Thursday, July 3, 2008


Sunday, May 18, 2003
I got beef, im not talkin' about in my fridge, im talkin' with mr. tomie, tomei or how ever the hell he wants to spell his last name...everyone gonna be hatin', trippin' drippin' slippin' and anythin' else that i can make into a double p, well i dont care...teh only ppl who gonna like it, is gonna be me and the a guy with a name thats starts with an r, and ends with inoc, or ppl who want to be like me so much, that they'll do anythin' to be my see mr. alex look alike wannabe, you see i dont like you, your so fake, more fake then that stuff my mom try to serve me and says it chicken...everyoen gonna be like wht you takin' about, lucas, and im gonna be like oh im gonna tell you, he does anythin' for friend, and no morals wht so ever first off you whipped boy, you'll do anythin' for a girl, like come on, i dont care your not fund of me or the dude with the r, but dont lie about it, like come on, your all like "oh i like lucas, i'll tell you wht next time i see him, i'll say hi to him" bull shit why tripp for like if your not found of me, dont lie so you can get a lil' sumthin' from a girl, you poor excuse for some cool...when you ppl see this dont get mad, liek is end it yoru fault you make lucas pissed off original

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