Thursday, July 3, 2008


help me figure out whether i should break up with my boyfriend!

Thursday, April 24, 2003Ok. Background story.
We met in college, freshman year.
He was a mess...manic depression with drug problems.
I thought "I want to help this guy, I think I can understand him"
And I did.
And we fell in love. I didn't expect it to happen quite like that but it did.
We come from different backgrounds, philosophies and cultures.
I thought that was romantic. He asked me to marry him. I said yes.

He dropped out of college, I continued, we decided getting married wasn't the best idea but we lived together.

It's been 6 years. I love him still...but I don't know if we should be together. If we're good for each other, or if this is just hurting us more.

and so I am sending it out as my own reality tv show...should I stay or should I go?
More will be detailed in this blog. and then you can have the facts.
and so can i.
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