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Friday, December 24, 2004

christmas eve
just reminiscing here about the past year...
The good times that i have shared with my cousins...

The year started out in cousin style. We had an inky, though not very tasty meal of jelly fish in Portugal. Yes, after hours of wandering around Lisboa, we finally settled to dine at a restaurant that looked authentically Portugese. Obviously a poor choice.
Then we made our way to a huge-ass party in the town square where U2 and Cher performed....
Well, they were kinda like U2 and Cher- but the Portugese versions.
If I recall, we did some dancing, then we all kissed each other at midnight.
(Guys, am going to confess something, I don't think I have ever had a New Years kiss that did not come from a cousin or Uncle Paul. Happy New Year !!!)

I then returned home to Montreal, to a series of events involving, a cat, an unreliable cat-sitter, and a broken microwave... that was January.
(In a related note, I no longer own a cat.
nor do I take guitar lessons. Both guitar and cat were neglected, but neither sustained serious injury.)

Finally, in the spring, Danielle came back to Montreal. Her return was celebrated with numerous cups of on the balcony at Heather's apartment.
I don't know Heather's last name.
BUt she lived in a tent with Jesse, let Danielle stay with her, and frequently engages in hearty gossip sessions with me: She is a good person. and a friend of the Bundon clan.

I went to BC. Where I was fortunate enough to see two more cousins and a sister. I spent a lovely few days in Duncan, flabbergasted by how Uncle Jack and my dad's maneurisms are similar and how the backyard and garden match my seven year-old memories exactly. Pat lent me a book called "hard Boiled Wonderland" and Uncle Jack lent me another called "The Perfoect Storm" As of yet, I have read neither.

That was fun.
Andy was fun, I lived with ehr for a while. Until she didn't make that team, then she wasn't so fun, but rather un-fun.
And then she worked crazy hard to make that team- and then she was fun again.
She came home form Vancouver strong and sunny and clad in lulu Lemon.

Meanwhile, Janique was racing the bulls, Danielle was interviewing potential roomates for me, and Caity and Amy were playing softball like there was no tomorrow.

I returned to Montreal very excited- partially regarding my lastyear at LADMMi, but mostly pertaining to Janique's return!!!
Yes, at the end of August this tall blond showed up at my door. She was tired and tanned and equipped with a hundred different kinds of tea and stories to tell.

When Janique left for Ottawa, Danielle arrived in Montreal.
Danielle had no where to live, so I said:
"Come stay with me, we can share clothes and go to concerts together."
"Okay", said that brilliant beauty.

It kept on getting better and better, because amidst the falling leaves , Jesse girl arrived. She was wearing a bright green shirt, had a new haircut, and was reading "Oscar and Lucinda" (I believe). It was lovely to have two of my older cousies around to teach me about pumpkin pie and womanhood. that I mean that mostly we had sleepovers and talked about my ethics teacher.

In October, during a break from school and life, Danielle, Janique and a little spaniard rented a car and drove to Wealthyville (aka. Colby college). It was great! We roamed the campus and went on hikes, we swam in an excessively cold mountain quarry and met all of Justino's (tall) roomates.

Then there was that time in December when, after an extensive hiatus from my life, I saw the Hunter cousins, and they were busy driving every which way and playing sports and buying pajamas for Auntie Sue- oh wait, thatw as just the other day.

And amidst all of this, Rachel and baby Cate are grew up, another child was conceived and Justin got a haircut- who woulda thunk it.

Well, I should go now, we must away to mass. But I would like to leave you with a letter that Andrea wrote to Santa Claus in December of 89. She was 7 yrs old and opted to write the letter in French- good choice Andy.

a le Pere Noel
a bare il a ye du lea au poule
le bonbons, de hete bede(y??)
un nenamau bare, un (F??)autre
sate de nenamau bare, et pour tes rennes il a ye
des carrate.

J'oieis Noel de Andrea

** I think she is talking about Nanaimo bars, egg nog, baby farts and Santa's kidneys**

Merry Christmas,

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