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Saturday, November 26, 2005
the day after buy nothing
Today I shipped a package UPS in a padded envelope. I withdrew 80 bucks from my Chase account. I burned two music CD's using blanks from Ritek (Taiwan) that I originally bought from Radio Shack. Also, I drove my gf's parents to the airport in my roommate's Toyota and I will fill the tank tomorrow.

Breakfast: I had an scrambled eggs(Egg Innovations - Wisconsin) and spinach (Horton Fruit- Kentucky), Milwaukee iron spice, and MINERVA (Greece) olive oil on two El Milagro corn tortillas.
Lunch: Barley vegetable soup and crackers from Trader Joe's and a Sealed Sweet orange.
Dinner: Bumblebee (Taiwan) Tuna with Hellmann's (Unilever Foodsolutions - USA) mayonnaise.
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