Thursday, June 26, 2008


Monday, June 17, 2002
today was like so sad..last day of skool n yeah..i cried like crazy...iMMa miss all my friends n like yeah...hmm today was really kool sckool went by greawt n yeah...i got a rose from my Buddy n yeah..broke up wid albert n wasnt working out so yeah...wellz bak to the good timees..after sckool we all walked to farrels and we chilled there n told them it was denise's birthday..n den chey bought me my band aind chocolate..n den we took pictures...n den we went to toys r us..but ppl their are gay...they kicked us out n yeah n den we went to the bowling alley..i was losing at first n yeah..i ended up beating daniel n YEah!! den yeah we just played for like two hours n dEn we went to eat at this mexican place n we went to the rec...n den their i sed bye to everyone n renee,david, n abraham walked me hoMe n yeah..sed bye to them n now im here writin yeah...n thinkin....summer sckool starts wednesday...
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