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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Guys, if you are single, take my advice and STAY THAT WAY! Let me tell you what will happen if you don't...

It was 5 years ago, I remember it like yesterday. I met this woman online. We chatted for weeks and finally met. I met her fort lunch at Chili's on Meridian in OKC one nice March day in 1999. It all started there. We dated some. Then we got serious about each other. I married her in June of 2000. Now the hook was set.

Within 4 months, I was accused of having an affair. I was accused of "getting my rocks off by letting my dentist stick her hands in my mouth". Yes that was her exact words. Then came the "you can't (fill in the blank) because you are incompetent". Then came the lying accusations. Then came counseling. A whole year of it. I spent thousands on it. Sure, sure, it helped some, but it didn't solve the underlying problems. To her, I was still a lying cheating stealing no-good, corrupt incompetent piece of shit.

Add to all that, a leaky roof on the house. I start to change the roof. It comes a storm. 4 inches of rain in just a few hours along with 80 MPH winds. It rained harder INSIDE the house than outside. The ceilings fall in. The floor warps. The walls get mold. We have to get an apartment for 4 months. Of course it was all MY fault. The contractors suck.

Add to that, parents-in-law. Both her parents moved into the house in april 2002. Her dad died in march 2003. Her mother still lives here with us. She messes herself. She sleeps all day and watches TV all night. The TV is so loud I can't sleep. My wife sleeps with the TV on, too. It's been so long since I slept a full night I don't remember what it is like.

Now here it is January of 2004. I was accused of "sneaking around" again before Christmas. I was accused of fraud (yes, fraud, as in mail fraud). I haven't had sex in weeks. I'm so sick of it all. I can't concentrate at work. I'm miserable, and it is time to call it quits. It'll probably cost me 15-20k to get out, but I think it'll be cheap in the long run.

So, guys, take my advice: Let this little lesson be fair warning: STAY SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!
You won't know how much the words "There's the door, bitch!" is worth, until you can't tell them that any more.

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