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Monday, May 15, 2006
butt of ridicule.
i don't know why my title is "butt of ridicule," but it is. There'll probably be a reason later, but not right now.

i'm beginning to have some second thoughts about this summer. it's not like i can just change my mind, but i really wish i could sometimes. i'm working at a summer camp all summer, and it's not that easy to think about. i guess i'll have to just stick it out, and give Liz a big hug when i get back. or just come home often. i dunno.

tonight Mr. George W. Bush is going to address the nation with the issue of illigal "immigration." the reason immigration is in quotes is because it's NOT immigration. it's them saying "it's okay, but you still have to run" PROVING that it's both illigal and NOT the traditional and LEGAL path into the country. they say that they aren't criminals. yet, more than half or three quarters of them:

don't pay their bills
put their kids in school
and many other things

they don't think they're criminals while they're taking jobs that PLENTY of Americans would take because they can't get a jobe anywhere else. i believe that the majority of the unemployment we have here in the U.S is caused by illigal aliens. they take the jobs that could be filled by hard working LEGAL U.S CITIZENS but employers are lazy and don't feel like even paying them minimum wage.

it's an act of war.

i'm leaving that alone, now. i'll just start repeating myself.

i love liz. i really really do.
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