Friday, July 18, 2008


Friday, February 07, 2003
Why did I ever leave blog? You all can view this site through my profile (AIM) cause I'm posting it there. Yeah so nothings new, everythings old. Im alone. The only positive thing that has happened to me recently is making some new friends at QO, getting to go snowboarding twice already (one more trip coming up the 14th), and probably getting the day off today. I got 12 hours of sleep. So yeah....nothing else happening...found an awesome band and if you havent heard of them then you deffinitly need to go download some of their music. Its call Evanesence and they actually have a song on the "Dare Devil" soundtrack, its call Bring Me To Life. If you have ever been CREATION FEST. with me and remember The Benjamin Gate its the same type of music with the same awesome female vocals. Speaking of creation, I cant wait for this summer to come. I have so much planned and so much to do. Ive got a video coming out, which im filming for. Its featuring some local kids in my neighborhood who arent really all that bad at skating. It's called Down With The UCG's. Basically the name comes from those kids (you might know who they are) that camp when you skate, they talk crap about you, they say how awesome they are, but when they try and skate they are worth anything.... A.K.A posers. The theme also came from the Voodoo Glow Skulls song "New Jerk Swing". We just want you all to stop trying to be someone youre not, cause you are really fake. This summer is going to be awesome. Well for events coming trip who ever is going and is going boarding with me..... jordan, nick, matt, greg, shawn, its gunna be an awesome weekend. TWO FULL DAYS OF SNOWBOARDING!. The only bad thing is that Im missing the Something Corporate show on sunday. sorry erica. OH also about shows....all the ska lovers....i guess thats just me and you matt, THERE IS A VGS CONCERT MAR.5 IN BALTIMORE....matt if you dont come with afraid we are Report cards were supposed to come out today....thank god for snow. It gives us all one last good weekend before life goes downhill. Unless you are one of those 4.0 students in which i want to beat to a pulp cause its just not fair. Well its SUPER late for me...12am lol. Im gunna go to bed and wake up to the WORST day of my life....once again i must spend my afternoon and my grandmothers house for my aunts birthday...(thumbs down).
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