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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
I have alot to rant about so hold on to your hats!

Well things are going pretty good with me, i finally got the councelors at school to get off their duffs and fix my fscking schedule, and soon i'll be living the easy life in horticulture with Daniel, the teacher should know who i am, or at least who my sister is b/c she used to be well known and liked in the ag department of my school, oh well enough of that blather.

i recently learned to create LSA which is akin to LSD, pretty interesting stuff i thought, the entire chemistry behind drugs, alcohol, and explosives is amazing; if they taught us that in chemistry i might have passed with more than a 72...

Thursday is so far away, Brandon has the day off then so we're prolly gonna smoke a nice j.
man i haven't seen that kid in awhile, anthony either, those are some cool kiddos, tomorrow is gonna rock b/c now i have a class with Daniel.

Well that's all for today, i'll see you later, and if you see me first gimmie some poppers, peach out /\/!GG4S!!!!!!!!!! O_O
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