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Monday, January 07, 2002

Hey----new day. Wow....there is this rumor that I have an STD from Andy. I hate that jerk!!!! Josh took me home last night and we went to Amanda's. I still like him sooooo much. You have no idea. Lisa found out that me and him kissed. She was like "FINALLY!!!!" She is really mad at me because "woo hoo*.....Coach Botler was being an asshole in 7th....GRR! Me and Manda even called him on his birthday.... This morning George picked me, Lily, and Sarah up...I didn't wanna go. We got there and I talked to Bob and Rusty about Chad. His brother's death was really hard on him. I wish that he would've been at school so that I could've talked to him about it and said that I am sorry. I know that Rob likes Sarah....I just wish that they would make a move....THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY! We got a new seating arrangement in Advanced English~*~ we can sit anywhere!!! WOO HOO---we grow up fast!!! Lol. ((oh the little things that amuse me....hardy ha ha)) I got to sit next to Amanda Bibb and write her notes all period...and talk to Lily and Lauren. Oh and Jason and David could still hit on me b/c they weren't too far away. I talked to Drew about getting my id back from him and he is STILL not done with it. He has had that thing sonce forever! I asked Tyler why he didn't come back to my house the other night....he said that he was grounded and that he would tell me why later.....I was like "ok....." Today was the 1st day of the new semester so I started Driver's Ed. That is the most fun class ever. I know that I am going to love it. The teacher's are so nice. I am scared to drive in front of people tho. Lol....Brandi is in there with me...I love her. I got Sat school again! I hate it soooooo much! ((tardies...)) Mr. Brooks looks like Mr. Clean but black.....he scares me. Hehe. I talked to Angel today online....((if you are reading this-*-* I love you THS whore....=) )) Michelle told me that we can never be friends again. I was like "ok....just don't forget the good times...." She was like ok......I was crying so hard. I wish that things could go back to the way that they were, but they never will. I wanna talk to Philip....he left over a week ago and I miss him so much. I hope that he is not in jail. I bet that he is not, I mean since he is a CAMARDA and know ----THE LEGEND.....the 3rd in the trilogy. LOL AMANDA! I think that I am gonna call him later just to see how he is. Maybe. I dunno. Oh well. Clay could not take me and Manderz home today so I rode with Manda Bibb and Melissa. They are super sweet!! ((plus really good advice givers)) I think that they are gonna start taking me home. Oh well......Im signing off-----gotta go watch the GOLDEN think that I am kidding---little do you know....
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