Thursday, June 26, 2008


~ Saturday, February 16, 2002

:Fact: Food is good! Good is food!:. Thursday night was pretty chillin. I went to the jam/club lastnight, and most of my old highschool friends were there! It was, how you would say " a blast?!" I also got some free ish that they were throwing/giving away. I got me self a hoodie sweater and that how high soundtrack cd. And my mouth was on this girl's boob :X. it taste like popcorn! I've been working on my "new" layout lately...I'm not sure when I'm putting that up (due to the fact that I have school). But i'll just surpise you guys. just to be nice heres a piece of my layout -->.

I <3 annacaca!! Check out her yummy site foo!

She's muh new poo! She muh new poo! She likes poo! Like me and you! Well, I mma get ready to go downtown today...i need some new kicks and a pair of pantalones. laters fakers!
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