Friday, July 4, 2008


So, Im back from the weekend. What a weekend..I tell ya. Friday night I went out to hit the club with 2 of my friends..and that SHIT WAS OFF THE DRUNK- HOOK. I got hella drunk, and didnt yak. Dont you just love those types of times- when it's all good because your stomach aint tryin to let out the dinner you had 2 hours ago?! I love it. HOLLA. Anyway- ended up driving my girls car to the club, cause her ass wasnt ready at the time we left the casa. Got there, and the line was mad long, but it was my kinda flava...heheeehehe. Habla Espanol? Yeah, it was a fiesta. But um, really enjoyed myself inside. Seen some dude that got my number the other week..he didnt call, but after we seen each other again at this one spot..we was gettin all heavy on the dance floor...he dances awiight...he ended up calling me on the late night tip...330ish...and I was like nah dog...this shit right here aint booty call material. If you wanna get to know me, it best be when the sun is shinin' cause you aint gonna run into my private spot where the sun don't shine. REAL TALK. So I didnt call him back. Thats just how I work. I aint here to get ass. But anyway, went to El Farlito after and tried to eat a burrito, but my girl ordered me a vegetarian..WHATTHEFUCK was she thinking. I love me some MEAT. I know a ni66a need to loose some weight but, come on was curtains after that...or so I thought. He called me and wanted to see me when I got home...he was coming home from the club with his girl and some of his boys..he loves when Im drunk, cause Im in my I dont give a fuck mode with him..and theres always a lot of, chilled, macked, gropped..then it was really curtains. Saturday woke up and took care of my fly ass godson so his mama could get ready for the little mestiza's bday party @4pm. Brought him to have brunch with my son and my girl and her fams. I'd take care of little man anytime, he is so chill! I love it! Then headed to his sisters bday at around 430ish. That was fun! My son had hella fun riding his bike into the neighbors garage door. No really-- went home after and stayed home. It felt good to stay home on a Saturday night...Sunday woks up had to go to another bday party, this time for my co-workers daughter, my little man also had a good time at that party...went home at around 430ish...dropped off Avery to my moms and got home to get ready and see a flick. He picked me up and we saw WAR OR THE WORLDS. That movie was ok.[ your typical, fiction story of how the aliens invaded the Earth and kidnapped a human..] I dont care what anyone says. T.Cruise is gay. Ran into people he and I werent planning on seeing. UGHK its such a small world, I tell you...then went to the city and had to get me a henn and coke after that..hhaha..went back home cause my son was looking for me..oh yeah- he met everyone in the house...they were all drunk and stupid. I was embarassed for myself..haha but whatever. and guess what. HE IS COOKING ME DINNER FOR MY BDAY TOMORROW. WHAT A PERFECT TIME TO THROW UP. No really- he told me it was suppose to be a suprise, but he said, he couldnt just show up at my door, like Hi, Im...Im here to cook for .........which is true cause the hoochies at the house would have been like..uggh i dont know who you I have to admit. I dont know what he is doing, but whatever it is, its working. Despite the age factor..homeboy is slowly making a trail into my heart. I said it...there. Cause I know Im in denial, but its only for my own good. you know?!! Why...why...why. Anyways, so Im excited about him cooking me and the people at my house dinner..that is so day im gonna thank his mom. And Ive never done that to any guys mom...never had the need to- sad but..ummm- TRUE. Monday stayed home and chilled with the little prince...and later on that evening went to the peir and watched the fireworks. GHETTO. hahaa..but what do you expect is the home of Messy Marv and everyone wants to get HYPHY. I love the BAY.

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