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Wednesday, June 13, 2001
Hi, this is Elaine and Welcome to My Page!
Why have I called it Little Sister? I'm the youngest of 4 sisters in my family and long for having just one normal, kind sister, its not in the cards. Why does it matter? I look for sisterly guidance as I travel through life. Someone to bounce things off of, someone who's known me forever, to learn from their experience. Who should a sister be? What qualities do they possess? Is it all a fairy tale?

My sisters have been anything but sisterly. I wear my armour when I talk to my sisters. This was not always the case. All through my 20's I turned to them with fresh vulnerbility and innocence, certain that if I phrased things right, or perceived what they needed I would be granted admittance to sisterhood. I was so happy anticipating reunions. Now, I think how to protect any future children of mine from their sting.

Do other women feel this way? They must. The longer I live, I come to realize the commonality of all experience. My husband and I are planning our family now and I've become aware that I have a small belief that any female child we conceive will dislike me. Trailing this feeling to its source: my sisters. I'm planning to seek counselling for these issues of sadness. When I've overcome it maybe I'll change the name of the Page!

This page will pimarily be my outlet. It will share my thoughts and experiences, truthfully and not in anyway limited solely to the topic of sisters. Please write to me with your insights.
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