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Friday, November 19, 2004
I get nervous wen ever I see my name even if its good I still worry and if I see that when something is related to me then I get nervouse and when I see a boy smile at me then I get nervouse. I hate when friends tell you they're you friends and they're really not they're just using you to get a boy or look a difference or to spread more gossip I get nervouse and I wanna puke and I wanna cry and I wanna Laugh and I wanna Scream and I wanna Punch but no one is there and I;m left alone trust me it's happened way too often for me and if your just gonna use me then just don't bother with me you'll just get me to hurt you. Dont mess with me unless you accually wanna be my friend.

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My Journal
Well ne one can read this but I m gonna write whatever the hell I want? ok ? ok. so if you wanna see it read what you want and if you wanna talk to me send to

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