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Friday, January 14, 2005
The Day After
Yesterday was the first annual Old Chicago bar crawl and I am happy to say I am still here to write about it. I've been cutting down on the drinking lately, and my tolerance was in no shape to handle the five bars we visited. We started out at the Riv, which was my first visit to Burgerama. I found it quite enjoyable and the $1 burgers and $2 pitchers are nice and easy on the wallet. Then it was on to Beggar's Banquet, The Post, and BW's. I lost my windbreaker jacket at PT's and ran home in a t-shirt in the snow from Rick's, but don't really remember enough to record it here. Possibly made-out with Meredith and will most likely hear about it at work today. My online class has started, but I can't say that I've done anything substantive in terms of homework. I guess I'm waiting for the book to arrive.

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Sunday, January 09, 2005
Current Status
So this is the background info/introductory post to get everyone (me?) up to speed....graduated from UMich with a B.A. in political science in May. Sent out a few hundred resumes. Did a few interviews. Couldn't find a real job, and am now working for good money and lots 'o fun as a waiter. Pondering if the rat race is really worth it. The law school apps are all in, and its looking like the University of Georgia. Great sports teams (football) with crazy SEC fans, good lucking girls with sexy accents, and a reasonably priced school with a solid reputation. My only question is....will the Dawgs overtake the Maize and Blue as my squad? The early money says no, but its too soon to tell. Back on right now basically is about as relaxed as it can get. No rent to pay, food cooked and on the table for every meal, going out too much and working out a couple of times a week. Yea, its pretty chill, I can't complain. Hopefully I'll have enough excitement to document here, but it shouldn't be a problem.

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