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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Third Person Singular
To my perverse delight, Punk Ass Art Boy (PAAB) has made a reappearance. I met him at this dive down in DUMBO where one of my friends bartends. PAAB is a painter, former skateboarder, a shaggy-haired, trucker hat-wearing hipster. He was, for a couple of months, a couple of years ago, my boy toy. We've kept in sporadic contact since the demise of our whatever it was. I hadn't heard from him since the end of the summer, but got an email yesterday. We're meeting for a drink after work. This will allow me to catch up on the cool words the youngsters pepper their conversation with these days. The last I saw him, the word "pimp" as in "Dude, that's so pimp," was in heavy rotation. PAAB also refers to himself in the third person.

I: "So, D., how are you? What have you been up to since I saw you?"

PAAB: "Dude, it's all good. The D's been hangin', you know. Working on this painting. It's pimp, man."

Yes, he's for real. And no, I did not steal any of the above from a Seinfeld episode.

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