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Friday, February 07, 2003
Why did I ever leave blog? You all can view this site through my profile (AIM) cause I'm posting it there. Yeah so nothings new, everythings old. Im alone. The only positive thing that has happened to me recently is making some new friends at QO, getting to go snowboarding twice already (one more trip coming up the 14th), and probably getting the day off today. I got 12 hours of sleep. So yeah....nothing else happening...found an awesome band and if you havent heard of them then you deffinitly need to go download some of their music. Its call Evanesence and they actually have a song on the "Dare Devil" soundtrack, its call Bring Me To Life. If you have ever been CREATION FEST. with me and remember The Benjamin Gate its the same type of music with the same awesome female vocals. Speaking of creation, I cant wait for this summer to come. I have so much planned and so much to do. Ive got a video coming out, which im filming for. Its featuring some local kids in my neighborhood who arent really all that bad at skating. It's called Down With The UCG's. Basically the name comes from those kids (you might know who they are) that camp when you skate, they talk crap about you, they say how awesome they are, but when they try and skate they are worth anything.... A.K.A posers. The theme also came from the Voodoo Glow Skulls song "New Jerk Swing". We just want you all to stop trying to be someone youre not, cause you are really fake. This summer is going to be awesome. Well for events coming trip who ever is going and is going boarding with me..... jordan, nick, matt, greg, shawn, its gunna be an awesome weekend. TWO FULL DAYS OF SNOWBOARDING!. The only bad thing is that Im missing the Something Corporate show on sunday. sorry erica. OH also about shows....all the ska lovers....i guess thats just me and you matt, THERE IS A VGS CONCERT MAR.5 IN BALTIMORE....matt if you dont come with afraid we are Report cards were supposed to come out today....thank god for snow. It gives us all one last good weekend before life goes downhill. Unless you are one of those 4.0 students in which i want to beat to a pulp cause its just not fair. Well its SUPER late for me...12am lol. Im gunna go to bed and wake up to the WORST day of my life....once again i must spend my afternoon and my grandmothers house for my aunts birthday...(thumbs down).
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Friday, December 24, 2004

christmas eve
just reminiscing here about the past year...
The good times that i have shared with my cousins...

The year started out in cousin style. We had an inky, though not very tasty meal of jelly fish in Portugal. Yes, after hours of wandering around Lisboa, we finally settled to dine at a restaurant that looked authentically Portugese. Obviously a poor choice.
Then we made our way to a huge-ass party in the town square where U2 and Cher performed....
Well, they were kinda like U2 and Cher- but the Portugese versions.
If I recall, we did some dancing, then we all kissed each other at midnight.
(Guys, am going to confess something, I don't think I have ever had a New Years kiss that did not come from a cousin or Uncle Paul. Happy New Year !!!)

I then returned home to Montreal, to a series of events involving, a cat, an unreliable cat-sitter, and a broken microwave... that was January.
(In a related note, I no longer own a cat.
nor do I take guitar lessons. Both guitar and cat were neglected, but neither sustained serious injury.)

Finally, in the spring, Danielle came back to Montreal. Her return was celebrated with numerous cups of on the balcony at Heather's apartment.
I don't know Heather's last name.
BUt she lived in a tent with Jesse, let Danielle stay with her, and frequently engages in hearty gossip sessions with me: She is a good person. and a friend of the Bundon clan.

I went to BC. Where I was fortunate enough to see two more cousins and a sister. I spent a lovely few days in Duncan, flabbergasted by how Uncle Jack and my dad's maneurisms are similar and how the backyard and garden match my seven year-old memories exactly. Pat lent me a book called "hard Boiled Wonderland" and Uncle Jack lent me another called "The Perfoect Storm" As of yet, I have read neither.

That was fun.
Andy was fun, I lived with ehr for a while. Until she didn't make that team, then she wasn't so fun, but rather un-fun.
And then she worked crazy hard to make that team- and then she was fun again.
She came home form Vancouver strong and sunny and clad in lulu Lemon.

Meanwhile, Janique was racing the bulls, Danielle was interviewing potential roomates for me, and Caity and Amy were playing softball like there was no tomorrow.

I returned to Montreal very excited- partially regarding my lastyear at LADMMi, but mostly pertaining to Janique's return!!!
Yes, at the end of August this tall blond showed up at my door. She was tired and tanned and equipped with a hundred different kinds of tea and stories to tell.

When Janique left for Ottawa, Danielle arrived in Montreal.
Danielle had no where to live, so I said:
"Come stay with me, we can share clothes and go to concerts together."
"Okay", said that brilliant beauty.

It kept on getting better and better, because amidst the falling leaves , Jesse girl arrived. She was wearing a bright green shirt, had a new haircut, and was reading "Oscar and Lucinda" (I believe). It was lovely to have two of my older cousies around to teach me about pumpkin pie and womanhood. that I mean that mostly we had sleepovers and talked about my ethics teacher.

In October, during a break from school and life, Danielle, Janique and a little spaniard rented a car and drove to Wealthyville (aka. Colby college). It was great! We roamed the campus and went on hikes, we swam in an excessively cold mountain quarry and met all of Justino's (tall) roomates.

Then there was that time in December when, after an extensive hiatus from my life, I saw the Hunter cousins, and they were busy driving every which way and playing sports and buying pajamas for Auntie Sue- oh wait, thatw as just the other day.

And amidst all of this, Rachel and baby Cate are grew up, another child was conceived and Justin got a haircut- who woulda thunk it.

Well, I should go now, we must away to mass. But I would like to leave you with a letter that Andrea wrote to Santa Claus in December of 89. She was 7 yrs old and opted to write the letter in French- good choice Andy.

a le Pere Noel
a bare il a ye du lea au poule
le bonbons, de hete bede(y??)
un nenamau bare, un (F??)autre
sate de nenamau bare, et pour tes rennes il a ye
des carrate.

J'oieis Noel de Andrea

** I think she is talking about Nanaimo bars, egg nog, baby farts and Santa's kidneys**

Merry Christmas,

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No text, just this:

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Friday, June 13, 2003
I love him

It's as simple as that. I'm in love. With him. I'm in love with him.

Oh, wait, it's not simple. I almost forgot, it's extremely complicated. You see, I'm not the only one in love with him, and unfortunately, she came first.

You see, neither of us is really in a position to make a big deal out of this. That's right, we're only 14. But hey, 14 year olds can have affairs too, right? Right.

To protect the innocent, and because I don't know who's gonna read this, we're gonna use different names as I describe this to you. We're gonna say his name is Ted, and we're gonna say her name is Tess. And we'll just call me Tina.

Ted. Ah Ted. How can anyone not love him? He's absolutely perfect. For as long as I've known him I've loved him. As has she. Tess and Ted started going out 2 years ago. She left him for Todd, he went out with Tanya. I at the time was dating someone named Tim. But mid Tanya he realized he liked me. Tim was Ted's best friend. Now, in the 8th grade, Tedd is going out with Tess, their one year anniversary was only a few weeks ago, and I am happily single. Tedd and I started talking, really talking, into the wee hours of the morning talking, only a few months ago. He told me he liked me, not only that, he loved me. I told him I loved him, and then we kissed. And we kissed. And we kissed. Last week someone caught Tedd and Tess going to third in the costume room. I can't blame them, she still loves him. But he doesn't love her. I know he doesn't. He might like her, but he LOVES me. I know he does. So i was a little bit angry. But I'm over that now, and I can't wait for him to get back. (He's in Montreal). I love him. *sigh*.

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NOGO.BLOGSPOT.COM - 2 Post Special

Diana Krall Part II
Okay. I've finally done it. I just auctioned 2 tickets to Diana Kralls concert in Wiesbaden (Germany).
I'm not even sure if I will be around during that particular day. But anyway, things are out of my hand now.

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Monday, June 16, 2003
Diana Krall is coming to Germany. How exciting is that? Ever since I heard her the first time my music life is devoted to her raunchy voice. Jeez, I'm even considering to go to her concert. Now listen to this, I'm 21 years old, listenting to classic and jazz music and I behave like my freakin grandfather (in terms of music style) Where is all the hiphop gone? Is that strange or what?

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Thursday, September 02, 2004
Senator Miller blasted Democrats
Senator Miller really blasted the democrats in his speech at the republican convention. He told America that the democrats in Washington are so far left that they are totally out of step with John Q Public. They have moved so far left to appease the likes of Michal Moore that I see the democrats becoming more of a minority in Washington until they wake up and listen to the people.

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Monday, November 15, 2004
In Mattancherry
I was standing in Jew Town and then it happened.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005
A few years ago, when blogs started to become all the rage, a couple of my good friends prodded me to start one. Their reasoning was that in our circle of acquaintances, my life seemed to them to be one of the most entertaining, unique, self-deprecating, but mainly downright interesting. Truthfully, I found the idea of blogging a bit self-important and narcissistic, and while I had dabbled in biographical creative writing as an undergraduate, I resisted my friends' insistence to put my words onto the world wide web.

I think part of the fascination other people had about my life was that on paper, I was part of the quintessential perfect nuclear immigrant Asian-American family: my dad is the founder and CEO of small high tech company in a well to do suburb of Los Angeles, my mom is a very put together member of our community church, and along with their two sons: me, a Harvard graduate, and my younger brother, a former National Junior tennis champion who won a scholarship to play tennis for Stanford, we were the ideal Chinese-American family. In our hometown, we were kinda like the Jones's but with an Asian last name.

The obvious line here is that the myth was not real, and yes, there were many many cracks in the penetratable surface, but the "faults" in my life and my family were not the main reason why my friends would persist, "You really need to blog." Rather, it was my complete honesty and blunt fact-of-a-matter "OMG the sky is falling but not really" way of story telling that I think they found amusing. Or maybe it really was schadenfreund. Either way, I finally decided to commit to trying to transfer my energy and enthusiasm of my life's drama onto this blog.

There are many reasons why I like the name 50 percent for the title of my musings, and in future posts I will go further into them. In this post, however, I will explain how the name was first conceived and the impetus for it. Well, in junior high and high school, I was very active in my hometown's local Chinese Christian church. Twice a week it was Church Youth Group. For some of you this may ring a bell - memorizing bible verses, car washes to raise money for missionary trips, water balloon fights at yearly Summer retreats religiously themed around such vanilla topics as "Following His Path," or "Light the Fire."

Anyway, so in my same age group of Youth Group and Bible study, there were 8 of us, 5 guys and 3 girls, and we would look forward to our weekly get togethers where we walk in God's path together. This continued all the way through our teens until we graduated from high school where we departed for different ends of the country to go to college. Well, fast forward 4 years, and guess what, 4 of us turned out to be gay or lesbian. Yes, I am not joking about that, I am being completely serious - 50 percent, of which I am in. And I say that proudly and guilt free too.

So on that note, I hope in future posts to provide you with such amusing tidbits from my life. I'm not a professional writer so be lenient (although I am getting a Masters in Fine Arts right now, but not in writing). However, hopefully, the events that I write about such as, "The Day I Came Out to my 18-year-old Brother and how Immediately After he One-Upped me and Told Me that his 17-year-old Mormon Girlfriend was Pregnant but he needed to Borrow $1000 for a Paternity Test," or, "The Night I Came Out to my College Roommate and then he Nervously Said 'Cool... Does this Mean I Can Now Date Your Ex-Girlfriend? We've been Instant Messaging and Flirting a Lot Since You Two Broke Up.'"

Welcome to my life!
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Nine ways I plan to use or not use this crappy site

Posting cool pictures for my friends and family
NOT posting crap pictures
Organizing a few cool goals or projects
NOT ranting about work
Christ... I need 9 things? Picked the wrong damn blog name.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
It all started as a joke.
24 yr. Female. Single for 1 yr. (By choice - 5 months)

So, there I was pretending to be some girl online who's "winking" at a friend, when I'm deluged with crazy emails...and winks, based on the profile. What's a self-respecting chick supposed to do, but play along? So I put up my picture. AND....I saw how shallow and visual men (and women) can be. It went from 5 winks and 4 emails(pre-pic) to 50 winks and 30 emails (post-pic) and growing. Responded and discarded most...and kept the interesting ones.
Experiment starts tomorrow with a 27 yr. old B-Schooler, followed by drinks on Friday with a 36 yr. old researcher and more drinks on Saturday with a 26 yr. old consultant.

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Friday, September 06, 2002
Chronicles of a girl nicknamed beanbean.

"beanbean" is a moniker my mom gave me in Chinese, as a sign of her affection. My family has never, ever, called me by my given name, and they rarely use my American name. I'll always be "bean bean" or "piggy monkey" or "stinky monkey" or "stinky bean" or "monkey pig" or "fat piggy" or "skinny monkey". (Beginning to see a pattern here?) Of course, they all sound a bit cuter, or at least less-bizarre in Chinese. I love my mommy. =)
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Monday, June 13, 2005

The ice on my knee kept me still and seated in place long enough to finally sign up and open a new blog account for myself. I had been toying with the idea for a while now. I usually journal on a regular basis so of course this would be a natural progression, slipping my thoughts in a fish bowl journal for all to see. Ha! Ouch! I was rushing to serve my grandma a mug of water with an empanada clenched between my teeth, relishing the taste instead of paying attention to the wheelchair in my path. I tripped over her footpedals and crashed down hard on my knee spilling the water on the couch where she was seated.I think it took me a full minute before I could limp to the fridge for ice. Since the point of my journal is to suggest health remedies, I would use arnica, a homeopathic remedy for my bruise. ( But I haven't any ) Got to hobble. Grandma has a 911 # 2....Hurry for the porto or another accident will ensue!!!yikes ..........My grandma's doctor also suggests that you put pressure on your boo-boo for about 2 min. too reduce the black and blue color. Then I ice.

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Thursday, July 31, 2003
This is day one of my journal. I am publishing this because? Maybe it's a way to clear the air, to bear my soul. At any rate this will hopefully let some others know that they are not alone. That my life and thinking is not unusual or unique. Well, this is day one and this is what I have to say.

Not in a good mood today. Don't know why but I'm not. Everything is rubbing me the wrong way this morning. Maybe it's the exercise delima. Am I getting enough food for the amount of exercise I am doing? I'm obsessing over this exercise routine but I've lost 43lbs so I guess obsessing over it is good. Wish my wife would obsess over it a little. She'd be so much happier if she lost 10 lbs. She'd feel better and have more energy.

That's all for today.

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Welcome to LargeSized
There are two types of guys in the world...those who lie about their cock size and those who dont. This BLOG is for those who dont. They have been continuously told by partners that they were gigantic.
I count myself among that group.
We are the guys who are told to put it in slowly and not all the way. We are the oppressed minority. Girls say they like size but when they really encounter it thats not always the case.

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Saturday, July 28, 2001

what find of friends write to you for
years when they know where you live

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