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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

This is the Fox News story about the Democratic debateRead about the Debate

Presidential WANTABEE Howard Dean or as I like to call him the Wax Dummy basically is saying if I am elected president I will embarass the United States in front of the entire world by causing us to fail in Iraq. I find all the democratic candidates positions on the war in Iraq appalling the only candidate that is supporting our brave troops is Joseph Liberman the others are not only bashing the president but also the troops serving in Iraq by making it seem like liberating the Iraqi people is wrong.

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Monday, September 08, 2003

Well its happening the democratic candidates are hammering the president on his speech last night. Candidate and left wind loon Howard Dean even went so far as to accuse the president of manipulating the threat of terrorism. Now democratic senators are saying that not only does the US now have to go to the UN but we need to give them more power this is absurd we are talking about coutries who tried to undermine us at everyturn now they want power. They did not want to fight for the Iraqis freedom but now they want to DICTATE it.

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- posted by Jeff @ 5:15 PM
Sunday, September 07, 2003

Did you see the Presidents speech tonight? I unfortunately did not but from what I hear on Fox News it was a gutsy move by the president to ask for 68 Billion dollars especially when the Bush Hater presidential candidates have him under the microscope. They keep whining about how Osama Bin Laden is still on the lose but if the President would go after him and not Sadam it would be what about Sadam. The best thing the President could do is to keep doing what he is doing ignore the crap that the candidates are saying and not stoop to their level. I do think however that something must be done to protect our troops serving in Iraqi

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- posted by Jeff @ 7:50 PM