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Thursday, October 02, 2003i still remember the SMS i send you, saying that i wouldn't hurt you again. i was really delighted that we could start afresh, really. i appreciated every moment that i've spent with you. but i really wonder what has happened between us recently. please don't say that i'm over sensitive or what. i just hate it when the person i care about dosen't even bother to reply my SMS, much less a call. are you that busy that you couldn't send me a SMS? maybe you are, and i don't blame you for that(i have no reason to do so anyway). and i understand that your studies comes before me, i know where i stand. i found it hard for use to communicate anymore, thus this 'blog' as the last resort..

i told myself this. maybe you have lost interest in me, or maybe you're purely busy. i'm afraid too.

am i really thinking too much?
Posted by: Jeff / 1:21 AM
my dearest Kat

i know what i've done to you in the past, that hurt you so badly. and amazingly, we actually got together on the 28th of Aug'03! i thought it was a dream, but i know i wasn't dreaming, it was real. i could also vividly remember how we started, and every single thing that happened during our relationship. it was all heart-felt..

it all started on the 27th, the day we went to watch Mars(no we didn't saw any but for the first time, i saw a meteor instead). it was the first time i drove out alone. it was you, the first passenger(as i've promised). i arrive and parked infront of the YCK MRT station, waited awhile and there you came. i was anxious, and drove to the AMK central. we had MOS Burger together. had a good laugh before dinner, remember? the position of my car(hahahaa). after that, it was almost 8+ or 9. parked at the carpark, you were playing with the piggy in my brother's car. phone rang, then i went to pick up Adrian, and Jensy. head towards Marina South soon after. we were disappointed because we didn't catch a single glimpse of the Mars. Jens felt hungry and wanted to eat, but the rest of us were full. so we went to the Super Bowl instead. you wanted to visit the toilet, i tagged along. after you came out, you were behaving funny-ly and ran back to the toilet. i still remember what you told me. then the two of them went to the arcade, we felt bored so i took you for a boring short spin. we return back to the arcade, and you leaned on me! i was shocked, and my palms went sweaty, i felt something.. later on, we head to geylang for porridge, i scooped you some. after 'supper' and chit chatting, i sent you home and it was already 3+am in the morning. that was the end of long enjoyable day..

on the 28th, i remember you went back school for something. we took bus 72 all the way from the start to the end, from YCK to Tampines. you suggested to watch 'Tales of Two Sisters', your favourite show. alright, we got the tickets and went to the food court for dinner, you had your favourite Japanese food. it was about time for movie, we proceeded into the cinema. your HP rang, you picked up and i over heard bits of your conversation. as it was already quite late after movie, i walked you home. and you told me things that i still remember clearly, i was touched deep inside. and upon reaching the staircase, you prompted me that question. i blushed, i didn't know how to react, but i agreed because i wanted to be with you long ago. Adrian and Jens knows about it. Went to 7-11 to grab a drink as i was almost dying of thirst and took a cab home..

the following day, 29th, we went out on our 'first official date'. we met at CityHall MRT and walked through City Link and arrive at Suntec. you told me that you don't like walking alone, so we held hands for the first time(it was outside the lingerie shop)! you said you wanted to go shopping, so we made our way to the This Fashion. oh yah, i'm sorry i knocked into you, didn't mean it.. we strolled around Marina Square too, and you wanted to have Long John but it was packed. so i suggested the food court, you had spagehtti. after your meal, we continue window shopping and passed by this shop, and you paused. i got this feeling that you're eyeing one of the wind chimes, and i wanted to buy that as a surprise gift to you. anyway, after that we headed towards the Esplanade, went to the roof top. wow, for the first time i felt like a real man, a BF of somebody. nice songs, i still remember the band was playing Jay Zhou's 'An Jing', forgot the others. by then we were already sitting infront of the Merlion, so called "vomitting" according to Jens. Sat around for a while and we walked to the bus stop, took 10 to Tampines. walked through the same path, and reach the staircase again. this time round, you prompted me another 'challenge'. to either wish you goodnight, or to give a goodnight kiss. i didn't know where my guts went to, i hesitates for 30 mins. in this 30 mins, my heart beat was abnormally fast, i could feel it. at the end, i threw myself forward and gave you a smooch on the cheek. in return, you wanted to give me one but (for don't know what reason), i dodged it! guess you were feeling embarrassed and disappointed, sorry.. after that you went your way and i went mine. a good day, afterall.

Aug 30th, today you weren't free(you had class chalet). so i went back to the same shop, browsed around and this dolphine wind chime caught my eyes. though it's the smallest and cheapest among all, i didn't bother about it. grabbed it and go, went to meet Adrian and friends, went town. then when i finally got home, i went ransacking for wrapping papers, found this old roll, and i started working on it. after around 30 mins or so, i'm done! had that rush to go all the way down just to pass it to you. but i didn't know how to get to Pasir Ris Park, so i tried and found my way there. maybe because my heart could navigate yours(ok lame..)? i didn't like to give gifts just like that, so i hid it. then send one of your friends to the MRT and headed back to Tampines. you were hungry because you said you didn't had anything at the chalet, so KFC for you. while you were away, i smuggled the gift into the side pocket. you had your burger at the park, we had fun too. playing with your fingers and remember the tissue box? i hope you still do. after that we had a chat and it's late(so fast), drove and dropped you at the shelter. automatically a smooch on your cheek, and you return with one. i couldn't ask for more and was on cloud-nine.
Posted by: Jeff / 12:47 AM

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