tardies...)) Mr. Brooks looks like Mr. Clean but black.....he scares me. Hehe. I talked to Angel today online....((if you are reading this-*-* I love you THS whore....=) )) Michelle told me that we can never be friends again. I was like "ok....just don't forget the good times...." She was like ok......I was crying so hard. I wish that things could go back to the way that they were, but they never will. I wanna talk to Philip....he left over a week ago and I miss him so much. I hope that he is not in jail. I bet that he is not, I mean since he is a CAMARDA and know ----THE LEGEND.....the 3rd in the trilogy. LOL AMANDA! I think that I am gonna call him later just to see how he is. Maybe. I dunno. Oh well. Clay could not take me and Manderz home today so I rode with Manda Bibb and Melissa. They are super sweet!! ((plus really good advice givers)) I think that they are gonna start taking me home. Oh well......Im signing off-----gotta go watch the GOLDEN think that I am kidding---little do you know....
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Yeah.. this is my diary cus i really really REALLY do not want to write with pencils oO oh well...

Saturday, September 30, 2000
Geez im feeling great... I watched my brother beat Jenova Life which also means... YUP!! the death of poor little Aerith (boo-hoo)!

annnnyhoo.. i dont know what the hell to draw for my art thing.. ive gotta do a drawing of anything i want and yeah.. im going to do on (most likely) none other than the almighty Final Fantasy... aww or i mightdo some anime pic, i dunno

Other news:Me and Trifang had a big picture bonanza on aim, although my aim kept stuffing up and he bloody stuffed my whole computer up!!!!!!! >< argh! yes yes.. i have a rather crap computer here... pentium with 1.1 gig oO oooooooooooooo boy

That was my pointless blag or whatever this thing is called (i never heard of this till last night) and so as Tiffany said once at the end of her French dialoge..

Im Tiffany Miller (no im not, she is ^~)

and Good night

[get the joke? betcha don't]

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Friday, September 22, 2000
I hate school, I hate all of my classes. Damn she's beautiful. I wish I were drunk.

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Thursday, January 24, 2002 :::

Hi, guys. I've been poor most of my life and -- to be frank, proud of it. I want to talk about why there is SO much poverty in the world's richest countries and pass on tips on how to stretch your meagre funds to cover the basics. Oops. Gotta go.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
I have alot to rant about so hold on to your hats!

Well things are going pretty good with me, i finally got the councelors at school to get off their duffs and fix my fscking schedule, and soon i'll be living the easy life in horticulture with Daniel, the teacher should know who i am, or at least who my sister is b/c she used to be well known and liked in the ag department of my school, oh well enough of that blather.

i recently learned to create LSA which is akin to LSD, pretty interesting stuff i thought, the entire chemistry behind drugs, alcohol, and explosives is amazing; if they taught us that in chemistry i might have passed with more than a 72...

Thursday is so far away, Brandon has the day off then so we're prolly gonna smoke a nice j.
man i haven't seen that kid in awhile, anthony either, those are some cool kiddos, tomorrow is gonna rock b/c now i have a class with Daniel.

Well that's all for today, i'll see you later, and if you see me first gimmie some poppers, peach out /\/!GG4S!!!!!!!!!! O_O
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Sunday, September 08, 2002
nothing to say yet

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Tuesday, February 13, 2001
Here in study hall supposed to be studying for a music test so i don't fail..... bored outta my mind......... i'm so happy!! i finally got a date to my semi!!!!!!!!! I'm taking my friend rob........ i really wanted to take this guy jack but he probably would be at his dads house that weekend and my friend emanuel would sit around the whole time doing nothing.............. but i'm glad i'm taking rob 'cause no matter what i'll have a good time....... besides if its got catholic school girls he's there!!!! He heard the girlz at my school are "friendly".... friendly as in jane's sister claire who's in seventh grade and in the running for biggest slut in town... she's neck -n- neck with biana

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