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Monday, December 15, 2003
Hey kids! I'm back in action...I never updated my livejournal...nuts to that. But I'm back. Emily is home! yay :) I love her so. Having the best friend back in town makes life a whole lot more fun. Even working is more fun considering she works with me, and all we do is write inappropriate e-mails back and forth all day long bashing Monty.

Lately I've been a little torn on a few issues. I just wonder, is 20 young or old? Should I know what I want to do, or is it okay that I like school and have no intentions of getting a real job for a while. Should I want to settle down, or use the next ten years of my life to run amuck? Oh, there's no answer to these questions? Excellent. I'm just thinking aloud. Or typing aloud.

I purchased a coffee table and floor lamp and mirrors from IKEA the other day, in hopes that I may use it when I move out and into a new appartment with the boyfriend I've been on/off with for the past 2 years. But he's been away on a work assignment for 3 months and I can't picture myself being tied down like that. Fuck adulthood! All I can think about right now is this guy from work. I did the unthinkable and Googled him...only to find, he is a musician with a website dedicated to his music. *sigh*

fuck. i better go bang my head against the wall for a while.

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