Thursday, June 26, 2008


Wednesday, November 20, 2002
wow today has really sucked ass....first i find out ryan likes some girl then my "so called (ex) bf" goes off and tells me he hates me...i need a fucking hug!!! i mean come on look at this IM! Flying Meow Mix: ok face it i dont love u or want u in my life
Flying Meow Mix: i never want to fuckin tlk to u again ....omg i need a HUG!! or a kiss or some sort of comfort! wait nvm fuck brad! he was an asshole n e wayz! and i love ryan look !!! soo happy! no hugs or kisses 4rm n e one but ryan! HeartBreaka694: *crys* u just really made my sucky day even worse
PaStiE6221: u saying u like NO ONE other then me
HeartBreaka694: yes
HeartBreaka694: NO ONE
PaStiE6221: for real
HeartBreaka694: god damn i think about u all the time
PaStiE6221: i think bout u all the time too
PaStiE6221: i dunno i just got a crush on a girl
PaStiE6221: she dont like me
PaStiE6221: i love you tho boo lol long converstation lol.... PS: Andrea wants me to tell everyone she loves Matt
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