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Saturday, August 12, 2006
We need to wake up
America needs to wake up, especially the far left. The Muslim religion wants to dominate the world, pull us back into the ice age. The non violent are the exception, not the rule. They are deeply implanted into our society, brainwashed most likely, and are awaiting a signal. We need to profile middle easterners, they are Muslm first, not American or English or Spanish or Canadian. It is my opinion that you cannot trust any of them no matter how long you have know them, just look at what happened in London,twice. They are overrunning Europe, I know, i have family there. Unless we wake up, quit being so liberal, quit listening to the French, Russians and Chinese we will be in deep trouble. The UN is a joe. I urge you as i have to write your Congressmen and express you distrust of the UN and EU, quit using our tax money to fund nations that dislike us and that is the whole middle east.
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