Monday, June 30, 2008


Yeah.. this is my diary cus i really really REALLY do not want to write with pencils oO oh well...

Saturday, September 30, 2000
Geez im feeling great... I watched my brother beat Jenova Life which also means... YUP!! the death of poor little Aerith (boo-hoo)!

annnnyhoo.. i dont know what the hell to draw for my art thing.. ive gotta do a drawing of anything i want and yeah.. im going to do on (most likely) none other than the almighty Final Fantasy... aww or i mightdo some anime pic, i dunno

Other news:Me and Trifang had a big picture bonanza on aim, although my aim kept stuffing up and he bloody stuffed my whole computer up!!!!!!! >< argh! yes yes.. i have a rather crap computer here... pentium with 1.1 gig oO oooooooooooooo boy

That was my pointless blag or whatever this thing is called (i never heard of this till last night) and so as Tiffany said once at the end of her French dialoge..

Im Tiffany Miller (no im not, she is ^~)

and Good night

[get the joke? betcha don't]

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